Three Point Bowling

Орландо, 7470 Hoffner Ave, Orlando, FL 32822


This is a nice place to have a family night out for cheap. I went here with a few coworkers after work one Friday. It wasn't crowded at all, but that's bcuz we were there around 6; I'm assuming. The place was clean, but old. The shoes were actually comfortable and not run down. The bathrooms were clean as well.

The food was good, fresh and cooked to order. The staff was friendly and super kind.

They serve food there. They also have a full bar. Bathrooms not so clean. The blowing alley we used was good.

We had an amazing time. Are there prices a great, staff wonderful

Cuando fue era yo solo quien jugaba pero es para estar con niño o la familia

Guy working there was really rude. Couldn't find anyone to order from the "snack bar." It was really warm in there. I could see why most people around didn't play more than one round.

Older bowling alley but very well maintained. The attached bar is excellent as well and the food there is exceptional.

The employees are downright miserable and unpleasant. They still advertise a snack bar but haven’t provided food in months. In between games, the kids were burning off energy out back on the grass. A miserable employee yelled at them for playing in the grass and said there were water moccasins and gators in the tiny retention pond out back. My parents live on a local lake, this guy was absurd. Lol.

The one star is for the bar and lanes themselves.

Front desk seems like you've got to beg to get something even though you are paying for everything. Seriously people, if you don't want to deal with people just work at a warehouse or something. We come here to have a good time with the family. Not to be treated like $hit. PS: don't even bother to put money on the jukebox, your song won't play. Ok. Let me keep adding adding stuff since it got worse. The arcade ate two coins. ($0.5) and never gave them back. Beware:bald guy

The lady cooking is amazing and the food is amazing but the guy at the bowling alley cashing you out for bowling is extremely rude the only reason I would go in there is for the food but to bowl I would not recommend with the service I received from the man attending me


Добро пожаловать в центр боулинга Three Point.
Мы предлагаем совершенно новый семейный центр развлечений включает в себя 16 автоматических дорожек для боулинга, один из трех самых динамичных баров в Орландо и большой набор шаров для боулинга. Помимо этого, Three Point развлекает посетителей  шестью полными бильярдными столами, мишенями для дартс, крытыми и наружными телевизорами шириной до 80 дюймов.

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Reviews about Three Point Bowling

22.04.2023 16:55
Great place for the family


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