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-Was denied medical care by a Indian male doctor with in the last few months. " You didn't bother telling me you called EMS this am so I am not going to provide medical care to you" I am sorry but not sorry I didn't go to the hospital for story time " or to tell a book about" well this am I called EMS and this and that and that they committed illegal this and that ". So no I came to the hospital to be treated for something that is a medical issue..not to discuss matters that really don't concern you. EMS should be concerned with thier responsibilities and their current patients not discussing how I called EMS . So what . That isn't a valid reason to even be discussing. Who cares if some one didn't tell you that they called EMS.

I’ve never heard of a hospital that limits visitors during the end of a patients life or makes them leave because “visiting hours are over” only to pull the patient off life support a few hours later, and have them pass away not surrounded by their family. Not saying 30 people need to be in the room but you can allow more than 3 visitors in the room during this devastating time. What if that was your family member? In a ome situations the visitor policy can be adjusted. Do better.

Today I had outpatient surgery for a melanoma at St. David’s. EVERYONE there was friendly and very helpful - from Registration to the nurses and doctors. A special thanks to Miss Leslie who took good care of me until time for surgery. I definitely recommend this hospital.

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Excellent care. When I was in so much pain. Cheerful and positive attitudes. Everyone just seemed happier and more relaxed than last year, when I was there.

I can't say enough about how wonderful the nurses, doctors, everyone..they were so communicative and ready to help. Much happier attitudes. Better care this time. So wonderful!! They all got me through a very rough time!!

As a first time expecting mom and dad, we cannot express how great our experience at St David’s south was! From the check-in, to each day and night nurse, all the way to the food they offered was amazing. Shout out to night nurse Lina, day nurse Natalie and night nurse Riley. They all made us feel welcome, super attentive to any questions or concerns we had, easy to talk to and made us feel very cared for. Lina and Natalie even came back the day after we had delivered (they were not working) to check on us and meet the baby. Our postpartum nurse Amy was exceptional as well and you can tell she thoroughly enjoys what she does! Very detail oriented and wanting to help with any discomfort or questions we had. I could go on and on but just wanted to leave a review to say a big THANK YOU for making us new parents feel so comfortable and at ease with the whole experience.

Jacob, Amanda and baby Emmons

The staff at St David’s south was just on it, from the moment we arrived. They were on top of everything, answered all of our questions and just very helpful. My mom was with me and she said it was the smoothest hospital experience she’s ever had. Nurses were great and made sure I was comfortable and that we were completely taken care of at all times. Made my operation a little less stressful than expected.

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Reviews about St. David's South Austin Medical Center

18.11.2023 22:09
My nurse Corey (trauma nurse) was the best and most personable and caring nurse I have ever had in a hospital. He listened to everything i had to say and calmed me down and explained everything that I asked about that i was confusrd about. Great man and he is for sure in thr correct profession. Compassionate!
18.11.2023 22:08
Need new chef … food in cafeteria is bad … breakfast same everyday lunch is worse bad looking and taste worse then it looks.. another reason to prefer seton hospitals
30.10.2023 21:09
I had went to this St. David’s south location ,I usually go to St. David’s north but since I was closer to this location went here. I must say staff and doctors were super nice considering I was in pain and 16 weeks pregnant I got seen quickly ! Thank you for helping me
30.10.2023 21:08
I just recently visited this hospital while waiting for a relative. I went down to the cafeteria and ordered tenders and fries plate same as my sister I was charged one price and my sister another. I was charged 4.49 tenders and 1.99 fries and my sister was charged 5.29 for a tender basket. When I asked about it Laurie said “it is what it is” really?! How professional, I am a retired veteran have seen rude people but she took the cake. Please have a take about customer service and correct pricing of items. Ty
30.10.2023 21:08
I wish I could split this review into 2 parts; the ER would get 1 star, and the L&D ward would get 5 stars. But alas, I'm giving them the average.
Upon being admitted to the ER, I was taken back to a room immediately. Pain medicine was given, and tests were ordered promptly. I was told it was a "stat order" and we'd get results in about 20 minutes. After that I was ignored for 4 hours straight. My nurse never returned to check on me. My husband spoke to staff at the desk twice, telling them I was in pain and needed my nurse. They said she would come, but she never did. It wasn't until a new nurse clocked in for his shift and took over my care that I was able to get any help. During this 4 hour wait, I was also starving hungry, but told I could not eat in case surgery was needed. After the 4 hours were up, a Dr visited. He said he didn't know why I was still in the ER as I was supposed to have been transferred to L&D and there was a bed ready and waiting for me. I was finally given more pain medicine and told I would be transferred soon. Dr gave me permission to eat. I felt a little better for a short while, but the wait for a bed continued. After about 2 more hours, my husband reached out to inquire. Apparently, my bed had been given away to someone else and now there was no bed for me. The nurse would not have voluntarily updated us with this information if he had not asked.
After about 9 hours, I was finally transferred to L&D to the bed as promised. Once there, the quality of care was exceptional. The nurses were attentive, and did not seem burdened by any of my requests for items that might bring me comfort. Heat packs for pain, an extra pillow, ice for my water, etc. They checked in on me regularly and were great at communicating and relaying information between my Dr and I. They made sure I received pain medicine at the appropriate intervals without any lapses. Hospitals typically involve a lot of waiting, but at least in the L&D ward I was kept in the loop and never felt ignored or like I was being hung out to dry. Shout out to nurses Kelly and Mandy for their kindness and positivity!
30.10.2023 21:08
I am so impressed with the Women’s program at St. David’s South. They have outdone themselves with respect to clinical care and relationship. During the process of surgery and delivery and even after surgery, the doctors nurses and staff provided excellent care. As a black woman and as a black mother, there was an initial fear, with respect to maternity care, that we will not walk out of a hospital improved or in some cases that we will not walk out alive, due to the statistics that show that black women in America are having much higher mortality rates than others no matter socioeconomic status or region. The St. David’s executive leadership and the doctors and nurses on the floor were all intimately involved and concerned and passionate about ensuring the surgery and delivery and post-op care was all beyond exceptional. I dare say extraordinary. I am recommending this hospital to everyone I know and especially to those I love.
30.10.2023 21:08
Definitely would recommend having your baby or babies here. The staff that helped me deliver my baby in one of the delivery rooms were friendly. I'm a first time mother.
30.10.2023 21:07
Horrible experience. Waited 5 house with an iv in the waiting room in er. Was accused of leaving to go put drugs in my own iv when I went to get a snack from vending. They had my blood and urine and I am not a drug user. I am a cancer survivor. Then all the women in the admissions were braiding each other's hair and laughing and making fun of me very loudly. When I finally did go back she said we're just gonna medicate her and send her home. I will be calling patients advocate tomorrow.
30.10.2023 21:07
I was treated after a car accident and was entirely neglected. The beginning was when no one agreed to fix my name on anything, it was spelled incorrectly and I asked reception, nurses, whoever I spoke with I asked. And then once I was finally roomed after an hour, the doctor was speaking on the phone while examining me and spoke to me directly maybe once during the whole process. He even excused himself multiple times mid-exam or conversation. I understand that hospitals are busy, but considering the bill I would assume I’d get more than 60 seconds of conversation. He ignored that I had gone unconscious and was in a constant state of dizzy. I was already in a 9/10 on my pain scale and my mother and partner had to advocate for me. He denied concussion and did not have any professional recommendations other than pain killers and anti-inflammatories. After this, he sent me on my way with 1 day of excused work.

