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Oklahoma City, 3300 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Welcome to INTEGRIS Health Baptist Medical Center, the flagship institution of the INTEGRIS Health Network. As Oklahoma’s premier center for health care excellence, we are committed to setting new standards, surpassing expectations, and fostering hope for a healthier tomorrow.

Our Mission

“Partnering with people to live healthier lives” is not just our mission; it’s the core of everything we do. We are deeply committed to enriching the lives of our community and patients by offering unparalleled, cutting-edge medical care.

Why Choose Us? Nationally Recognized: Our hospital has received numerous awards and recognitions for health care excellence. Expert Medical Team: Our highly-trained physicians and medical staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care. Community-Centric: Our outreach extends beyond our facility, directly impacting the well-being of the communities we serve. Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of medical services to meet the diverse health care needs of Oklahomans. We are your trusted health care partner, from primary care to specialized treatments.

Emergency Care Surgical Services Women’s Health Pediatrics Cardiology And more Quality and Innovation

We are steadfast in our commitment to quality and safety, continually striving to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Our investment in state-of-the-art technology and ongoing staff training ensures that you receive the best care possible.

Community Engagement

Our dedication to community well-being goes beyond medical services. Through various outreach programs and partnerships, we aim to make a lasting impact on the health of our neighborhoods and communities.


Diabetes Education

Emergency Department

The Heart Hospital

Home Health

Intensive Care Unit

Labor and Delivery


Neonatal Intensive Care




Pediatric Intensive Care


Radiology and Imaging

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Stroke Care

Surgical Services




 TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

Everyone was so nice and wonderful to work with. I ended up having to get surgery there and they were very thorough throughout the whole process. I was very nervous as it was the first time I ever needed to be put under but everyone reassured me and it was the most relaxing experience ever. They also have special gowns that allow warm air to be blown through so your not freezing after surgery. 10/10 best medical experience I’ve ever had

I had a really great experience at this hospital. Hospital was easy to navigate. All the nurses, doctors and techs I met are kind and thorough. I had a major surgery done and after getting to recovery, I expected a wait (2-3 hours) for a room as I was told before surgery. I was in recovery around 10am and didn’t have a room until about 4:15pm. I was very comfortable with minimal pain, I just slept for a few hours while waiting. After getting to my room, the nurses I had that took care of me were efficient and made sure I was accommodated. I highly recommend this hospital!

We have spent most of 2022 here dealing with my daughter’s chronic illness. The nurses staff and doctors have been amazing with their treatment and care. I love all the nurses on the pediatrics floor who have helped tremendously i. The care and treatment of my daughter. They communicate well to not me and my daughter and they recommended fun things they offer on the floor to keep kids entertained while in admission. I loved the therapy dogs. We had help from PT and ostemy supplies. They coordinated well with all departments and made sure i was well educated and informed.


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Reviews about INTEGRIS Health Baptist Medical Center

