Broadway Gynecology: Natalya Goltyapina, DO, FACOG

New York City, 27 Whitehall St floor 7, New York, NY 10004

Our strong commitment to quality over quantity when it comes to women's healthcare has led us to become a leading gynecology facility in New York City.

Our philosophy is that by using the latest evidence-based guidelines, combined with the best gynecologists and women's healthcare providers, we can offer our patients an unrivaled gynecological experience so you can rest assured that you are being treated by the very best.

Natalya Goltyapina

Dr. Goltipina is a board-certified medical provider who specializes in building relationships with her patients and developing personalized treatment plans. Patients see her for a wide range of general and specialty health care needs, including general gynecologic care, gynecologic procedures, and prenatal care. Her experience and reputation are well known in New York.

Наша твердая приверженность качеству, а не количеству, когда речь идет о женском здравоохранении, привела нас к тому, чтобы мы стали ведущим гинекологическим учреждением в Нью-Йорке.

Наша философия заключается в том, что, используя новейшие научно обоснованные рекомендации в сочетании с лучшими гинекологами и женщинами, предоставляющими медицинские услуги, - мы можем предложить нашим пациентам непревзойденный гинекологический опыт, чтобы вы могли быть уверены, что с вами обращаются самые лучшие

Наталья Гольтяпина

Доктор Гольтяпина является сертифицированным врачом-провайдером, который специализируется на установлении отношений со своими пациентами и разрабатывает индивидуальные планы лечения. Пациенты посещают ее для широкого круга общих и специализированных медицинских нужд, включая общую гинекологическую помощь, гинекологические процедуры и дородовую помощь. Ее опыт и репутация хорошо известны в Нью-Йорке.

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Reviews about Broadway Gynecology: Natalya Goltyapina, DO, FACOG

15.11.2023 18:44
Natalya goltyapina as a provider is wonderful. I’ve been a long time patient of hers for years. She’s sharp and makes time for her patients.

As for the reception area - they are absolutely awful. I have attempted to call them for weeks, and have never received a call back. I have had to go to different providers due to their lack of responsiveness. It’s egregious to me that they run an OB/GYN clinic this way. What if a woman needed a refill on her birth control ? What if there was an issue with a pregnancy ? It seems to me they simply don’t care. After having been going to Natalya for years, I will now have to switch providers because of how unreliable the clinic is with returning phone calls. It’s a shame.
15.11.2023 18:44
The doctor here is so nice, but she and her staff are too unorganized.

My first appointment went well, but my second appointment did not. I showed up to the office and all the lights were out and no one was there. I never received a phone call or anything from them to try to tell me they had randomly closed the office. Later that night I got a text message from the doctor that there had been an emergency. I felt bad for her, so I was nice and didn’t complain then. However, this was only the first of many mix ups and disorganization on their end. I dealt with more weird appointment scheduling issues, and then the final straw came last month, when she sent in the wrong prescription to my pharmacy and I was out of medicine for over a week due to her mistake. I specifically warned her when I began coming to her office that any mishaps with my medicine need to be avoided at all costs, as it takes a very big toll on my body if I don’t have my medicine. I’m sure other women understand this without me going into more detail. I wouldn’t be leaving a review, but when my body paid for the lack of organization, I have to warn others.

I think the doctor is great, but she needs a better, more organized team around her to lift her up and provide success to her career and patients.


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