Norton Women's & Children's Hospital

Louisville, 4001 Dutchmans Ln, Louisville, KY 40207

Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital is a full-service, 373-bed community hospital offering inpatient and outpatient medical/surgical care, full diagnostic services and 24-hour emergency care for men, women and children.

The hospital specializes in comprehensive cancer prevention, detection and treatment; orthopedics and bone health; pelvic health services; migraine treatment; breast health diagnostics; and surgical weight loss services.

For children, the hospital offers pediatric surgery, inpatient care including a Level III neonatal intensive care unit, sleep center, rehabilitation center and pediatric emergency services, plus specialized care for pediatric neurology, urology and gynecology patients.

Norton Women’s & Children’s has achieved center of orthopedic excellence designation from DNV Healthcare for knee and hip replacement, and shoulder and spine surgery; and is certified by The Joint Commission as an acute Stroke Ready Center, offering comprehensive stroke intervention.

Through Norton Women’s Care, the hospital offers general and high-risk obstetric and gynecologic care, as well as a surgical unit with private rooms and specialized nursing care just for women. Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital also is designated by Surgical Review Corp. as a Center of Excellence in minimally invasive gynecology, robotic surgery and kidney stone management; as well as an American College of Radiology Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

The hospital has been a primary provider of obstetrical services in Kentucky for a number of years, delivering more than 6,000 babies annually.


Emergency Department/Chest Pain Center

Hospital – Garden Tower
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Outpatient registration

Hospital main lobby, first floor
6  a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Adult Surgery Center/Pre-admission testing

Norton Medical Plaza 2 – St. Matthews, first floor
7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Norton Medical Plaza 3 – St. Matthews, ground floor
6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

If arriving after hours, go to the Emergency Department registration area.

Cafeteria and Vending Areas

The Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital cafeteria is located on the ground floor of the hospital (beneath the main lobby).

6 to 10 a.m.

10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Grilled to order
2 to 4 p.m.

4 to 7 p.m.

Weekends and Holidays:

7 to 10 a.m.

10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Grilled to Order
2 to 4 p.m.

4 to 6 p.m.

Food and drink vending machines are located next to the cafeteria.

Starbucks and Seattle’s Best Coffee and snacks in the main lobby

Internet Access

Free Wi-Fi service is available.

Gift Shop

The gift shop is located on the first floor of the hospital. For more information, call (502) 893-1009.

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Noon to 5 p.m.

Pastoral Care

If chaplain services are needed, call (502) 893-1000.

The Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital chapel is located on the first floor of the Garden Tower. It is open 24 hours a day.


As a reminder, we offer FREE valet service from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday – Friday (except holidays), for patients and their guests visiting Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital. There are three valet stations: Main Entrance, Plaza 2 and Plaza 3.

After-hours keys can be picked up from the Security desk in the Emergency Department.


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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

First time delivered at Norton and my fourth baby. Where I do start ? I had incredible delivery , labor and delivery APRN and nurse Natalie are very careful and they were comforting me throughout . The anesthesia Yunus was amazing and experienced. He explained everything in great detail before processing Thank you. Mother and baby unit both nurses day shift and night were amazing , very attentive; brought medication in timely manner or supplies thank you, but I could not remember theirs names. The nursery staffs were very helpful; they watched my baby when I need some hrs for sleep thank you. Thank you Norton healthcare at women and children (labor and delivery, baby and mother) definitely I recommend to deliver your baby at Norton.

I was recently here to give birth to my first child and the care I received from the beginning to the end was top notch. I truly believe that each and every employee cared about me and my family’s well being. With this being my first experience in going through labor (which ended up being a long and difficult labor process) I am forever grateful for the way I was treated. Thank you so much, Norton staff. Y’all are the real MVP’s.

