Froedtert Hospital

Milwaukee, 900 N 92nd St, Milwaukee, WI 53226

Visiting the Froedtert Hospital Campus

As part of our efforts to take the best care of our patients, visitors and staff, visitors on the Froedtert Hospital campus will be asked to:

Stop at a badging desk. Froedtert Hospital 92nd Street Entrance Center for Advanced Care (CFAC), Level 1 Provide any valid photo ID (applies to those age 18+). Have their photo taken for a temporary visitor badge, depending on the building they want to visit. Wear the badge while visiting (wear badge visibly above the waist). Return the badge at an information desk when leaving. Get a new badge upon returning or if the badge expires.

Please bring any valid photo ID and allow a few extra minutes for this check-in process to make the most of your visiting time. If you have any questions, please talk with one of our staff members. Thank you for your cooperation.

Patient Information

Access important patient information.

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Medical Records
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Accepted Insurance Plans
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International Patient Services

Services at This Location

Adult Level I Trauma Center  


Diabetes & Endocrine Conditions  

Digestive & Gastrointestinal  

Ear, Nose & Throat  

Heart and Vascular  

Liver Disease  

Neuroscience (Brain and Nervous System)  

Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine  

Plastic Surgery  

Pregnancy and Birth  

Primary Care  

Sleep Disorders  

Organ Transplant Services  

Vision Services  

More Medical Services

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Reviews about Froedtert Hospital

25.11.2023 15:32
Always a great hospital. People always willing to help you find where you need to go. Helpful and friendly staff. Awesome Drs. Nurses aides, Nurses, cleaning people. Security. Everyone. Pleased with everything.
25.11.2023 15:32
The Froedtert system had treated us pretty well so far.

Perhaps my biggest wish for improvement would be to have the option to receive patient and/or procedure updates via text.

If it is already an option it was not offered.
25.11.2023 15:31
Has some fantastic doctors and staff! Clean facilities and restrooms. Real yummy food and night shift ice cream!
25.11.2023 15:31
Worst hospital experience ever my brother had a horrific car accident and was treated up in SICU where don’t get me wrong the night nurse and physician where great. But once it came to the morning staff they where incredibly rude I will never forget the nurse JEN who treated my brother and family with no respect during his end of life. “That’s above my pay grade”-jen is a phrase she used when my grieving self asked a simple question considering I work in healthcare myself in the state of Illinois this is a very unethical phrase to use especially when there’s a dying patient “thats not in my scope of practice” would’ve been the right words. Jen treated my grieving family with attitude and was rushing my family out. Let’s not forget her wanting to stop care before my brother even passed and as our family wishes we said we will not disconnect anything until his own time comes. Jen was my brothers nurse on the date of November 13th on 2023. Waiting area staff was incredibly rude as well. This hospital had no type of empathy towards my family.
25.11.2023 15:30
Should worry more about patients care / customer service and less on social justice and lecturing patients on race! Horrible service!!


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