Baptist Medical Center South

Montgomery, 2105 E South Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36116

Baptist Medical Center South is a licensed 492-bed, not-for-profit, faith-based acute care regional referral center, fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (TJC).

Baptist Medical Center South is home to 2023 Women’s Choice Awards for Best Hospitals Mammogram Imaging and Women's Services.

Since its founding in 1963, Baptist Medical Center South has grown to become Montgomery's largest medical facility and Baptist Health's tertiary care center, offering unsurpassed specialty services and treatments. The hospital is home to highly skilled physicians, nurses and support staff committed to meeting the healthcare needs of our communities with care and compassion.

Through advanced technology, professional expertise and personalized care, Baptist Medical Center South is the comprehensive resource for family healthcare in central Alabama.

Healthcare Services & Specialties

Baptist Medical Center South is known for outstanding cardiovascular, orthopaedic, neurology and surgical services. Additionally, the hospital offers a variety of specialized services for patients of all ages, including:

Behavioral Health Facility: providing psychiatric services in a safe and empowering setting

Chest Pain Center: located within the emergency department to provide rapid response care for cardiac events

Family-Centered Maternity Care: making the birthing experience as special as it should be

Regional NICU: offering specialized, around-the-clock for premature and critically ill newborns

Sleep Disorders Center: accredited facility to diagnose and treat sleep apnea, insomnia and other disruptive conditions

Hospice Care: offering a comprehensive plan of care to allow patients and their families to add more life to every day

Common conditions we treat:





Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular Centering

Pregnancy Chest Pain Emergency Endoscopy Epilepsy Hospice Illumisite Labor & Delivery Center Mazor X Stealth™ Edition Robotic Guidance Platform Neurology Orthopaedics Pregnancy and Maternity Care Regional NICU Sleep Medicine Spine Surgery Surgery

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Reviews about Baptist Medical Center South

