Main Street Tires & Services

Nashville, 960 Main St, Nashville, TN 37206

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Definitively the best business for all things automotive in Nashville. Amro is one of the most genuine people that I have met. They are too fair on price, faster than expected on execution, great at a variety of things (I brought my truck in for 5 different items), and just all-around great people. Highly recommend.

These guys are awesome! In my experience their entire team was super transparent and helpful.

They replaced a drivers side mirror for me. The repair was quoted by a Dealership at $1,200. Main Street Tire got this done for me at a FRACTION of what the dealer quoted. Not to mention they had it done within about a week. It would have taken about 2-month had I taken it to the Dealer. I will definitely be coming back for all future automotive needs. Thank you!

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Reviews about Main Street Tires & Services

25.12.2023 19:42
Amro and team are thorough, honest, and very good at what they do. Plus they are kind and professional. They are my go-to for anything that comes up with my car, and I’m so grateful their shop is here!
25.12.2023 19:42
The guys are honest, hardworking men who won't scam you or charge ridiculous prices. I've taken multiple cars there and they never disappoint. Highly recommend.
25.12.2023 19:42
Quick, convenient and friendly service!
25.12.2023 19:42
Stay away! I went to this place for 15 years. I sent friends and family to them. I thought we were friends. A couple months ago, they caused $6500 in damages from negligence, refused to pay or take responsibility, and have ignored our pleas for cooperation to remedy. We've filed a lawsuit.

A few months back I went in with my 2006 Lexus GX470 for a flat tire. They put the car on the lift, and ended up figuring out that all four tires were slightly dry rotted. So, we bought 4 new tires, and an oil change that day, about $1200 worth of work.

When I left, the car rode like an old logging truck. There was no rear suspension anymore. When we brought the car back in for diagnostics and they said it just needed a computer reset, and told me to drive it home; that it would "work itself out".

It did not.

Amro's next recommendation was to bring it to the Lexus dealer, since he was sure it was a "computer issue". We had it towed, since driving with no suspension felt dangerous. It threw me around the car.

At the Lexus dealer, once lifted, the problem was clear. I got called in to look and see that the car's pneumatic suspension system had been crushed.

When these cars go on a lift, it says in bold letters in the handbook and in forums all over the internet that the suspension must be turned off, otherwise damage will occur. Amro and team didn't turn it off. When confronted with this fact, Amro said it was a design flaw from Lexus. Can you imagine? A design flaw from Lexus that makes your rear suspension crush your rear axel and causes $6500 in damage that no one in the world but him knows about? This is one of the most popular cars still on the road. Apparently Amro believes he's discovered a design flaw in a 15 year old vehicle that no one else in the world is aware of.

We tried working with Amro and Samer asking for them to replace it but were met with only refusal to take responsibility for their negligence. We've issued a demand letter, and had another mechanic sign an affidavit of their negligence. I have a video of the head mechanic at Lexus saying this is because they didn't know what they were doing.

When I asked him why he wouldn't just file an insurance claim he said "that will increase my rates!".

We've filed a lawsuit now, since they won't respond to the hand-delivered letters from my lawyer.

Amro also claimed that no one in the industry would have any idea that this could happen to the car. Have a lot of links that prove him wrong, in addition to the signed affidavit and video I got from two different and independent mechanics.

Stay away from these guys, people. They are nice and even charming, until they do something wrong.


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