This review is for labor/delivery and mother/baby areas. My husband and I are first time parents, and had our little one 2 weeks ago, on my bday! We were nervous when we got here but the nurses were amazing! We had so many, and I wish I could remember all of their names, but Juri, Jules, Glenda, Brittany, and Lauren, the hearing tech I believe, did amazing! I felt like I was surrounded by friends! They were so supportive of my decision not to get certain meds or the epidural and still supportive when I changed my mind lol. Again I had many nurses in my 2 days there and I wish I could remember them all, as everyone was so kind! They definitely made this experience that much better. Thank You All

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Reviews about Norton Women's & Children's Hospital

12.11.2023 21:03
First time delivered at Norton and my fourth baby. Where I do start ? I had incredible delivery , labor and delivery APRN and nurse Natalie are very careful and they were comforting me throughout . The anesthesia Yunus was amazing and experienced. He explained everything in great detail before processing Thank you. Mother and baby unit both nurses day shift and night were amazing , very attentive; brought medication in timely manner or supplies thank you, but I could not remember theirs names. The nursery staffs were very helpful; they watched my baby when I need some hrs for sleep thank you. Thank you Norton healthcare at women and children (labor and delivery, baby and mother) definitely I recommend to deliver your baby at Norton.
12.11.2023 21:03
The valet dude on August 25 2023 at 4pm tells me I can't park in one spot then tells me again when I come back and tells me I can't park here I delivery peoples food. And I'm not going to keep moving my car and walk an half a mile to drop off food to people.
12.11.2023 21:03
Several people recommended I come here, after coming here I have absolutely no clue why. The absolute worst care I have ever revieced. Brought my 10 month old who had been running 103 fever for 3 days along with a rash all over her body after finishing a 10 day round of antibiotics. The nurse immediately tried to brush me off and tell me she probably just has an ear infection (she does not). The doctor came in and ordered an RSV, covid, and flu test despite being told she had just tested negative for all 3. Ordered for her to be straight cathed and did not even tell us. When the nurses came in to cath her they had absolutely no clue what they were doing, I know this because I myself am a nurse and have plenty of experience with cathing people. They stuck it in her, got no urine back and proceeded to dig around in my 10 month olds urethra even took it out and stuck it back in digging like she was going to find some gold in there. First a cath should never be reinserted once removed, that itself could cause infection. Most importantly digging around in her urethra when she is only 10 months old could very well damage her urethra. After being there for several hours registration came in to inform us that they are using students and asked if it was okay, the doctor that was working on her the whole time prior was a student and never once mentioned it or even asked us if that was okay, which is what you should lead with in your introduction. The doctor then tried to come in and tell her she had rosela, to which I pointed out her symptoms were not consistent with rosela. She then agreed with me that they were not consistent then proceeded to say "in an ideal world symptoms would line up with diagnosis but thats an ideal world". When I informed her that I was a nurse, she all of a sudden went back to agreeing that she didn't have rosela. Overall spent 6 hrs there to leave with papers that said her diagnosis is a fever and paperwork doesn't even mention the rash all over her body. Absolutely nothing was done for my daughter, she may now have damage to her urethra or an infection by them not maintaining a sterile enviroment (when it should be a sterile procedure), and I have to go to another hospital and will receieve a bill for thousands of dollars from Norton for absolutely no care. They also had 4 levels of the parking garage closed for pressure washing (why they needed to close all 4 at once instead of one at a time is just stupid) so we had to park 2 streets over and walk a block through homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk, which is not at all safe as a pregnant woman with an infant in the dark.
Then when leaving had to walk through them again and couldn't even use the sidewalk because they would not move so we had to walk around them in the street. Meanwhile a police officer and security are sitting right inside playing on their phones together.
12.11.2023 21:02
