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CHI Health Lakeside

Welcome to CHI Health Lakeside, West Omaha's only full-service hospital. We believe that patient-focused care heals the body, mind and spirit of every person. Our campus, designed for patients, sets the tone for a comfortable, less stressful hospital stay. As one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the world, we provide a full range of services including: maternity, cancer and surgery care as well as diagnostics and emergency services.

Visiting Hours at Lakeside

CHI Health Lakeside supports a family-centered care environment that encourages family and friends to visit patients. Because of this belief, we do not have restricted visiting hours. Periodically, visitation may be limited because of special circumstances that may arise. We also recognize the importance of our new mothers' needs and have a nap time every day from 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., however, moms do have the option of having visitors during this time. Children are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. If you have any questions, please talk to a nurse or care provider.


Many hotels in the Omaha area provide reduced rates for CHI Health Lakeside patient families. To obtain prices, please contact the hotel directly and indicate that you are interested in special rates for CHI Health patients and families. Rates may or may not include breakfast. Please phone the hotel for rates and meal details as they are subject to change.


The ATM is located just outside of the cafeteria on the Garden Level. From the main lobby, take the elevator or the stairs down one level.


The Lakeside cafeteria is located on the first floor. From the main lobby, take the elevator down to the first floor and go down the left hallway.

Cafeteria hours: 
Breakfast: 6:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Lunch: 11:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.
Dinner: 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Commitment to Safety

Your safety is our highest priority. We’re constantly striving to improve.

This is one example of our many ongoing safety efforts.

Goal: Reduce risk of infection in perioperative services (before, during, after surgery)

Action: Focus on best practice sterilization and away from Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS)

Result: Reduced IUSS use to only 1 occurrence within the last 6 months 

Patients & Visitors

Insurance Information

Financial Assistance

Medical Records

Notice of Nondiscrimination

Advance Directives

Language Access

Patients Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Notice of Privacy Practices




Behavioral Care

Cancer Care

Heart Institute



Primary Care

Rehabilitation Care

Virtual Care

Weight Management

Women's Health

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

Hubby was taken there by rescue squad. There for 8 days. Came home, he has alot of doctors appointments and they found cancer. Always nice and hardworking nurses. Couldn't get a urologist until a week after he went to lakeside at Bergen. Has to do chemo and radiation next

Had such a wonderful experience with Kate when I came in to do a brca test. She took my concerns very seriously and scheduled me for more testing that day. Everyone was very helpful and kind. Would highly recommend

From the time we checked in until I was released we were treated exceptionally well. Every question was answered and all the doctors, nurses and receptionists were so helpful. The experience ensures if I need major medical done it will be at Lakeside!!

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Reviews about CHI Health Lakeside

13.12.2023 19:22
Endless wait times in the ER. In exam room for almost 3 hours and not one staff member comes in to check on the pt unless you call them in. No updates given. Just leave you sitting. Absolutely no communication between staff — 2 separate times they come in to do tests that have already been done. Dr orders and EKG that was done an hour prior during initial work up. Severely lacking in all departments here.
13.11.2023 13:46
For the love god don’t go here for a colonoscopy! Absolutely terrible staff from the doctor to the nurses. Doctor contradicted himself multiple times saying I don’t know why they would have you come back in a year we never see anyone in less than 3 years. Moments later comes back and says we need to see you in 6 months. Nurses saying mom was through with the operation someone come get you in 10 minutes. After 25 minutes a guy is standing at the front desk. Asked him can you help me? He gets extremely rude and just keeps saying this not my department. Nurse 15 minutes later walks by looking for someone else. So asked her she said oh yeah I’ll be right back. 25 minutes later mom comes walking out. Kept saying my mom had high blood pressure when she doesn’t. Kept trying to argue that she had diabetes which she doesn’t. Extremely rude terrible bed side manner, no organization, no professionalism. This department needs to be looked in to!
13.11.2023 13:46
This has hands down been the worst experience I’ve had at a hospital. For starters, I had a drill go through my hand so I went to the ER, didn’t get seen by a doctor for 2 hours!!!! Then when I finally did get taken back they put me on a bed in the hallway (never got a room) just for a doctor 3 years older than me come out and tell me exactly what I had read on my phone after waiting in the hallway for an hour. Just to get a whopping 1.4K bill in the mail a month later, have been trying to go through financial aid for the last 6 months with absolutely nothing be solved. I have left several voice messages on Fincial aid to get back to me and I have yet to hear from them and it’s impossible to get ahold of them in the first place. If you are strapped for money or need to be seen immediately absolutely do not go to this location.
13.11.2023 13:45
Everyone was kind and efficient.
I was in and out a few minutes later.
Thank you CHI
13.11.2023 13:45
My mom went in on a Tuesday and discharged on a Saturday from an ICU bed. Admitted to Methodist on the following Wednesday and has been there for 13 days. I know that
she was discharged too soon. Especially from an ICU bed with the complications she was experiencing.
13.11.2023 13:45
If you call the main line and get "Lynnette", she was so rude. I was in tears calling to schedule an appointment and didn't have the correct number for the clinic. There's a reason why people are leaving the CHI network. So disappointing . .
13.11.2023 13:44
I would highly recommend going to a different hospital. Was just in the ER here, and I notified the nurse that I had very difficult veins to find for an IV. I asked for them to get an extremely seasoned older nurse, or a phlebotomist to insert the needle. The nurses, two of them, both attempted to find my veins, sticking me 6 or 7 times until I finally blew up and told them to go get someone that knew what they were doing. Then this other nurse comes in instantly getting an attitude with me, and I said, ya, I did blow up on the other nurses, they wouldn't listen. Then this mouthy young punk doctor comes barging in the room, telling me I'm not going to disrespect his nurses. I hadn't disrespected anyone. If telling someone they aren't good at their job, and telling them to go get someone who is is out of line, well then I guess I was. I'll be filing formal complaints with the hospital and DHHS on Monday. That is if I live that long
13.11.2023 13:43
Hubby was taken there by rescue squad. There for 8 days. Came home, he has alot of doctors appointments and they found cancer. Always nice and hardworking nurses. Couldn't get a urologist until a week after he went to lakeside at Bergen. Has to do chemo and radiation next
13.11.2023 13:41
1 hr past my scheduled appointment for the oncologist. To the point that I have to go to a different Dr appointment so I guess they don't get me as a paying customer as there time was more valuable then mine.


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