Asiana Food Market

Providence, 92 Warren Ave, East Providence, RI 02914


Im from South Korea and this place is perfect for me. Almost every ingredient and food stuffs are here. And price’s not bad. I’m happy this is close by.

Stocked inventory of multiple kinds of kimchi, seaweed salad and Korean specialty salads. A fridge full of tasty imported Japanese, Korean and Thai drinks. A whole freezer wall boasts a variety of dumplings , frozen meats, seafood, and mochi. Fresh produce and veggies. Seasonings, rices, sauces, teas and so much more. Friendly family owned small shop with a bounty of groceries for those who love the Korean Asian cuisine.

They had a lot of wonderful Asian products. And they practiced social distancing and wore masks. We got lots of goodies here today. Mainly snacks.

There is lots of good stuff crammed into a small space. If you're looking for Buldak Ramen, like I was, this is the place to go. Prices are steep, but it is what it is. Calpico, mochi ice cream, fresh kimchi, and everything in between.

Amazing selection and super friendly owner. Highly recommend.

Excellent I always shop there for certain items. Very good place for things you can not find in market place.

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Reviews about Asiana Food Market

01.12.2023 13:06
I love the store, small but well organized and full of goodies. The owner is very cordial and unlike good fortune, you will get your questions answered. I will always come back to Asiana for my Asian food needs.
14.10.2023 13:20
Great grocery store, wide variety of delicious kimchi. Great prices, family owned and very convenient location.
11.04.2023 15:48
Very big selection of noodles, has some produce and various snacks. Also they sell bubble tea. The store is very clean, the staff is friendly and helpful.


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