Don’t go to this hospital for anything. It’s like being in a third world country where something as small as a drinking straw is not provided. Lights don’t work if the television is on and Vice Versa and it never got fixed. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The nursing staff were too busy being on their phones and though I was there with acute multiple bone fractures, I had to literally beg and wait and ask multiple times for something for the excruciating pain I was experiencing. All but one nurse whom I had accused me of being drug seeking. I’m not an addict never have been and never will be. If they doubted me after their accusatory treatment, they could have checked my Kasper report. Also, the hospitalist changed my insulin and refused to use my home insulin medication. Apparently, their pharmacy department only supplies very little generic medication because I went a week without two of my insulins and NO coverage for hyperglycemia. The hospitalist said he had never heard of one of my medications and therefore, didn’t allow me to take it because Norton pharmacy didn’t have it. But, on the day of discharge, every nurse and the hospitalist pushed for me to get my medicine at their pharmacy instead of my pharmacy. That didn’t happen. I have never been treated so bad in my life.
12.11.2023 21:02
I had covid and already been diagnosed a week before i came here in pain and the doctors did absolutely nothing to help me or at least make me comfortable i know covid doesnt have an exact medication to cure it but to look at me and make a broad assumption saying your young and healthy THAT MADE ME FURIOUS! I know im young but you dont know the half of being healthy you dont know me!!! He offered nausea medication so i can get some food down because Lord knows all i taste and smell is mucus its disguesting so i took nausea medication and went home still in pain and distress!!!!! Horrible service no tests no nothing! I had high expectations for this hospital but clearly they dont have the standards lime before! I could have anything and nobody even tried to test or see anything they just said theres nothing we can do for covid okay so i could be dying and you cant do nothing SHAME ON YOU!!!! THANKS AND GOD BLESS
12.11.2023 21:02
I had had surgery with these amazing men and women today! They all did a fantastic job with my care! Excellent Team! Highly recommended. Pharra ❤️
12.11.2023 21:02
My son was born on the night of July 8th, 2016. Entering the hospital, I was doubled over with contractions, with a whole waiting area full of people watching me, but the woman at the desk remained seated, unbothered, and had my mother fill out paperwork. When my mother had to ask my ssn, I glared at her, and the woman at the desk thought she should offer criticism, loudly telling me, “she is JUST trying to help!” My mother knew my ssn when she was putting utility bills in my name without my consent, but couldn’t come through when I was in active labor—I was very rightfully angry, and I’m still baffled as to why the woman at the desk thought I needed to be chastised more than I needed a wheelchair.
After I stated my ssn through gritted teeth, in front of many, many strangers, I was finally offered a wheelchair, and taken back to a triage area. I was vomiting from the pain, but the nurse was smiling while she was shooshing me. That is, until she stuck her hand between my legs and realized I was 8cm dilated.
I was taken to the room I later gave birth in, and had a blonde nurse that kept calling me “Sis” while she was looking at my vagina. I felt weird about that, all dozen or so times it happened. I learned that my doctor was out of town, one doctor was on call, and there were 3 other women in labor. So, I had to lay on my side with a wedge between my legs, and my bed was inverted to try to slow down my labor. That didn’t work for too long before the monitors showed my son was throwing D-cells. Dr. Alecia Graves delivered my son, and my one request was that he be allowed to receive his cord blood. The American Academy of Pediatrics, and others, have recognized the benefits of delayed cord clamping. Knowing this, I was puzzled to hear Dr. Graves tell me very pointedly, “there is no benefit to that.” The blonde nurse who insisted on calling me “Sis,” while facing my vagina, chimed in with the doctor that delaying cord clamping was pointless. I still insisted, and was barely allowed a minute delay, while the doctor “milked” the cord. Doing this, “milking” the cord, is actually counterproductive, and so took some of the benefit from my son.
This part of the experience actually bothers me the most, because my pregnancy was high risk, and my son required surgery as a newborn (at 5wks old). There were only so many things I could do to help my son, and allowing him to receive his cord blood was one of those things that I wanted to be able to do for him. Whether Dr. Graves blatantly lied to me, or she was simply woefully ignorant, I’ll never know. Regardless, I’m still so incredibly disappointed. Yes, there were other women in labor, but this involved a matter of minutes, with the potential to help my child for a matter of years.
