Retreat Doctors' Hospital

Richmond, 2621 Grove Ave, Richmond, VA 23220

Retreat Doctors' Hospital provides an array of outpatient services, medical treatments and surgical procedures to Central Virginia. We are proud to offer high-quality services and amenities to you and your family.


24/7 adult and pediatric emergency care 13-bed private medical-surgical intensive care unit (ICU) 18-telemetry beds 20-single adult inpatient behavioral health beds Operating rooms with robot-assisted systems Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for chronic and nonhealing wounds Comprehensive urologic care


A-Rating Hospital Safety Score from The Leapfrog Group* American College of Radiology Accreditation in computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), mammogram, nuclear medicine, ultrasound Center for Wound Healing Accreditation with Distinction from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society The Joint Commission-Certified Primary Stroke Center

Awards and recognitions

Healthgrades America's 100 Best Hospital Award
Healthgrades America’s 100 Best Hospitals Awards for cardiac care, coronary intervention, gastrointestinal surgery, joint replacement, orthopedic surgery award and prostate surgery, spine surgery, vascular surgery
Healthgrades Excellence Awards in bariatric surgery, critical care, gastrointestinal care, gynecologic surgery and labor and delivery Healthgrades Excellence Award in patient safety Complex care

Our complex care program is uniquely designed to support you if you require treatments from multiple physicians and specialists. Your multidisciplinary care team creates a personalized care plan for your needs.

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Mental health and wellness

Our mental health services provide treatment if you need 24/7 emotional support in a safe, compassionate environment. With your doctor's referral, you can receive individual and group therapy, medication management and a detailed discharge plan.

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Urology care

We provide comprehensive treatments for various urologic conditions, including kidney stones, prostate cancer and pelvic floor disorders. Our urologists provide the latest surgical treatments, many of which are minimally invasive and robot-assisted.

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I had an extremely good experience at the Retreat Doctors’ Hospital. They made a great effort to show how much they care about their patients and everyone seemed happy working there. The hallways were spotless, I was impressed how clean the place is. I went in for a Pre-Surgery registration. First stop was the registration desk, Kimberly walked me down the hall and gave me clear instructions on where to go next. She told me that Karen will take me to the nurse on the third floor. Right outside of the elevator, I met Karen at the patient waiting room. She walked me down the hall and handed me to the nurse (sorry I forgot her name). After meeting with the nurse, she walked me down the hall and told me to go see Betty on the second floor. Outside the elevator, I was greeted by Betty. She got out of her seat and walked me to meet Alan. They all addressed each other by their first name and introduced me to the next person who I needed to see. Honestly, I have never had this kind of service from any hospital. I know for a fact that I will be in good hands during my surgery.

Needed to get a MRI and made arrangements at Retreat Hospital. Never been here before, but the experience was great. The lady checking everyone in, played a joke on me. Soon as she was done, very quickly said "now you have to take your pants and shoes off and place them there in the corner." After me looking at the corner and then with a confused look on my face she burst out laughing and said "gotcha". After we laughed for a minute she told me to take a seat in the counselor would come out to get my information. I was probably there for about five minutes before he came out and handed me the tablet to answer all the questions they needed. Once I was finished with that he took it and brought me down to the elevator and told me where to go.

Once I arrived on the second floor I was greeted by a very sweet lady at the information desk which I gave her my paperwork. She told me to take a seat and Bill would come and get me in a few minutes. Literally in just a few minutes, Bill showed up and asked me to follow him to the MRI room. He was pretty chatty and super nice. Gave me a locker to put my stuff into and then help me get on the table for the MRI. He made sure I had a blanket because he said most people tend to get cold and if I didn't to just let him know and he would slide it off me. The procedure took about 20 minutes. Once I was done Bill helped me out and I got dressed. I asked him if I could get a copy of the MRI he said no problem it would take him about 10 minutes to get a CD made for me. I went back to the waiting room and then probably 8 minutes or so Bill showed up with a CD. The place was super clean, everyone was super nice, the waiting room had a little tea and coffee area. I was in and out in no time. I was completely surprised I thought my morning would totally be used up, but literally I was in and out under an hour. Kudos to the staff, I wish all hospitals ran this efficiently!

I was there for an MRI with contrast. The check-in was done with accommodating and friendly personnel. Radiology was next. I found the Radiologist and her assistant professional, friendly, informative and caring. The MRI, while challenging (the machine), was done with skill by an able cordial technician. All was done with efficiency and a regard for my time.

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Reviews about Retreat Doctors' Hospital

24.11.2023 16:00
Had outpatient surgery on 11/08. Had to stay for the night. GREAT staff of nurses, doctors, and other staff members. This hospital is a diamond in the rough. Highly recommend. Everyone was carrying, knowledgeable, and professional. Nurses always wanted to keep things up-beat to help patients feel better. Only had contact with surgery floor (3rd) and recovery floor (5th)
24.11.2023 15:59
I went to the ER here last night
for some nerve pain it was only a 30 minute wait the staff was very nice, very professional and compassionate I would recommend this hospital I give it 5 stars
24.11.2023 15:54
I visited this hospital frequently throughout the month of September. I had a recurring issue that required frequent hospitalisation. I was admitted once, but the next time I visited and required admission, the admitting doctor refused to admit me. Instead, he interrogated me with questions about my personal life, searching for something to blame for my issue. He then insinuated that it was purely a behavioural issue, and that I needed to see a psychiatrist. I no longer felt safe returning to this hospital, so I started going to VCU, where I received a diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. Since then, I’ve tried numerous times to get in contact with a patient advocate to report this incident, and have left 3 messages with two different people, and still have not been contacted. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone.


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