WakeMed Raleigh Campus

Raleigh, 3000 New Bern Ave, Raleigh, NC 27610

Serving the community since 1961, WakeMed Health & Hospitals is the leading provider of health services in Wake County. With a mission to improve the health and well-being of our community, we are committed to providing outstanding and compassionate care.

Our efforts focus not only on providing exceptional patient care when it is needed, but also on the wellness services and community outreach that engage and empower the people we serve, so they can take charge of their health. Delivered by our team of mission-driven physicians, employees, administrators and volunteers — the best minds and biggest hearts — we help ensure the safest, highest quality care for all.

The largest health system in the state’s largest county, WakeMed plays an active role in making our community the best place to live, work and raise a family. We greatly enhance the economic viability of Wake County through competitive wages for our nearly 12,000 employees and providers and through the goods and services we purchase. As both a community asset and a community leader, WakeMed continues to reinvest in our people, facilities and services to improve access for the entire community.

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Who We Are

WakeMed is a private, not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, consisting of 14 members representing our community. Led by President & CEO Donald R. Gintzig, the top priorities for the health system’s diverse and talented leadership team are ensuring patient safety; enhancing the patient and family experience; and delivering high-quality, high-value care that is both affordable and accessible to everyone who calls our community home.

Our Hospitals

WakeMed has three acute care hospitals and a physical rehabilitation hospital for a total of 970-beds. We also have three healthplexes with stand-alone, 24/7 emergency departments and a variety of outpatient services throughout the region. Our physician practices are home to more than 350 physicians representing nearly every specialty, also with multiple geographically spread location.

WakeMed Raleigh Campus

3000 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27610 | Map & Directions

Raleigh Campus is WakeMed's flagship facility and leading provider of advanced health care services. Since its founding, the WakeMed Raleigh Campus has been a leader in offering one-of-a-kind services and the latest technology with an outstanding commitment to care and caring. It is the main hub for our highly acclaimed services:

Brain & Spine Children's Hospital Children’s ER Critical Care Comprehensive Heart Center Nutrition & Diabetes Advanced Pregnancy & Childbirth Services Medical Simulation Center Neonatal Intensive Care Rehab Hospital Surgical Services Level I Trauma Center Chest Pain Center Stroke Centers And More

Raleigh Campus also features some of the most advanced pathology laboratories, imaging technology and surgical technology available, operated by expert staff and physicians dedicated to providing the very best care to patients.

Our patients and their families are at the heart of everything we do at WakeMed. This holds true for our employees, volunteers, physicians and administrators. Recognizing that patients know themselves and family members understand the needs of their loved one much more than we do, we value patient and family input and consider them key members of the care team. In addition, patients and families are encouraged and supported in participating in care and decision-making at the level they choose.

Bariatric Surgery & Medical Weight Loss

Brain & Spine

Cancer Care


Critical Care & Hospital Medicine

Corporate Wellness

Diabetes Management

Emergency & Urgent Care

Gastroenterology & Digestive Health

Heart & Vascular

Home Health

Imaging Services

Lab Services

Lung & Chest Health

Mental Health & Well-Being

Mother's Milk Bank

Nutrition Services



Physician Practices

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Quit With WakeMed – Tobacco Cessation Program

Rehab & Physical Therapy

Sleep Center


Thoracic Surgery


Wound Care Centers

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Reviews about WakeMed Raleigh Campus

16.11.2023 18:30
I was treated here for COVID. I want to thank the nursing team I had. They were awesome!!! Believe it or not, the food wasn’t too bad either.
In a day where self-righteousness is rampant with little to no humility, I felt compelled to write about my family's positive experience with this WakeMed location. My wife was treated for diverticulitis in the 1A area a few weeks ago. From the gastro PA, the surgeon, the other various PA's, the various nurses/nurse assistants, to the food providers, ALL were very kind, compassionate, and exceeded my expectations for a hospital team. In addition, last Friday (15 Sep), my wife underwent surgery to alleviate ongoing complications related to her condition. Once again, the check-in desk, nurses, surgeons, PA's, food service, cleaning staff, and everyone else was nothing short of fantastic. I honestly felt like the RNs in 6C were friends of ours because of their warmth. I know their job is not easy and it requires nerves of steel sometimes, so I want them to know they are sincerely appreciated. I pray God blesses them for their contribution to our citizens. 1 Thessalonians 5:18
16.11.2023 18:30
Firstly you go to the hospital for help. Do you think I received any?? I was there for 7 hours. I walked in saying I was probably having a miscarriage and when I left that's the only thing they could tell me! They did absolutely nothing but give me a referral to the OBGYN and I don't understand why I had to be seen and a pregnancy test when I knew I was 10 weeks and another ultrasound when I just left my clinic and we couldn't find the heartbeat no blood was drawn. No help or pill or procedures were given but now I have a huge bill for them to do. Absolutely nothing and keep me in a waiting room full of sickly people. One man I knew for sure had covid because I overheard the doctor. Tell him and they sent this man back out to the waiting room at least three times. He was touching all the phone cords jumping from chair to chair. Not one time. Did I see an employee come sanitized anything so how many people were as I sitting in a waiting room that were had COVID the flu. Anything that could get her me or my mother who were both un sick. Just waiting for help with my miscarriage that I didn't receive! And not to mention when I finally did go to the back the first time they told me a room was ready to get back there to a field room to send me back out to the waiting room to come back again. And I asked for something to eat because I had been there for 7 hours and had a headache and anger was arising and a rude male nurse interjected when no one was talking to him and then the checkout man. Steve, I asked him for financial help and he asked me rudely. Can he ask his questions? When I asked him could he answer mine? He says yes and I'm not doing this and walks away rudely in front of the nurse. My whole experience at this wake man was so ghetto and I don't know if I was treated that way because the color of my skin and since New Bern avenue is a rougher area but I am not some ghetto hoodrat. I work hard and I deserve the respect that you would give to somebody not on new bern! I have recently just got off the phone with the OBGYN that they provided me with and they let me know that the hospital did not do me right. They sounded so disappointed and what I went through and now I have to go back to the hospital two days later because they didn't help me. I am so distraught and if anybody gets sick because of me sitting in the waiting room I'm definitely suing this hospital.. highly recommend you not to go to this hospital
16.11.2023 18:29
Not good at all! Very sketchy location and there where homeless people in there to take a nap under the benches and another came in to clean his body with wet naps! No joke and how they allow this to go on is beyond me!

