Canyon Country Store

Los Angeles, 2108 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046


my favorite place. I hang out there for hours meeting interesting people especially the owner Tommy. He has great stories of the history of the store and all of his encounters. Great deli sandwiches and good wine selection.

Frequented this spot for the last several years. Great people and good vibes. The coffee served out front is

So cool and iconic! Went there twice in one day coming and going from Santa Monica with my family. Interesting fact, is that Jim Morrison and Pam lived literally across the street and about one mile away is the house where the Wonderland Murders took place in 1981.

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Reviews about Canyon Country Store

14.10.2023 21:20
Hello my friends and family yes I've been coming here since I was a toddler now I'm 45. These people who runs this phenomenal store I can't express in words the Love and appreciation of each and every one of you guys and girls. You are part of My Family with our strength together let us help and pull those from the rumble and away from the negativity and surround them with our open minds and our solid hearts with Love and compassion . Day by day something new will grow upon US being Creative w full of happiness in ways that shine on us in unique and very special ways . Always and Forever your True friend . Jeremiah
14.10.2023 21:20
5 stars! Looking for a quite quick stop? Don’t just drive by. Enjoy the canyon from the front porch with a coffee or a sandwich! #AskAnderson Franchise Analyst dot com
14.10.2023 21:20
Iconic place… so many stories. I went for a coffee but nothing in the afternoon. Parking 15 mins only. Line Street is nearby but bear in mind parking is extremely hard to find. There is a restaurant nearby but also no parking.


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