The World Famous Cats Meow | Karaoke New Orleans

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Новый Орлеан, 701 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70116


Amazing fun time with delicious drinks and really run hosts and management!

Great place including music, drinks and atmosphere!

Fun place. Great crowd of awesome people. Definitely stop in. Have a drink a or 3. Sing along. There was a big line during mardi gras! Lots of great people having a blast!

Веселое место. Большая толпа замечательных людей. Обязательно зайдите. Выпейте или 3. Подпевайте. Во время марди гра была большая очередь! Много замечательных людей весело проводят время!

Great place to get a drink, people watch and sing a song or 2. Check out the balcony for that Bourbon St experience.

Отличное место, чтобы выпить, люди смотрят и поют песню или 2. Загляните на балкон, чтобы познакомиться с Бурбон-стрит.

We had a great time at the Cat's Meow. There is always something fun happening and its such a unique place.

Most enjoyable evening, the karaoke staff kept the crowd singing.

First 2-3 times there, probably 5 stars. Last time there, 4 stars. Great atmosphere. Lots of space inside and also a back courtyard and a balcony facing Bourbon Street. Drinks, a little pricey. They are a karaoke bar so that is always entertaining! Sometimes they have other little shows they put on in between karaoke sets. You can watch from downstairs or from a balcony inside. Crowd interaction is good.

Staff is what makes it so-so. Not the friendliest besides the karaoke hosts. The last time we were there it was Fat Tuesday. We chose going there because it's less crowded, felt a little safer and we figured we could watch the police walk through that happens at midnight on Bourbon St. Well, at 11:40 p.m. they started to usher us off the balcony stating that it was closed without giving a reason why, just because they said so. They didn't even leave the shutters open for us to be able to watch the legendary drive through. There were still people on the balconies elsewhere and on the street so I am not sure why they didn't let us watch it. Super bummed that we missed it. They wouldn't even let us out downstairs so that we can watch it outside. Once it was over they walked around aggressively telling us the upstairs was closed, again without reason. Just leave. Go. Terrible. However, before this even took place I had stepped outside two steps from the security guard. Suddenly, there was a terrible commotion where I got shoved up against the door as a crowd surged and ran up the street. I turned around desperate to get back inside to my family and the security guard closed the door in my face and would not let me in no matter what even though he knew I was just inside as we had just had a conversation. It was the scariest thing ever! And they were heartless. I was so disappointed. We couldn't enjoy ourselves after that.

Sang multiple songs and the crowd made me feel like a star! Went on Thursday and went back on Saturday!

Never been there but we are watching this bar (on EarthCam TV) during Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday 2023) and drinking and partying with the afternoon Karaoke krew. They really get the crowd going! (Could be the alcohol. Probably the alcohol. Hopefully it's the alcohol!)

Things we saw: 1. Old guy singin’ “Uptown Funk” was the shyt! Not cause he could sing but because he was having so much fun doing it! 2. A lady in the black cat (or was it a fox) dancing and lip-syncing to Lady Gaga's “Bad Romance” and just did the damn thang! 3. DJ and host- doing Bohemian Rhapsody. The DJ ad-libbed “To the windows… to the walls… til the sweat rolls down her balls!” almost made me spit out my drink! LOL! Anyway, we're definitely gonna go there if we ever get down to Bourbon Street! Kudos to the establishment!

В декабре 1989 года World Famous Cats Meow открыла свои двери. В то время караоке в Америке было в зачаточном состоянии, и мы были одним из первых баров, чтобы попробовать новую концепцию развлечений. Менее чем через год Cats Meow стал крупнейшим  для продуктов Miller и Budweiser в районе Нового Орлеана. Спустя год Pioneer, аудиокомпания, которая привезла караоке в США, назвала Cats Meow «Лучшим караоке-баром в мире». Мы придерживаемся этого названия сегодня и продолжаем совершенствовать то, что было начато тогда с лучшим обслуживанием, первоклассными конферансье, чистой атмосферой и большим удовольствием!

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Reviews about The World Famous Cats Meow | Karaoke New Orleans

07.04.2023 20:38
Great fun and music. Atmosphere was jamming.


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