Jessie Trice Community Health Center, Inc

Miami, 5361 NW 22nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142

Jessie Trice Community Health Center, Inc (JTCHC) is one of Miami-Dade County's preeminent federally qualified health centers, governed by a remarkably dedicated board of directors (51% of members are health care users) and a diverse, incredibly talented, dedicated family of providers and staff.

Affordable "medical homes" in the central and northern parts of the county make it easy to visit one of eleven (11) comprehensive primary health care sites. Our forty (40) health-based schools give parents peace of mind knowing that if an emergency occurs during the workday, their child has immediate access to a qualified medical professional.

The Center recognizes the importance of collaboration and has extensive community outreach through higher education institutions, foundations, coalitions, social service agencies, faith-based organizations and more. All of these agencies, whether through grants or partnerships, have been instrumental in helping JTCHC achieve its mission and achieve its strategic goals. Clinical results, as well as a focus on reducing health care disparities, rank us among the top community health organizations in the country, according to accreditation reviews from The Joint Commission. Our outpatient and behavioral health programs have been accredited since 1999, and in 2011, we were the first in Florida to be certified as a patient-centered health center.

- Family doctors

- Pediatricians

- Dentistry

- Psychologists

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Reviews about Jessie Trice Community Health Center, Inc

12.11.2023 14:08
The worst call system ever. I was instructed to follow-up with my doctor and for the last 5 days I have been getting the message the office is closed. Then I am rerouted to a remote worker who says they can only leave a message. If it was not for the amazing Dr. Mr. Grant is I would not even step foot in this facility. The nurse don't follow-up as instructed from the doctor. I just received what I believe is a referral in the mail. Unfortunately, whom ever process the referral does not know how to mail letters out. The tape was attached to the referral and it must have gotten wet and they still sent it out. So I can not make out whats on the ppwrk. This is one of the reasons I keep calling the office, addtion to that my Dr. told me to change and appointment date and call with the new date so my Dr. know when to reschedule his follow-up appointment. I spoke to the nurse when I was given the instructions, downloaded the app but I need a patient number and that is the thrid reason for calling. I was told I could communicate through the app, but i need the required number.
12.11.2023 14:07
Great!! Health care place to take care Life
12.11.2023 14:07
The worst. Waited 2 months for a dentist appointment and The address given was a hotel! When I called them they gave me a different address on the other side of the city and when I got there the office was closed. I got text confirmation saying I had my appointment. They are the worst! reservation hotline is terrible!
12.11.2023 14:07
Phone system is the worst.Front Desk at Wilson mann center was very helpful she made sure I was seen and in a Timely manner. She also called to verify my follow up appointment. The staff at the Wilson Mann location was amazing. But the phone service needs to be updated. Thank goodness for Ms Elise she is very good at what she does.


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