Duke Raleigh Hospital

Raleigh, 3400 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609

Duke Raleigh Hospital provides a patient-friendly setting no matter where you visit us -- in our hospital’s North Pavilion, South Pavilion, or clinics. Duke Raleigh Hospital has been part of Duke Health since 1998 and has served Wake County for more than 35 years. It employs more than 2,000 people.
The hospital has 204 inpatient beds and offers a comprehensive array of services, including, cancer care, cardiovascular care, neuroscience, advanced gastrointestinal care, and wound healing. We also maintain laboratory and imaging services, a pain clinic, 24/7 emergency care, community outreach and education programs.

For 2022-2023, U.S. News & World Report has ranked Duke Raleigh Hospital as high performing in orthopaedics and geriatrics and in six common adult procedures/conditions: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Heart Failure, Kidney Failure, Lung Cancer Surgery, Pneumonia, and Stroke.

Duke Health is committed to delivering high-quality care and providing you with reliable, easy-to-understand information about how we compare to our peers. This information comes from independent, third party sources and will let you know how well our hospitals follow care guidelines that are proven to lead to better patient outcomes and how satisfied patients are with their Duke health care experience. 

We hope this information will assist you in making informed decisions when you are choosing a hospital. 

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Reviews about Duke Raleigh Hospital

13.12.2023 19:30
Awhile back - I woke up here after being transferred from a smaller facility with an emergency surgery with post operative complications after Thanksgiving- this is an awesome hospital-everyone is different- different personalities- but the main thing is the care provided.The medical team was awesome-drs nurses aid’s housekeeper’s dietary staff - I was absolutely one of the worst patients ever - I know that but I was in a crisis -away from my home - everything familiar to me & dealing with serious medical issues - I’m very appreciative of the after care in radiology - the transport staff.The hospital serves a tremendous community- US - and abroad -it’s situated in a fabulously convenient location amenable to mostly any shopping experience needed- restaurants- stores -clinics - & major routes highways &!interstate
13.12.2023 19:30
When someone comes in for pain trying to receive medication that has previously helped with that pain just bc they have a history of substance abuse doesn’t mean they are being a junky if that was the case why not go to the streets for something to lighten the pain Instead they come to a hospital and you treat them like they are less than! If you can’t deal with people find a need practice!
16.11.2023 19:52
Excellent hospital. Very clean and comfortable with very caring and compassionate staff. My surgery there could not have been more pleasant.
16.11.2023 19:52
If you are African American stay away. Went in with sore throat an cough they said I was fine 3 weeks later they called me and said pneumonia in my left lower lung. I could of been dead three weeks so today im here 8/9/2023 and after listening to two different African American people complaining I minded my business until I saw the complaint was true They put us on the back burner. So im going to use wisdom and not return everyone no matter color should be treated the same. Here they dont care at all
16.11.2023 19:52
My brother came in via ambulance at about 11:15am due to him having sever nerve pain In his left side going all the way down his left leg. People coming in an hour after my brother have been called back to a room. First excuse they gave us was they didn't have him in the system for a room, the next excuse was they didn't think he was able to stand up and pivot for his CT scan. We told them he was able to stand but only with assistants. They also told us he could NOT get a room until he got is CT scan. But what happens when someone can not physically stand?? This by far is the worse experience I've ever witnessed in a hospital waiting room.. I've never heard that a patient that was brought in via ambulance could not get a room until they can stand or until they get a CT scan. These people clearly do not care about the people in these waiting rooms.
16.11.2023 19:49
Dr. Nicole Pristera, M.D., and Nurse Natalie, along with the Duke Raleigh Hospital Staff, are hands down—Best of the Best! I was inspired by their ability to work so good together; as they demonstrated professionalism, and honored; “Duke Raleigh Hospital.” Nurse Natalie consistently offered comfort items and helped me have peace of mind, before and after the procedure. Her medical Team took really good care of me! I wholeheartedly recommend, Duke Raleigh Hospital, and forever grateful for their excellent quality of care.
16.11.2023 19:44
Your ER treated me like Garbage when I went in with a BP over 200
I mean Shouted Down AS I was explaining I was in an Abusive situation by a Total Nurse Ratchet.
I ended up Calmly Removing my IV ( tissues arm bent so I wouldn't leave a trail of blood & LEFT.
16.11.2023 19:44
No one wants to go to the hospital, right? However, if you have to go, I can personally recommend Duke Raleigh Hospital with FIVE STARS. Due to an unexpected emergency, I experienced an unwanted but excellent two-day stay in the Emergency Room and the Progressive Care Unit at Duke Raleigh. The medical care and outcome were very favorable. Special thanks to Dr. Liao, Dr. Briganza, RN Alexis, RN Emily, CNA Nuria, imaging teams, lab experts, cleaning crews (super clean room and hospital), cafeteria crew, and all the other personnel behind the scenes. Nice rooms, too. THANK YOU! One final recommendation: Pick up an expresso or cappuccino, and a bite to eat at the first floor coffee shop on the way home...
16.11.2023 19:36
Duke Raleigh definitely doesn’t believe in going above and beyond for patients. Or even doing the bare minimum. I had an extremely sore throat and asked for ANYTHING to soothe it - even just hot water - and the nurse & midlevel provider refused. All the tests were done and labs drawn. Not only that but the doctor assigned to my case LEFT and never assigned anyone else to my care team. The nurse just started coming in and going over my discharge instructions and I had to ASK to speak to a provider. I work in health care as a nurse and I know this is poor patient care.


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