07.11.2023 21:29
Spent two days in the ER waiting for a room, at first on a stretcher in the hallway. Was assured I would be sent to a room right after it was determined i would need surgery, but was released immediately after surgery although my glucose was low and they had trouble waking me. Nursing staff in ER was inattentive. Spent one night in ER without a call button, freezing, with only one thin blanket, a migraine headache, and unable to get up to use the restroom. No one checked on me all night. I even unplugged my monitors hoping to get the attention of the nursing staff, but no one came to check on me.
07.11.2023 21:29
Very slow when processing patients even when there are only a few patients. Do not act with a sense of urgency at all! Spent 3 hours Good something that should have only took 30 minutes.
07.11.2023 21:29
Was inpatient at Baptist south Aug 2- Aug 5 in cardiovascular ICU. Received great care, all staff professional, impressed by cleanliness of room , personable approach by providers and nurses. Nurses Chrissy, Lizzie, Parker,Shanekia were the best, so patient, compassionate, answered all questions,. In addition the food there was good and I have never liked food prepared in a hospital setting. Hope I don't need to go back anytime soon but I would choose Baptist South again.
07.11.2023 21:28
Terrible customer service. Told me I had no “discharge order” for home after 2 surgeons told me they had written discharge instructions earlier in the day. I guess my physicians are both liars. I cannot contact their offices because it is Friday afternoon and the offices close at lunch for the weekend.
I came to Baptist Health South because this is where my spine doctor operates and had heart and blood pressure issues after surgery which lead to another specialist being consulted. If given an option next time, I would not use this hospital. Most staff act as if they don’t care, that they are here for their 12-hour shift and it doesn’t matter how quickly something gets done in those 12-hours.
I am a retired nurse and I am versed in how the system operates, and it is not like this!
07.11.2023 21:28
My father has been left lying in the ER for over 24 hours in a lying flat unable to move position. The day shift nurse today told him people pee on themselves all of the time and to deal with it. Not even joking about that. What a low life waste of space nurse.
07.11.2023 21:28
Hospital is dirty the staff says cuss words and are very rude. Been waiting here for over two hrs and still nothing. The rent a cop up here even had the nerve to go through one woman's purse.
07.11.2023 21:27
I went to the ER two days ago (afternoon of Sunday, September 24th) with elevated BP issues. First, the young lady at the front desk was distracted, inattentive, and failed to pay attention to detail. She also applied my hospital wristband way too tight. An RN later replaced it.
When I went back to triage, one nurse escorted me, and three others were present in the room. One young lady was staring off into space, the guy was seated at a machine, and the other young lady took my vitals. As expected, my BP was high, but they never gave me the reading. They just closed the door and hooked me to the EKG.
Then, I was escorted to a bed in the hallway…huh??? While laying there, I witnessed a parade or curt, dismissive, lazy nurses…one was more concerned with the cafeteria menu than patients.
I encountered three nice and professional people on this day - Drew, an RN, the young lady who escorted me to my bed, and the lady security guard.
My discharge papers did not accurately reflect what was stated.
Montgomery, AL is in desperate need of a quality medical facility…Baptist (South and East) needs a complete overhaul.
07.11.2023 21:27
My husband & I came to the ER for a close friend who had an emergency. The employees behind the registration desk were acting as if they were on a lunch break. Registration was slow, I'm quite sure patient info & insurance has to be verified. Too much "playtime".
07.11.2023 21:27
Shout out to Princess C. Your the best!! We got transferred to Childrens in Birmingham and they made the process much less stressful then it could have been. My five year old was treated with care and compassion by every staff member we encountered. The facility is overloaded like most are but they took the time to really access her and knew it was something that Birmingham was more capable of handling but while she was there they helped ease her anexties about scary things like the CT scan and IVs. Princess C (our nurse adopted that name) was an absolute angel for her and made her so comfortable. She asked a minute ago for that to be her nurse again but doesn't really understand we are in a whole new facility. Yes the facility needs to be updated but thats no fault of the staff. Her doctor was amazing also and so patient with her as shes just a child and can be a little more difficult then an adult patient. All the nurses and staff I came in contact with including the security guard were all so compassionate towards her. We walked in the door and she was throwing up and even other people waiting in the waiting room helped us. Overall it was a great experience in a horrible situation. Thank you guys! Especially Princess C you are amazing
07.11.2023 21:27
Overall, great care. A few times I had to wait longer than I would have liked to receive attention; once, it over an hour after I rang the nurses' station before someone came to empty my urine bottle so I could urinate again.
07.11.2023 21:26
I have been in their CICU 3 times in the last 5 months, the staff is phenomenal, I have been trea4ed with dignity an respect. Doctor's are great to.
07.11.2023 21:26
I was sorely disappointed with the service that was provided at this hospital, a nurse was allowed to not dispense to me my medication 1 day out of back surgery, I was in complete agony!!!!!!! Unreal, I was made to be up and walking with the nurse, not physical therapy personnel, as it should have been, nooo pain medication at alll!!! This nurse should be reprimanded, Because how does something like that happen? And if she's not dispensing my medication to me. Whom is it being dispensed too? Because I never got it until the night shift came on. But all that day. I went with no pain medication. And I'm not understood as to for what reason. She did not give it to me period I am thankful, however, for the night. Nurse who came on discovered this and gave me some relief. But at that point I had been the whole day with no medicasian. I had to have my son take off work. Because at this point he was not leaving me alone. At this hospital because now he felt like as I did that. People were not trustworthy and not really sure why this even happened. But that was the worst experience of my life when I left. I felt like I was mentally broken.
07.11.2023 21:26
Unfortunately, I entered the hospital with bladder trouble and constipation, which got much worse after my surgery. Your staff has helped me deal with these issues. I was given much needed pain meds after surgery. Although I am still in the process of getting over my constipation and bladder issues,I hope to soon be over them before I go home. I have found all staff to be friendly, helpful and informative.


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