MH Methodist University Hospital

Memphis, 1265 Union Ave, Memphis, TN 38104

Methodist University Hospital is the largest, most comprehensive hospital in the Methodist Healthcare system. It is a 583-bed facility located in the heart of the Memphis Medical Center.

As the major academic campus and principal teaching hospital of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, we bring together research, medicine and innovation. This partnership supports multidisciplinary collaboration among doctors and clinical team members, leading to more advanced medical care for our patients. 

Our hospital expansion is a commitment to the health of our patients and our community. It extends far beyond the steel frames and concrete of our new home to the hearts and hands of our Associates and physicians. Our modernization is a promise to keep providing the most advanced, quality care to you and your loved ones: Your care, elevated.








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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

My husband has had a kidney transplant, open-heart valve replacement surgery, and one old nonfunctioning kidney removed there. The doctors, nurses, aides, even the housekeeping staff were wonderful. During the total of 18 days that we were there, they were concerned about my welfare also, by asking regularly if I needed anything or if I wanted a tray when he received his meals. That means a lot when you're basically helpless in a different city under those circumstances. We have two friends that asked to be sent to doctors there for their surgeries, and they also had better care than they would have gotten locally.

Emergency room. The nurses were on point and knew what they were about. The emergency wing was very above capacity so things were moving a little slow for non-critical patients.

To the nurses there. You are appreciated and need a capes.

I had brain surgery here 7/15/22 All the nurses/staff were great Idk if Dr. Madison Michael will ever see this msg but he is the one who performed my surgery (13 hours) and I'll be forever grateful to him for being so patient/kind to me and not giving up it means a lot to have a confident doctor and that's exactly what he is along with so many other great things!

I was so scared when I found out I had a brain tumor but after just one consultation with him I felt 1000% better. If you are searching for a neurosurgeon look no further Dr. Micheal is the way to go he is the bomb

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Reviews about MH Methodist University Hospital

19.11.2023 14:40
Don't waste your time with this ER. Unless you're actively dying, you'd better plan to wait all day, and even then, you'll receive subpar service and likely no treatment. Run, don't walk, to Regional One or Baptist instead.
19.11.2023 14:39
I was seen in the ER on 10/4/23 & the staff was amazing helpful. Evan came out with a wheelchair & even parked my vehicle for me. The triage team (Holly & 2 other nurses) were so patience & comforting. I was very satisfied withthe level of care they provided.
19.11.2023 14:39
I have sat here in pain with a hole in my leg for 11 hours, im still in the waiting room, don’t come here it’s ridiculous, I would leave if i had a ride, this is the last time I will come here.
19.11.2023 14:39
I love the green jello it's my fav the hospital is clean well organized and supplied well my h different than the week I spent at Jackson general
19.11.2023 14:39
This place is a joke my fiance has been here for four hours now with chest pains they have done blood work and a chest X-ray and put her back out here in the waiting room. I wouldn't bring my dog here
19.11.2023 14:29
This is an amazing hospital with an amazing group of Nurses, Doctors, CNA’s and everyone else that makes this place awesome. Everyone I passed in the hallways, skilled, and was super nice from the staff to family visiting other family members. Formerly, Methodist Central, has come a long way, when I left Memphis (home) in 2016 this building was one demential….it was no where near as beautiful, back then, as it is now. However, Methodist University in the words of Ricky Ricardo, “y’all got some splanning to do”. As gorgeous as that new Stroud section is, from the emergency room to the parking garage, why in the name of Jesus are the restrooms in such disarray? I got there on Wednesday evening at 1800 hours, used the restroom, toilet paper all over the floor, toilets stopped up and full for fecal matter, water tracking up the floor with caked on dirt, just horrible!! Thursday morning, restrooms didn’t appear any different than the night before. When I returned on Thursday afternoon, the restroom was still in the same horrific conditions…..Thursday night, it was STILL NASTY AF!!! Really, come one Methodist University. I know it’s difficult to find great help nowadays but that’s ridiculous and needs addressing, sanitizing and throughly cleaned…. That building it too nice to be that disgustingly nasty…..and don’t let me start on that cafeteria…..the floors in the cafeteria are horrendous and the cafeteria is just as nasty as the restrooms!! Ridiculous!!! Methodist, clean your house!!!!!….you have beautiful paintings and gorgeous art work on the walls but you’re not investing in keeping your facilities sanitary, sanitized and clean. Clean Up!!! You get four stars but only because of the amazing hospital staff!!!
19.11.2023 14:25
Excelente atención, cargada de bondad y calor humano. Muchas gracias por hacer que difíciles procesos sea más fáciles de llevar.


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