The bigger issue however was my daughter was in a bad accident in Franklinton/Louisburg/Zebulon area and because of the impact my daughter sustained wanted to take her to WakeMed...that was not a good choice!

She arrived via ambulance at 6 PM on a Sunday. She was really banged up, whole face was badly swollen 2 black eyes and cheek bone looked broken, and her hand was contorted with broken fingers all from the impact of the airbag...by the time my wife and I got there maybe 1 hour later as we went to scene of the accident etc and WakeMed was not close by, she had been checked in.

Very long story short we literally waited there for 8 hours until she finally went in for a CT-Scan and then waited another 3 to get the results all while she was in a lot of pain with only providing 1 800mg advil! The ER room was busy but no one was badly injured she looked the worst, it was what appeared to be people using the ER for their primary care, I saw 2 people leave who came in for stitched it was so back logged! As mentioned 2/3 the people in there where from the street taking nap or bathing themselves, how does the security allow this and there where at any given time 3 security/police there until we left at 5 AM, nearly 12 hours is unacceptible!

I just could not believe my daughter who they gave 2 aspirin to who had smashed face and hand could have head head trauma took 8 hours to get a ct scan! How does someone come in ambulance from a total loss 2 car accident not get treated sooner!

Moral of the story, avoid avoid avoid Wake MED ER!
16.11.2023 18:29
Nice hospital, but kind of confusing. It is HUGE! The interactive map was impossible to figure out and there was no one at the info desk. If not for some passing nurses we would have never found our way. Other than that, the campus is beautiful with a big landscaped breezeway in the middle.
16.11.2023 18:29
Wonderful staff! We had a great experience with son’s surgery & Dr. Muncie. Everyone kept us informed, attentive, & friendly. They have a whole team of staff to guide you through procedure & answer all of your concerns. I was really impressed with WakeMed in Raleigh. Again, Thank you to every staff member that made the whole experience reassuring.
16.11.2023 18:28
I delivered my first baby here. The staff in L&D were incredible. They prioritized my comfort the entire time. Most notably my nurse Meagan was amazing. She practically delivered my baby herself. I can’t say enough good things about her. She’s an asset to this hospital and I really lucked out having her be apart of my delivery experience. I wish I had her last name, she deserves a raise. My health and the health of my baby were made a priority and I felt like I was in great hands from start to finish. I delivered my second baby recently out of state and it made me realize even more so how great my care was in this hospital. I’d be hard pressed to say many people would have a better experience anywhere else!
16.11.2023 18:28
My 10 year who is autistic needed to be sedated to do an MRI and Heart testing yesterday and wow was I impressed. They did every single thing I asked about to make it easier for him and more. The entire staff was very impressive from the receptionist to the volunteer who made the beautiful blanket and pillowcase which he curled up in on the way home. The nurses were just incredible with him and me. Even the people who did the testing were so sweet and spoke to him telling him what was happening even though he was sedated and asleep. I would insist on coming here again if he ever needed anything done. Thank you so much it means the world to this mom to have that level of care.
16.11.2023 18:28
TL;DR: burn victims need to go straight to UNC ER and never go to Wakemed ER for burns.
My husband burned his hand pretty bad on a Saturday night. During his visit: 1 nurse started touching his burnt fingers with her bare hands and when I said, sarcastically, but honestly, “so, we’re not concerned about MRSA any more?” She rolled her eyes and said, “haha, we ALL have MRSA all over our skin every day.” To which I said, “ummm, k, but we’re not ALL touching open burnt skin with our MRSA covered fingers.” This “fact” she stated is actually untrue. After 2 hours, ER nurse took pictures and sent them to “plastics” - I asked about burn specialists and was told, “plastics is the same thing” - not even close; they’re two different specialties. “Plastics” said they’d call on Monday for follow-up; they never did. He was discharged after 2 hours, after “MRSA nurse” wrapped his hand in gauze with her damaged gloves that exposed her fingers. The next day I went to pharmacy to pick up his pain meds, the scripts were not signed off by a doctor and had to be resubmitted because the nurse didn’t have proper authorization. On Monday morning we went to UNC ER and the burn unit specialists asked why we didn’t come in sooner. I explained to them - the doctors, nurses and staff at Wakemed ER never suggested this and we made the decision on our own. We were informed by UNC staff that Wakemed ER does have a burn specialist from UNC at their location, but for whatever reason, “he’s never there.” I’m thankful we listened to our instincts because my husband was admitted for a week in the burn unit and had to have surgery. “Plastics” finally called him on Friday (week later) while he was being discharged from UNC Burn unit.
16.11.2023 18:28
Was just visiting a friend who had surgery and noticed how badly labeled the hospital areas are. If you start from the visitor entrance and are looking for the E building, there's no clear signs to get there. Additionally, no one seemed to be able to give clear directions. The staff attending my friend seemed ok but that's the only good thing I can say about my experience here. Also, the app for this hospital was useless. There was no portal for visitors and only seemed patient orientated. Hopefully, I will not have to come back to this hospital for some time. And if you do, prepare to be lost.


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