Mayo Clinic Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, 5777 E Mayo Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85054

Mayo Clinic Hospital in Arizona is a seven-story facility with 368 licensed beds, 33 operating rooms and an emergency department.

Services offered

Health services within the hospital include:

Clinical laboratory
Diagnostic imaging
Emergency room services
Inpatient care to support the medical and surgical specialties and programs at the clinic
Lung testing
Noninvasive heart tests
Transplant center

Other visitor services include:

Cafeteria services
Shops and supplies
Pharmacy services
More resources

General visiting hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day.

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Reviews about Mayo Clinic Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona

07.11.2023 22:25
Inpatient- Mayo has been a GREAT hospital with caring nurses, doctors, and a whole “team” to help my mom while she was admitted

Outpatient- as soon as we were discharged, Mayo became IMPOSSIBLE to contact. The “team” that was “here alongside us on this journey” is unreachable by phone & portal. We are happy to have my mom home but wish there was a little more support for her after her 4-week stay in Mayo. Getting ahold of a doctor or nurse is near impossible and even getting access to her CT scans is like trying to move a mountain (now that we are outpatient)
07.11.2023 22:25
My mom is here getting knee surgery, and the hospital, staff, and everything overall has been a fantastic experience.
Having worked in the healthcare field for many years and in hospitals, this has been a great eye opener since Covid.
Since customer service, empathy, and overall experience everywhere else seems non-existent, it definitely made me feel hopeful again in the healthcare system.
The staff has been absolutely wonderful, the hospital is very well maintained and clean, and I am just beyond impressed!
Thank you, Mayo Clinic!
07.11.2023 22:24
The experience i am having with this hospital is very exceptional. The staff is very kind, understanding and knowledgeable. All of the rooms we've been in are spacious and convenient. We are also impressed with the lack of other patients. It feels like we're the only ones here by design i assume.
07.11.2023 22:24
Top notch care.. Everyone works together as a team. literally a team effort in getting us the best treatments and they all are very informational about each n every part that each one department can give to its patients... Our experience while there was the best and most enjoyable experience considering it was an unfortunate visit I absolutely give Mayo Clinic Hospital Excellent, Top Notch, Above and Beyond Care I've ever seen... Perfect, What an amazing job each and every one of the employees and staff is say Bless you and thank u from the bottom of our hearts. What a compationate and pleasing experience.. I recommend that for the best ever care, Visit This Hospital. You will be so very glad you did.. I know we did... Thank you MAYO CLINIC HOSPITAL..
07.11.2023 22:23
this used to be my hospital of choice but now i’m writing this as I am currently septic while in patient at Chandler Regional with Dignity health after you all discharged me to a psychiatric ward via Dr. Thomas E. Kelly. He refused to deep dive and I got completely worse while in psychiatric care. I didn’t deserve any of the nasty words and finger pointing that night when I was suicidal. I was sick, I was in pain and you, Dr. Kelly left me there and refused to help me. Now i’m sicker than ever and all of this could’ve been avoided had you just listened to me for a moment. I get that doctors are overwhelmed but patients are sick. Do better, I thought this was Mayo Clinic, a prestigious hospital…. i’ll never forget that experience on 09/13/2023. Ever.
07.11.2023 22:23
They wanted to Discharge My father after giving Him Ecoli and Now We will miss him.
I thank the ladies for their service, I wish all males were born men.
Enjoy your Student Loans and hold your kids dear. Your money won't save you anymore.
You have no Males to do Heavy Lifting of Patients, Check for Blood Clots.
I hope Your family's will be with You when Your time is Nigh also, I know because of Student loan forgiveness some of us will never have families or even fair housing.
07.11.2023 22:23
As of October 21st, 2023 4:58 pm
My mother is in the ICU on the second floor.
Me and my children were not allowed to re-enter the ICU section due to them not having a sitter.
I'm the only one here and the weekday staff were nice enough to provide a ride for us yesterday and we've been treated respectfully since until today...
Today's morning shift/afternoon, however, works.
Had become rude after I had told the doctors my mom's wishes to be AT HOME for her hospice care.
They had tried to push me and my aunt to remove her from the breathing machine.
She was not responding and more like a vegetable state, so they say.

By the time we got there she was alert, moving, and tried to get out of bed.
But due to the machines she couldn't. Move much.
Other than myself and the kids, my aunts and one of my cousins showed up.
Earlier today my aunt had left and now its me and my girls alone.
After my aunt left I feel like they switched their attitude on me.
Honestly, they do not want to care for
My mother no more.
I can not go back to the ICU because I don't have a sitter and my mom is alone now.
We live 3 hours away and they're sending us home!
I feel like their gonna kill my mom, before I even come back.
07.11.2023 22:21
Wow! 2,500$ ,.. 900$ a month request for the Payment,, I send 300$, 400$ , 200$,.. Of Course, This is Not 900$ requested but it is what I can give,.. We Moved as a Family & I did everything I was supposed to with the Post Office,, My Mail Was LOST For Weeks,.. Looks Like I Been Sent to Collections even after making a Payment when I did receive the Notices from Mayo,.. During this Process My Anti Seizure Medicine Was Running Out On Me Due To Mayo Clinic Not Adjusting My Order In Time!! Good Medical Attention But Customer Service Is Garbage As Reflected In The Ratings Dropping Daily!! Work With People!!!!!!
07.11.2023 22:21
The Dr's & Staff are awesome, but I can't say the same for the billing office.
For the last 2 years they have been treating me for some very serious health issues.
Not once, did I received an itemized bill or EOB, still have not.
Took a call from Mayo billing, set up an AGREED!! payment plan.
Paid on time every month, then out of the blue they turned it into Collections.
Now I'm being told I'm not allowed anymore appointment due to outstanding balance.
Even though they have been paid over $200,000 from my Insurance Co. already.
They should be ashamed of themselves.
$22,000 for 1 Infusion, over $600 for 1 consultation with a Specialist.
07.11.2023 22:20
The doctors and staff here are top rate, they’re courteous and explain everything well. The parking is plentiful and they’re good about working with insurance companies for coverage.
07.11.2023 22:20
Been to several hospitals in the valley throughout my life... born and raised in phoenix , mayo clinic has by far been the best experience. The hospital and staff were all very pleasant. It was the shortest wait I've ever had to get my vitals and also the shortest wait I've ever had before being brought to a room and being seen. Overall the 3 day visit I had there was pleasant under the circumstances. Above everything though, there was one doctor who stood out above the rest and that really made a lasting impression. Dr. Evan Morris, speaking with him felt less like a patient doctor conversation, and felt more like I was speaking with a respected friend that was also my doctor. The overall experience at the mayo clinic was good, but it was that doctor that made me say "I'm taking the time out of my day to write this hospital a good review". Go Dr. Evan Morris! You are the best doctor I have ever met.


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