My favorite person was the night nurse after my son was born, and that’s really because she brought me turkey sandwiches. I was starving! However, I realized that she hadn’t really explained anything to me when the nurse that relieved her the next morning raised her voice at me because I was leaking through the pads and ice pack between my legs. Chastised, again! Compassion would have gone a long way in that situation, but instead I was made to feel ashamed that I didn’t know enough about the aftercare from giving birth. Looking back, I really wish that one of them had explained what a Sitz bath was, because I didn’t know anything about that until I was out of the hospital and read about it on my own.
If you’ve read this far, please let me give you advice I wish I had been given: seek out a midwife. Give birth in the care of someone who actually cares, who will care for you and your child. I wish that I had been empowered and supported through this experience, but instead I look back at the greatest moment of my life with grief, and humiliation. Quite frankly, I feel like I was robbed and cheated in my birthing experience.
12.11.2023 21:01
I had a hysterectomy done yesterday morning and everyone I came in contact with was absolutely amazing. From the receptionist Holly, to the ladies in registration, to the nurse in presurgery whom I wish I could remember your name (she was short with a black tshirt with rainbow lettering) she was so kind and answered all my questions thoroughly, to the lady who took me down to surgery (you told me a wouldn’t remember you because of the meds but I do remember you and thank you for being amazing), to the guy who took care of me after my surgery. Your whole team are amazing, kind and dedicated superheroes. Most of all I want to acknowledge Dr. Shariff and tell him how thankful I am. His bedside manner is phenomenal. The fact that he personally called me this morning to check on me was incredible. Thank you all for everything you did every step of the way. - Trisha Haynes
12.11.2023 21:01
I have been here 4 times in last 3 years. The staff was great. Dr Dwivedi and his people are truly amazing. Rated 5 stars because thats as much as I can. But I'd give the a galaxy full of stars!
12.11.2023 21:01
Was sent here by my local ER. This place gave me my Diagnosis Of Crohn’s thankfully but other than that my call lights for scheduled pain medication where on for at least 30 minutes to an hour or more. Mostly layed in bed sobbing and in extreme pain. Did not update current pathology reports. Due to illness it was hard to eat because I could not pass a bowel movement or gas due to inflammation. Was forced to eat was called names by staff (lazy,crybaby..etc) when I reached my mental and physical breaking I reached out to the patient care representative about my pain management treatment and care plan to resolve my diagnosis. After having a mental breakdown and a conversation with said care specialist they gave me pain meds and told me I had to leave the hospital within 20 minutes when my family lives 2 hours away as they where my only source of transportation was forced to quickly be discharged and made sit in small lobby on heavy pain medication that I am not used to and was made fun by staff for “nodding of” in lobby while waiting for my mother to drive 2 hours to pick me up. Not all staff where bad. great at diagnosis horrible at patient wellbeing and safety. Overall was a 5 day stay in hell. Scared to ever be hospitalized again. Can’t wait to unpack this in therapy. Hopefully my severe crohn’s will not lead to anymore hospitalizations. Will never be back or allow any of my family to be treated here. Hopefully they improve in the future. Having medical training myself it was very unprofessional and deeply scarring.
12.11.2023 21:00
I'm literally being held prisoner in this place right now. I came in for my blood pressure and it's stable now, so I asked to leave since its late, I live an hour away, and I have to be at work early in the morning. They have to have a doctor physically see me before they'll let me go but there isn't one available? If I leave without seeing a doctor, they said I have to pay out of pocket. I will never be coming back here.
12.11.2023 20:46
My daughter just delivered my grandson. I am so very impressed with the nurses & Dr here. They are very caring, work well with each other & give excellent care to the mom & baby. I would definitely recommend Nortons women's & children hospital.


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