HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center

Phoenix, 19829 N 27th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85027

At HonorHealth, we honor every dimension of you by providing the right care that’s focused on you. From the physical to the emotional, we go beyond what’s expected.

Located in north Phoenix, HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center is a 204-bed, full-service hospital offering in-depth inpatient and outpatient general surgery and cardiac surgery. 

Other services and certifications include:

Level I trauma care Accredited Chest Pain Center Accredited Primary Stroke Center Certified Cardiac Arrest Center Critical care Cancer care Interventional radiology services including uterine fibroid treatment and non-invasive blood clot removal Outpatient surgery center General surgery residency program

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

Had to go to the ER here a few days ago at around 8pm, and I was in agonizing pain. I could barely function yet they managed to get me signed in with minimal verbal communication fairly quickly. I was also being called back and seen by a nurse within minutes, although it felt like hours. They swiftly did their observations and the nurse had felt my abdomen for only a moment when she started ordering a CT scan with contrast dye. She immediately knew what the issue was and jumped right into action. Everything felt organized and quick. I was officially admitted to the hospital sometime in between starting my blood work and finishing my scans - all within a very small time frame. I ended up needing a laparoscopic appendectomy due to acute appendicitis. Which was scheduled for the following morning. Surgery went well, recovery has been extremely painful. All the nurses were so patient and helpful. I felt like they all showed genuine care and compassion for me, not just as a patient, but also as a human being. They really tried their best to keep me as comfortable as they could and I'm so grateful I was under the care of such an amazing team. Even in pre-op, the nurse there was so comforting and kept me talking enough to ease the anxiety of such a scary, unexpected situation. In the OR, I was panicking a little about being sedated. I have had past surgeries but for some reason, I felt very uneasy and they made sure to reassure me until my eyes closed and I was out. Such care and attention to detail was given throughout my stay.

I was talked through every single step, every procedure. It was really nice to have such amazing communication, it made an otherwise awful situation a bit more tolerable. I've since been discharged and am now recovering at home. Another huge bonus is having all of your medical documents, records, and information immediately available at your fingertips via the online patient portal. It's called MyChart and has everything you'll need for yourself, your primary doctor, and/or your employer. This sounds like a sponsored ad, but it's not. I just have a bit of time on my hands right now as I heal and recover. Just thought I'd share my experience, maybe it could be helpful to someone. I also wanted to give a huge thank you to my nurses Shannon and Katie + the entire HonorHealth DV team, you guys are amazing!

Your office is clean prompt. May I add good music playing. The young lady that took me to my room was named Tiffany. She didn’t explain things well she got very loud to the point that I almost left and then Bernice came in. She and I had spoke on the phone once before she explained everything thoroughly to me and then I was introduced to chuck and Jill which made my day two thumbs up he’s knowledgeable, personable, friendly, thorough. I believe Tiffany needs to hone her skills.

I can confidently give this hospital a five-star rating without any hesitation. From the moment we stepped in, every encounter we had was reassuring. The level of care and attention my mom received was beyond exceptional. The entire team exhibited genuine compassion and expertise, making us feel assured that she was in good hands. They kept us well-informed throughout her stay, and the support provided was truly remarkable. I am immensely grateful for the wonderful care my mom received at this hospital. Thank you for taking such great care of her!

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Reviews about HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center

08.11.2023 13:08
My sister fell and I called 911 because I thought her leg was broken. Honor Health Emergency room took x-rays and a CT scan, the doctor said her leg wasn't broken just badly bruised and to take her home. But by the day she was in just bad pain. So I called her doctor and 911 again and had them took her to Mayo Clinic emergency room. They took x-rays and CT scan again and they said she broke her femur.
So I don't care for the doctor that was on duty August 10th at 4am. He needs to learn to look at the x-rays better.
08.11.2023 13:07
Went to HH bc a friend recommended them. Was feeling really weak and lethargic for about 5 days.
I WAS NOTEVER GOUNG back to Banner after the way I was treated in their ER a year ago.
Anyway...HH got me in a room immediately and I saw a DR within 20-30 min. Unheard of to me. Everyone was so nice and I felt cared about.
Dr even checked in on me multiple times before I was admitted.
Only thing that sucked was for some reason they put me on the Heart Healthy meal plan but bc I'm a vegetarian there was hardly anything on the menu I could eat. I mean they did have a side of black beans but I wasn't allowed that bc they weren't considered "heart healthy." Beans...not heart healthy? They need a different nutritionist at this hospital.
Other than that...if you can choose HH over Banner. More cared for and listened to. Thanks HH.
08.11.2023 13:07
My son was taken there after being in a motorcycle accident a month ago. He was on the critical care floor for over a week. He did receive great emergency medical care there and is well on his way to recovery. The reason for the 3 star review is that on one of the nights the nurse that was supposed to be caring for him spent most of the night flirting with another nurse and was on her phone most of the night. Also, the head of the trauma unit must have failed the classes on dealing with the families of the patients. I found him to be quite rude. The plastic surgeon was wonderful however.
08.11.2023 13:07
Update: I reached out and as expected even their leadership team has not responded. I gave them 3 days to respond and their email says 1-2 days for response time. How can we expect better from their doctors if this is leadership?

