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Our ENT physicians, providers and specialists in Glendale, Arizona provide comprehensive treatment options for issues involving the ear, nose and throat in both adults and children.

Our medical professionals can also treat problems related to hearing loss, hearing aids, allergies, dizziness, balance, sleep apnea, swallowing, thyroid issues, sinus conditions and head and neck cancer.

At the Valley ENT Glendale location, your physicians, audiologists are Jerald Altman, M.D., Adam M. Cassis, M.D., Brandon Fornwalt, D.O., Ishrat Hakim, M.D. E., Matin Libling, M.D., Amy Shah, M.D., Michael Maxwell, Au.D, CCC-A, Mark Maxwell, Au.D, CCC-A.

It is easy to schedule an appointment by calling our office and we look forward to the opportunity to take care of you and your family.

Valley ENT is the largest otolaryngology-head and neck surgery group in Arizona. We exist to provide a full range of the highest quality ear, nose, throat and allergy care to all of our patients. Our team of 39 board certified otolaryngologists, 2 board certified allergist/immunologists, 21 audiologists and 5 physician assistants provide a broad spectrum of otolaryngologic care to adults and children including the evaluation and treatment of hearing and balance disorders, nasal and sinus conditions, allergies, voice and swallowing problems, obstructive sleep apnea, head and neck cancer (mouth and throat cancer, thyroid cancer, facial and neck skin cancers), pediatric ENT conditions, as well as facial cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery needs.

Valley ENT has 19 clinic locations throughout metro Phoenix, Tucson, and southern Arizona providing access to high quality ENT care in your neighborhood. Our team of award-winning physicians, clinical researchers, educators, audiologists, and support personnel are equipped to handle both routine and complex otolaryngology conditions. Our practice includes physicians board certified in pediatric and adult comprehensive ear, nose, throat and head and neck surgery as well as multiple fellowship-trained subspecialists in complex and advanced ENT disorders. Our surgeons have affiliations with many hospitals in your communities throughout Phoenix and Tucson as well as some of the state's largest tertiary medical centers for our patients who require complex management.


Adult Care 

Adult ENT Services




Allergies & Asthma

Facial / Cosmetic Surgery

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Dizziness & Balance

Head & Neck Cancer

Swallowing & Speech

Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

Sinus Conditions & Nasal Surgery

Thyroid, Parathyroid & Salivary

Pediatric Care 

Pediatric ENT Services

Ear Problems

Nose & Sinus

Tonsils & Adenoids



TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I started allergy shots a few months ago & it has been a great experience. I’m at the office 1-2 times weekly, & the staff is always friendly & helpful. Crystal is so wonderful & makes the whole process easy, fast & enjoyable. She’s great at what she does & is always super responsive if I need to make any appointment changes or have questions or concerns. She’s very knowledgeable & incredibly kind. I have seen 3 providers during my time as a patient & overall it has been really positive.

I've been going to this office since Feb and the front office lady is very friendly and greets me every week by name. I've also seen Dr. Hakim and Hoeger and they are very caring and were able to determine what was going on with me. I now get allergy shots twice a week and Crystal is amazing. I was very nervous the first time and she was very friendly, caring, kind and thorough with the process. Now I feel more comfortable going weekly to see her.

I have been coming for Allergy Shots for 9 years and there had always been (too much) fluctuation of personnel and inconsistency of service. For the last several months I have enjoyed being taken care of by Crystal. She has a fantastic personality and is focused on ensuring that the patient (me) is looked after. Even once we I was in the midst of a new vial of serum, and forgot my last weekly Appt to get my shots, she called me to ensure that everything was okay. Although I had forgotten the appointment she quickly arranged to get me an appointment the next day so I would not have to start the process over. She is a real asset to you office.

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Reviews about , услуга Valley ENT Glendale - Arrowhead

06.12.2023 20:01
They are very good at filling out information on the computer but not very good at treating, paying attention, and looking into solutions for their patients. I was seen by Dr. Altman. He was unable to see the amount of trouble I was having in finding a solution and genuinely help. He ended up telling me he was not interested in the surgery that I require and literally left it at that. He did not give me a referral to someone else. He just said I don't want to do this surgery for you. He was Extremely disingenuous with me.

Just to remind everyone below is the special obligation we entrust our doctors with. The following, REALLY BIG, on the wall in the office would help Dr. Altman and Valley ENT.

Hippocratic OATH -

By all that I hold highest, I promise my patients competence, integrity, candor, personal commitment to their best interest, compassion, and absolute discretion, and confidentiality within the law.

I shall do by my patients as I would be done by; shall obtain consultation whenever I or they desire; shall include them to the extent they wish in all important decisions; and shall minimize suffering whenever a cure cannot be obtained, understanding that a dignified death is an important goal in everyone’s life.

I shall try to establish a friendly relationship with my patients and shall accept each one in a nonjudgmental manner, appreciating the validity and worth of different value systems and according to each person a full measure of human dignity.

I shall charge only for my professional services and shall not profit financially in any other way as a result of the advice and care I render my patients.

I shall provide advice and encouragement for my patients in their efforts to sustain their own health.

I shall work with my profession to improve the quality of medical care and to improve the public health, but I shall not let any lesser public or professional consideration interfere with my primary commitment to provide the best and most appropriate care available to each of my patients.

To the extent that I live by these precepts, I shall be a worthy physician.
06.12.2023 20:01
Crystal is the best. Very customer focused and very professional. Sometimes I need to change appointments and she is always very helpful finding the best time. She is very knowledgeable about allergies makes sure I sit and wait and always very friendly
06.12.2023 20:01
Dr Amy Shah & her Medical Assistant are Everything Me & My family needed.. Allergy shots & scheduling those shots are so easy now that her assistant helps us & she is has taken everything annoying out of going to the doctor.. her assistant is so nice & helpful she great !


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