Following the accident I followed up with my PCP and was diagnosed with post-concussive syndrome, an injured sternum, kidney trauma, a traumatic brain injury, and PTSD. I’m in physical therapy, seeing a neurologist for migraines and my brain injury, and I am struggling and I really do think some of this could have been prevented if I had actually been given the time of day to be listened to.

If the hospital had been more attentive I would have saved myself so much pain and struggle. I chose to believe when he said I’d be OK to return to work even though I could barely breathe or move without throwing up, and I would lose my job otherwise because he deemed after a disconnected exam that I would be ok to return after 1 day following a major accident. I’ve attached the same photos I showed the doctor regarding the accident. Please tell me why he assumed I was exaggerating my pain.

Also in my medical record he described me as histrionic and that my accident was a “minor front end damage” and referred to me as he in my physician report. Not only did he chalk my accident to a fender bender, but then said I was attention seeking when I was terrified and trying to keep a happy demeanor because I was being treated like a burden. The doctor indicated I had no seatbelt bruise when I have photos that clearly represent one. Why is it fair that a physician can blatantly lie on my record? It was maybe 30 minutes of his life maximum that he spent with me but this has affected me daily for over a year now.
30.10.2023 21:07
I had a pleasant birthing experience here. Friendly staff and a successful vaginal birth that I’m happy with.

One star deducted because they majorly botched my paperwork. Check your papers before leaving the hospital! I looked at the paperwork a couple days after coming home to find several mistakes.

They marked my daughter as receiving a vaccine she never got because I declined it. They marked me as having Medicaid. I have private insurance. They marked me as single. I told them multiple times I was married; my husband was present the entire time; we wear wedding rings.

There were several errors, but these were a few glaring ones. We called the hospital to have them correct the numerous mistakes and were told that they couldn’t change anything and it wasn’t a big deal. Very concerning.
30.10.2023 21:06
Do not go to this emergency room. If you have to call an ambulance and they try to take you there, I strongly suggest you don’t.

My partner had a seizure at home and we were taken there. They didn’t have the appropriate staff, so they wheeled in a tele-health video camera and had an on-call neurologist (Dr. Saeed Umair) speak to him. That doctor took the video call from his BATHROOM at home and rushed us off the call after 3 minutes, with minimal investigating and zero time for us to ask any questions. See the picture for an idea of the attentive doctor who saw us.

The hospital forgot to order my partner’s blood thinner medication (that he has to take very strictly to prevent stroke) despite several requests, causing my partner to miss his medicine for nearly 60 hours. When we got home, the medicine was out of his system, which caused a stroke and another hospital visit. This time we knew better and went to Dell Seton.

We reported this incident along with others to the hospital “patient advocate,” but were told the case was closed via a form letter a few weeks later.

We also requested all of the doctor notes which revealed an entirely other story that was not communicated to us, along with misrepresentations of what we communicated to the doctors. It was clear from the notes that the were trying to fit a narrative that they had already decided upon before even speaking to us- especially with the omission of details in the report.

I know in an emergency, it’s scary and you trust that you’re going to be taken care of, but this place was a joke. They caused more harm by messing up the medication order and inducing a stroke, pushed us out the door without any next steps (other than a printed sheet from a Google search results with local neurologists), and wasted our time in figuring out what’s going on.

Sharing this to hopefully protect you and your loved ones from having to go through this. Avoid at all costs!


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