Braman Miami Parts & Service Center

Miami, 2060 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

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This is a review about Braman's Service Department, not the Sales Dept. We have been servicing our BMWs here for 10 years and have always been treated wonderfully, thanks to Chris! He is very knowledgeable and makes sure that we are taken care of to 100% satisfaction. We were there again this past Monday to get a final inspection of our X3 so that we could buy out our lease. All was done thoroughly and quickly so that we could do it all in one day and not have to come back again the next day.

They have a nice customer lounge so that you can be comfortable while waiting. No fold up chairs at this reputable place! We also wish to thank Scarlett for her helpfulness on the Sales side! You truly are treated royally by the staff no matter which department you are in.

It's always a wonderful experience having my car serviced here. Maruf, the service advisor, is an exceptional problem solver and consistently delivers outstanding customer service. I encountered an issue last year when my new car was damaged by a valet, which left me quite upset. However, Maruf Muchallan and Agustin Falcon went above and beyond to resolve everything smoothly. Their dedication ensured my car was restored to perfection.

During the period when I owned my M6, which was covered by a third-party extended warranty, every service and repair were executed flawlessly. For my M5 and M4, both covered by factory warranties, there was zero hassle and stress. I would simply leave my car, receive a nice loaner, and let the team handle the rest. Thanks to Maruf, every service was not only hassle-free but also an enjoyable experience.

I went there to get my car maintenance and Jorge Dominguez helped me. I was there with my toddler and had to pick my two other kids from school. He was very understanding and got my car serviced quickly. He was very kind and helpful and I would recommend.

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Reviews about Braman Miami Parts & Service Center

14.12.2023 20:17
Service is costly, but they treat you like gold, but as a BMW driver you know already.
14.12.2023 20:16
We took out a lease of a Mini Convertible on July 18, we had previously visited Braman fort Lauderdale and didn't have a good experience so we decided to head to Braman Miami. We were certain we had made the right choice making that decision as we had a great signing process and our Seller Fernando and Financial advisor Luis were both awesome. At the time of the signing we were promised Window tints, we've since had to make 4 appointments, The first was on us as we had to re-schedule but ever since every time we have had a horrible experience. Service staff is rude and inconsiderate, One of the times I showed up and they told me the appointment was for the day before so once again I had to reschedule, I was told the next appointment would be 9/8/2023. ( I asked for a confirmation email and never received one) Today I called to confirm as my appointment was supposed to be tomorrow and was told it was for 9/7/2023 which is today when I asked to reschedule they told me the next day available was 9/19/2023 to which I accepted as I had no other option, I have been waiting since 11 AM for my confirmation email and still have not received it. I then had the pleasure of speaking with Kathy in the sales department and she was very nice and told me that I would receive a call from the service manager and even offered to call me back to make sure I was satisfied. About an hour later I received a call from Kathy but I had still yet to be called by the service manager. Eventually my mother received a call from someone who didn't mention their name or position and the only point she was making is that they sent a confirmation email which we never received, she even told my mom that she should just wait until the first maintenance to get them done like everyone else. During the conversation the person was using overtly endearing terms to use in a professional setting such as "mi Corazon" (my heart in Spanish) to which my mom said please don't call me that, they then proceeded to say "call sales" and hung up, as I mentioned the person never mentioned their name or position but if that's the type of respect that a service manager of a luxury dealer gives their customers then it explains why we have been having trouble with the service department. After hearing this I called Braman and asked to speak with the GM to which the person I was speaking reluctantly said she would transfer me to him, I heard the hold music for about 15 seconds then clearly heard the phone being picked up and hanged up. I have called 3 times after that and I can't even get hold of someone now they just pick up the phone and hang up. Besides the lack of respect and professionalism of some of the people we've interacted I find it ridiculous that such a BIG dealer as braman which represents prestigious brands like Bugatti, Bentley, Rolls Royce and others doesn't have an in-house tinter and can't get one to come in in under two weeks. Since the car was purchased Miami has not gone under 80 degrees and the UV index reaches 10 or higher everyday, this has posed complications as my mom has skin problems and driving in an un-tinted car in this climate is very harmful for her. After the car was driven out of braman our experience has been anything but good. THINK TWICE.
14.12.2023 20:16
Had to call to check up on status of fix. Said it would take a day at most, but it’s taking even longer. Not smooth at all.
14.12.2023 20:15
I went there for a service and to check the car for the leasing and came back with out 2 umbrellas and a windshield sunshade and I had it on my car. I called the next day and they said they didn’t have anything there. They clean the car and stole my 2 umbrellas and windshield sunshade. Horrible service. If you have to go there make sure you take everything you have inside the car. I don’t recommend this location.
14.12.2023 20:15
Braman is by far the best all around whether leasing, buying or service. Leased and bought 5 BMW's and each time was contacted by other dealerships and never felt the same even when visiting these comps.
Most importantly, I use a third party website to get all the current incentives, money factor, residual and complete lease paperwork or e-file from other leasees. Compare and always get great deals. Advice: Never lease unless you know exactly how the monthly payment is calculated. Braman is always is close to the numbers I get. Other places way off.
Service is top notch! Best in the business. Our service contact is Ben Ferrer. He is always in contact with us. Makes sure our car gets in and out of service on time and if our car needs some extra time always gets us a loaner. Other dealerships do not offer loaners for service
Regardless Braman handles there customers as expected with excellent customer service. Anyone who reads my reviews knows I deal with the highest level of customer service in the luxury wellness travel market. Thanks Ben for once again taking great care of us,
14.12.2023 20:14
Needless to say, they wanted to charge me $5000 for a repair that I found out it was only $1500 after going to a specialized mechanic. For real?


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