16.11.2023 21:58
We had a 3 hour drive to get here so was anxious by the time we arrived. We we greeted as soon as we walked in the door (like immediately). There was a registrar literally just as you enter. I was checked in within 3 minutes and a transporter ( for wheelchair) arrived like 2 min later who took me to my outpatient appointments (tests… I had 3 scheduled). This facility is extremely efficient, the staff were ALL kind.. and I was literally on my way home in 1.5 hours. The ONLY issue we had was parking ( I was almost late not being able to find parking spot) This facility is very busy but they certainly know how to keep in control. Impressed.
16.11.2023 21:58
There seemed to be a lack of communication between staff and doctor on surgery and testing scheduling and relating it to us. However I cannot express how great my nurses were. Very caring, kind and helpful and made my stay more pleasant than it could have been.
16.11.2023 21:58
My husband recieved very good service @ Integris.I really appreciate the service he recieved.The nurse was also very attentive. The surgeon took the time & patience to speak to me.Would like to thank the staff.God Bless &Stay Safe.2023 your emergency room up front is like heaven the one in back is hell,like you @ county hosp,needs fixing,low quality of nurses also
16.11.2023 21:57
I can't express how kind and very helpful the nurse's are. They explain everything they are doing or going to do. They do care. I love them all.
I don't want to leave out the tech's that do the testing. Much respect for the whole staff.
Thank you for your service. God bless you all.
Brenda Benson
16.11.2023 21:57
I like integris baptist staff. Every one that I've met has been awesome especially when I'm lost. Losing my memory is so frustrating and I might forgot there names and faces but I remember the patience, kindness and respect they always show.
16.11.2023 21:57
I went in for a routine colonoscopy and unfortunately had my colon perforated. Same day emergency surgery. Surgeon was stellar! Five days in hospital and did not have one bad nurse or tech. Everyone was absolutely awesome. Thank you 7W!
16.11.2023 21:56
They were all very nice, especially the lady in reception. She was so sweet and made an effort to compliment every person she came into contact with. What a way to make someone's day! The only negative thing I can is that they were running a half an hour behind. My appointment was at 11. I should have been done by 11:30. I wasn't seen until 11:30. So frustrating!!
16.11.2023 21:56
I appreciate the way the staff paid attention to my pain and did a great job at keeping me comfortable.
16.11.2023 21:56
Dr Mahoney was the epitome of compassion, and kindness during my visit. He thoroughly explained all the options available as well as the possible problems with surgery decisions. He recommended his best outcome while also keeping options real.
I am a retired nurse and appreciated the detailed information given to help me make the decision right for my health.
16.11.2023 21:55
Everyone was so nice and wonderful to work with. I ended up having to get surgery there and they were very thorough throughout the whole process. I was very nervous as it was the first time I ever needed to be put under but everyone reassured me and it was the most relaxing experience ever. They also have special gowns that allow warm air to be blown through so your not freezing after surgery. 10/10 best medical experience I’ve ever had
16.11.2023 21:55
Took care of my daughter with the best care we’ve ever experienced. From the ER, Triage, the children’s hospital, and the pharmacy inside, everyone was kind, polite and informative. We appreciate you all!!
16.11.2023 21:55
My mom was taken by ambulance from Yukon hospital due to a heart attack. They transferred her to Baptist Medical Center where they said she had two blocks at 100% And like two at 60%. They did surgery and she came out alive. Took her 3 days to give any kind of sign that she was alive. She cannot move her head cannot talk cannot move her right arm right leg right hand right foot anything. Signs of a stroke yes we know that the doctors know that. Also the most critical time for anyone who has a stroke is when they open their eyes and respond she responds by squeezing her left hand or wiggling her left foot. They have not begun Rehabilitation from the stroke all they do is keep her sedated the most critical time for her is now. I know that and I'm a painter. I know she has not been eating like she's supposed to be it took 3 days to put a feeding tube in her then they took it out the next day. Don't get me wrong I'm not against the hospital or the nurses. I'm against the doctor that's it if you don't know what is going on that's understandable you are human
but you also have colleagues you have resources to get answers from you're a doctor for crying out loud that's your profession. In my profession if I don't know something what do I do just put paint on it, it'll be all right smh No you don't you call somebody who knows the answers you do research you find out what need to be done. don't sit there and tell me the sky is purple when it's blue. I've tried reaching out for someone over the DR wanting a new Dr for my mom and it's like trying to do the impossible you get told to leave a message from a answer machine and they will call you back and never do. Anyone with any kind of heart issues before I would say go to baptist, now I will tell you to go to Mercy and I'm an honest person I've always been honest. And again nothing against Baptist three of my kids was born there they have excellent labor and deliveries which I highly recommend them over anybody. But heart issues go to Mercy please save your family the heartache and troubles looking for answers that you won't get
16.11.2023 21:54
Received excellent care and the doctors were thorough in finding out what was wrong. The nurses and staff was terrific especially nurse Whitney on 5E she took outstanding care of me and I really appreciate it.
16.11.2023 21:54
the Nurses are nice but the hospitalist doctor on the 5th floor, is just rude I’m not sure what his name was, but just rude. Told me my nana WILL die and I will never get to go out with her again, when I mentioned me and her went out etc. my nana has passed she passed in the hospital ICU, the ICU nurses were very caring but some of these doctors on the floors are just careless and rude. You don’t tell a girl “SHE IS GOING TO DIE AND YOU WILL NEVER DO THAT WITH HER AGAIN” telling me and my father “you guys are letting her suffer in pain by not making a choice” just forcing us to make a choice which the choice was if she should be taken off TPN and treatment or not they gave us two days to make the choice then kept calling, taking her off that stuff would kill her by the way, I wish I had better things to say about this place, I loved it they took such amazing care of her at first then she started to decrease FAST and all the sudden was unresponsive and was gonna die in 3 days, they’re very forceful with their words when asking you to make a choice, guilt tripping and disrespectful, I don’t think doctors should be rude to people if they’re gonna be working with them everyday, I miss my nana so much and regret bringing her here because now she’s gone


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