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Philadelphia, 5800 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19128

Roxborough Memorial Hospital is a 131-bed community hospital. The hospital has been serving the medical and health care needs of the Roxborough, Manayunk, East Falls and northwest section of Philadelphia communities for more than a century, having first opened its doors in 1890. Roxborough Memorial Hospitals School of Nursing has been educating nurses since 1898. The hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the nation’s oldest and largest hospital accreditation agency.

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I came to Roxborough Memorial Hospital for the first time this weekend when I experienced my first migraine. From the moment I entered the ED, the staff was very kind and very patient with me. The triage nurse, physician assistant, bedside nurse, and lab technician took great of me and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. This hospital is 5 minutes away from my house and has accessible parking as well as public transportation. Although I pray I won't need to return, I know if I ever need to, I'll be in good hands.

Urgent Care in Andorra Shopping Center has been a very caring and helpful place for me. The staff is professional, polite, caring and always helpful. I appreciate the doctors who attended my problems. They explained each step and had good questions for me. They also addressed my concerns in detail. Great group.

Almost everyone here were compassionate to the fact that I wasn’t feeling well. This was not a long drawn out process at the ER. I was at another hospital days earlier and my experience felt like I was just another “number.” I felt heard and seen from the time I got to the front entrance until the time I was discharged. I was properly diagnosed and discharged with a clear plan. Thank you to everyone who was apart of my 1st experience here. Especially my nurse Cheryl went above and beyond. Thank you!!!!

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Reviews about Roxborough Memorial Hospital | Philadelphia

17.11.2023 12:43
If Dr Stuart K. Dilg is your ER doctor just leave. Instead of listening to his patients to help he listens to defend whatever he believes is wrong. No patient bed side manner. And it was definitely good for my confidence in this hospital when I first get to my room the patient next door is threatening to sue because he would not help her further because he did not believe her heart issue to be serious. I’ve had a brain injury before and you did not take it seriously, a few days later Im on my last stance and the doctor tells me I should have BEEN seen. Thanks Dr Dilg, I hope you think about the fact that you not listening to your patients and what THEY need can and WILL get somebody killed. Thanks for making me have to waste two days of work to go to the hospital
17.11.2023 12:43
Waited all day and all night, very uncomfortable. Bathrooms were nasty. Extremely low staffed, one radiologist on site. Darn near everyone is a resident/training. Seemed to be low supplies.

Spoke to 3 different doctors and everything thing they were saying was an assumptions….we think this we think that, which never got a definite answer! When trying to press the help button to get some assistance no one would come. They couldn’t find anything wrong but yet continued to pump me with medicine and had me hooked up to everything while saying everything was clear because they were saying things were more extreme, like heart issues. One of the machines I was hooked up to kept going off and had a message saying there was an air bubble in it and when I called for help the reaction was “I don’t know what that means”. Horrible Horrible Horrible.

Ended up leaving after saying they were going to put a splint in my arm. Went to Penn Medicine and turned out it was just bronchitis, we were only at Penn 3.5 hours where we were at Roxborough over night! Penn didn’t pump me with medicine nor had me all hooked up. Sent me home with inhaler and steroid.
17.11.2023 12:43
I was treated well, for the most part. There was a delay of concern when I pushed for services. It seems to me that more staff needs to be hired.
I must commend the kitchen staff. The cooks more importantly, did a wonderful job. My daily meal requests were honored and the food was very good.
My only complaint was that decisions were being made by a head or lead doctor about me. Yet, he or she never showed themselves personally to me to talk over my case or situation. Inspite of my repeated requests, I never saw or spoke to this person.
Overall, I had a good experience at Roxborough Memorial Hospital.
17.11.2023 12:42
The hospital staff was very professional and treated me with respect and dignity. All of the doctors and nurses provided excellent care and left no question unanswered. The nurse Meghan that oversaw my care took the time to help out when I needed help. I would Highly recommend the hospital.
17.11.2023 12:42
I was advised to come here after going into urgent care, arriving with emt again after being advised to do so , the emt an the nurse at the station started talking instantly at arrival the nurse’s first response to the emt worker “what you got, I don’t have any more beds” an “what they have are for real emergency’s” both laughing in a joking manner .This is a medical setting, the lack of professionalism and the joke left me in disbelief. I am here to make sure that my symptoms are not life threatening. Shame on both sides . Triage area smelled of cigarettes. The nurse and radiologist were great . The PA was okay , bed side manner okay. I would not revisit . Do better !
17.11.2023 12:42
I was at Roxborough Hospital on November 6th 2023 my experience was extraordinary considering my condition. As I arrive the sense of urgency was met by Nurse Gail R. and the Doctor on call in the Emergency room approximately 7:30 a.m. I was treated quickly by Nurse Gail, the Doctor, and staff. Everyone was caring, patience ,and helpful. All the Test, x-rays , and MRI was coordinated in a organized fashion. I appreciate you Roxborough staff and Gail R . Thanks for everything.
17.11.2023 12:42
Horrible Experience!!! Visited ER and was there for non-stop coughing and serious throat infection. Saw a PA for a total of 5 mins. Was charged for 300$ IV service that I never received. Tried to dispute charge with Hospital and insurance which got nowhere. Ended up paying for it after they said it was out of their control and going to go to collections unless I contacted their “independent” PAs company in Connecticut to have them remove the charge (which also didn’t work)... Fast forward 2 years and the hospital sent some balance to a collection agency without even calling me to try to get a payment!!! What a joke of a hospital.
17.11.2023 12:41
Was seen quickly, and all the staff/nurses/doctors were super kind and helpful. I really appreciate how the doctor who saw me was very friendly and knowledgeable. Best bedside manner I've ever encountered! I was able to get diagnosed and treated quickly, and luckily my issue was minor enough that I didn't have to do additional imaging but was told that if I was really concerned about it they could. Would recommend!
17.11.2023 12:41
It was great the doctor , the nurse , the EKG tech they all was so professional. And very attentive to my needs. Was very pleased with my stay.
17.11.2023 12:41
The kind person who signed me in - she was great. My test didn’t happen - no fault of roxborough memorial. The gentleman (technician Tim) was wonderful. Very helpful and since my test needed to be rescheduled he went out of his way to accommodate me. Thumbs up.
17.11.2023 12:41
The nurses and doctors at Roxborough Memorial hospital both shifts were very attentive and talk to me as apose to around me!


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