Unless you are actively bleeding or have an open fracture, I do not recommend this hospital. That is not a recommendation for their ortho or trauma...it just means you might have a chance of getting seen and correctly diagnosed.
As a person who has unfortunately been given the genetic lottery, I have a complex medical history. This gets me written off the moment I walk into this hospita, which is disheartening as for continuity of care's sake, you would expect the hospital that has provided the majority of your Healthcare throughout your life to be able to provide the best treatment and have the most up-to-date information on your medical needs.
Instead, complex patients are ignored in the emergency room and if it's not seen in a generic abdomen CT (even if that's not the nature of your complaint or pain), you're sent home instead of the root of the issue addressed or even evaluated. Patients with chronic pain are expected to manage it with their "toolbox at home" and hope that toolbox doesn't fail or their dr doesn't tell them to go to the er because no relief and more frustration awaits there.
I have been waiting now for 6 days for a call back from their patient advocacy reps (two different ones- can't tell me they both are out as the director of radiology personally talked to one of them to tell them to call me again!) and still nothing. I have since suffered a fall which I reported and they STILL have not followed up (nor asked me to come back- you'd think a health care company would be concerned a possible missed diagnoses led to a fall but who am I to tell them to run their business).
So please be weary coming here. I've been going to this hospital all my life but I have to say this lack of care and negligence is disheartening to see.
08.11.2023 13:06
Broke my leg in February and went straight to this er since it was closest.
After conducting my x ray, they came back saying I only had two broken metatarsals and that was all. It ended up being 14 fractures, lol. Then the nurse who put me in a splint said this is one of her first times doing this and that the actual doctor would come in and inspect it because if she messed up, it would leave permanent damage. Doctor never showed up to inspect it and I had to demand that he did, lol. After being inspected, not one person told me where to get my x rays or anything, that was once again up to me, lol. I asked the doctor how long I would need to be out of school for and he said that’s also up to me, lol.
08.11.2023 13:05
I had a 3 vertebrae fusion reconstructed. Surgeon was great! No follow through from anesthesiologist.
Being a 70 year old patient with special needs the recovery nurses had no idea what the mind altering drugs the anesthesiologist used could and did to my psyche. I came out of anesthesia to find 2 nurses in my room. I said excuse me miss, twice. They turned to me and stated they didn't have time for me!
There was no residual pain relief from the anesthesia and I was immediately in excruciating pain.
I finally got ahold of my nurse and she kindly gave me a 5mg. Percocet!! I ended up arguing with the nurses and they finally upped my dosage.
Still being under the influence of the anesthesia they proceeded to give me my usual meds. I really think giving a person under the influence of anesthesia Adderall was not a very good idea. 1 ended up with post- operative delirium. Something the nurses knew nothing about. I know more about mind altering drugs than they did. Just from my own personal experiences.
They followed no known procedures to check for this condition.
I was lied to about my medication, I was harassed, intimidated, argued with and the the Director of the hospital was standing right there. I was not violent in anyway, but I was not myself due to the anesthesia. I talked rough, loud,and did not treat the nurses with the respect they were looking for.
In the end there were approximately 10 people cheering the director to bind me to my bed. Finally I told the Director , "YOU are excused". As the frail little Director stood there someone in the crowd in my room said," Oh, that's it , that's it let's do it. And in that quiet frail little voice the Director said, " OK, go ahead!".
The crowd of people decended on my bed, gagging me , holding me down and this maniac proceeded to strap me my bed. And he made sure the restraints were as tight as possible. The rest of the crowd thought it was great fun, laughing and carrying on, they certainly enjoyed it!
What was going through my mind, still under the influence, Domination, Humiliation and Emasculation.
I was left that way all night into the next morning.
My surgeon walked in and said, " Had a rough night?". And left me there until the changing of the guard.
I relive this event over and over in my mind. For not being violent, did I deserve this traumatic experience, I will live with for the rest of my life? I think not.
That Director, I feel should be excused and should be excused permanently!
08.11.2023 13:05
If you are a drug addict looking for a fix of Morphine or Dilaudid, this is the place for you. Rush in by Ambulance to the ER. I was admitted because of an infection in my intestines that had me in severe pain. They pumped me full of IV pain meds and never treated the infection but sent me on my way 2 days later. Now I'm still in pain and trying to find a ride to Abrazo Arrowhead or Banner Thunderbird to actually get treated. Don't bother unless you are in it for the pain meds.
08.11.2023 13:05
My daughter dislocated and later we found out fractured her elbow wresting so we went to the emergency room at Deer Valley. She received excellent care and everyone was exceptionally kind. They even made sure her prescriptions were called in personally to make sure we got them before the Costco pharmacy closed. The only negative is that we waited quite a while in the emergency room while my daughter was in great pain with her elbow out of place. Releived to get into a room it was still a long time before she got any pain relief. I understand they have to access her before they start giving her drugs but it was hard to watch her suffering for so long.
08.11.2023 13:04
The doctors and nurses were so nice and helpful. They made sure I understood what was going on. I would definitely want to come to this hospital in this area
08.11.2023 13:04
Your office is clean prompt. May I add good music playing. The young lady that took me to my room was named Tiffany. She didn’t explain things well she got very loud to the point that I almost left and then Bernice came in. She and I had spoke on the phone once before she explained everything thoroughly to me and then I was introduced to chuck and Jill which made my day two thumbs up he’s knowledgeable, personable, friendly, thorough. I believe Tiffany needs to hone her skills.
08.11.2023 13:04
I am so glad I have Chris , he understands me and my situation and is really helping me a great deal. I am so glad I have him.


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