Alan's Market

Los Angeles, 339 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


An Aladdin's cave of a grocery store, fantastic little store to get supplies while in the area, instead of being mugged by the hotel

Visiting from out of state. Super friendly local establishment, have just about a little if everything for a meal or drinks. There are plenty of local products to support.

Fantastic cold cut. No frills. Just a quality place with fair prices.

Excellent selection and service!

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Reviews about Alan's Market

13.10.2023 20:21
I wish I could leave the shopping there as I couldn't believe that we spent $100 on basic grocery. Most of the items have no prices and I felt obliged to buy them as it was too late at the check out. Only 3 items out of 18 had the price showed, that were overcharged and the bread (no price showed) was almost $10. I felt absolutely ripped off and not even sure this is legal. Definitely will not recommend this place or shops with no prices. Shocked and abdyrd!
13.10.2023 20:20
There is no price tag. The price is veryveryvery excessive! $12 for a can of beer lol
여기 저루대 가지마시ㅂ시요
완조니바가지 눈텡이입니다ㅜㅜ
영ㅇ수즈ㅇ 안주를때부터 이상했어요...
급해도무 가지루 마세요! 현지인들 리뷸보믄 친저루하다는데 관광객한테만 ㅅㅏ기치는거같아요~
13.10.2023 20:20
Very limited products and expensive.


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