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Meet Dr. Brian Lee of Scottsdale Sinus & Allergy Center

Allow Scottsdale Sinus & Allergy Center’s Dr. Brian Lee to be your guide. Dr. Lee and the Scottsdale Sinus & Allergy Center team utilize patient-focused care and advanced, minimally-invasive techniques and technology to help you move past your condition and symptoms. Schedule your appointment today to take a step towards better health.

Known to deliver care based on compassion, attention to detail, and a commitment to proper treatment, Dr. Brian Lee is your Scottsdale ENT health partner. With over a decade of experience treating a wide variety of sinus and allergy conditions, Dr. Lee has become well-known for his level of care and success.

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

This was my first visit to this office. At check in, the staff was friendly and helpful. I was examined by Amanda. She is very impressive! Her knowledge of the subject and her ability to communicate was amazing. She clearly explained why I had the symptoms and what could be done to help. When it was time to talk insurance and what is covered, the gentleman I spoke with was understanding, articulate and was able to provide options that were acceptable. It was only my first visit, however, I highly recommend this office if you are in need of an ENT.

I just want to say if anybody needs a surgery I would totally recommend it. Dr. Smedley is excellent. His team is just as good as he is there caring they explain everything to you and I am now very happy that I did it couple days recovery and I should be just fine, I was totally afraid to go ahead and almost canceled and I’m so glad I didn’t wonderful facility

This is one of the best clinics that I attend. Everyone is friendly, courteous & helpful. I was stuck filling out the form on the iPad. A very kind MA offered to help me complete it & brought me a cup of water as well. My PA, Heather, does the gentlest nasal endoscopy that I have ever had. She is the only one that found a nasal polyp and was able to put me on the correct dose of the correct medication. Cleared up my cough & nasal congestion. I highly recommend this practice. (This review only pertains to my visit with Heather. I have written a previous review on Dr Smedley who is a great doctor as well.)

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Reviews about , специалист Dr. Brian Lee of Scottsdale Sinus & Allergy Center

06.12.2023 20:16
Wonderful staff. Angela was very thorough with my exam and explaining the details of my situation. Again, wonderful staff.
06.12.2023 20:16
This Dr and the office are extremely dishonest and misrepresent thier practice. They purchased the practice of my Dr. Dr Cohen yet I was never contacted by anyone and will not honor the work or records. I called to renew a Perscriptio. For DME and was told I needed an appointment to do that. I immediately changed my schedule to do that and completed thier PT papwerwork. Never in the process was I told they would require a head CT, a nasal exam which included numbing of nasal pasage and then still would bot get a renewed Rx but instead be required to have another sleep study. I have been a cpap PT for more then 27 years, replacement supplies is a standard part of life . This is not unusual or out of the norm.
This lack of transparency, dishonest practice and general know it all attitude is horrific. I will not be a patient in this practice and do not recommend you to be either as you will never know if your receiving appropriate care. Even getting a detailed reciept, I was told I had to call billing office , they would not provide. Horrific experience, stay AWAY!!!!!!


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