UAMS Medical Center

Little Rock, 4301 W. Markham St. Little Rock, AR 72205

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Reviews about UAMS Medical Center

08.11.2023 14:18
My daughter in law was sent to the women's clinic for the pregnancy of my grandson. She received horrific care. Not only was she left dilated to 8 for hour's. Then for 8 hour's dilated to 9 with my grandson in the birth canal before these so called Drs decided she needed an emergency C-section. My grandson was 4 weeks premature the back of his head was nothing but a huge bruise. He was born blue, purple, and unresponsive and had to be resuscitated. He was on oxygen, a blue light, and a feeding tube. I watched on angel cam as they would move the camera and let him scream for up to 6 minutes before even checking on him. I honestly think they thought he was off camera. My daughter in law had to have not 1 but 2 blood transfusions and her kidneys were failing. So this is a horrible place to have a child. Special care I don't think so. They very well could have killed them both. Think twice before putting you or your family in their care.
08.11.2023 14:18
I had and appt to see the neurologist tomorrow, when I called today to check my appt my appt was booked in November of last year well the doctor I was going to see no longer worked there and they sure didn't call and let me know about an appt change. I live all the way in Beebe not really close to uams so this would have been a wasted trip. I had to make another appt and this appt isn't until November it will be a year since appt set was so yall if u have appt call because u might not have an appt
08.11.2023 14:18
Visited the new UAMS "The Orthopaedic & Spine Hospital" due to family member having a procedure done. First off, the building is very impressive looking from the outside and the inside looks very nice also. Seems to be laid out well and easy to find different areas of the facility with ease. Secondly, all the employees we encountered from the front check in desk, all the way through to the medical staff were very friendly and helpful. Parking was plentiful even with the parking lot only half completed. It appears that the entire parking lot will be finished within a few weeks. Very nice addition to the UAMS Campus.
08.11.2023 14:18
Mom got successful treatment for thyroid cancer. Make sure u know when and what appointment is for. It may seem when you are getting started with diagnosis you will have a trip where you will only see nurse to answer questions and have blood drawn. There is a valet parking and parking garage but confusing and you'll need to map out and plan your visit very large hospital you have to know which center ur going to then park dropoff and pickup at correct entrances and exists do have golf carts and wheel chairs not electric though. Know which floor and check in and appropriate waiting area not same as checkin allot of students and they dó look in rooms but not intrusive respectfully mom's cancer was removed using a type of
isotope not chemo. Very progressive hospital but plan on waking or wheelchair for getting around.
08.11.2023 14:17
Horrible experience did not help my wife anymore than the doctors that she was seeing in Searcy at Unity. I would not go back for a 8 hour wait. I would only go to see a doctor if only doctor in the state. They might have left a IV catheter in her vein. Go if you're on the edge of death and this is the nearest hospital.


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