Mercy General Hospital

Sacramento, 4001 J St, Sacramento, CA 95819

Mercy Hospital has been at its current location in the heart of East Sacramento since 1925. It provides a wide range of health, social and support services with special protections for the poor and underserved. The hospital has 342 beds.

Mercy Hospital is located in downtown Sacramento on the corners of J and 39th Street.

 TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I was so happy with the level of care and compassion for staff provided for my family. They have a beautiful facility that was very clean and impressive. They had a very relaxing garden out near their back parking lot and even a tranquil fountain with benches to eat lunch near their main lobby. The security guard at the main entrance made me feel safe and I am personally glad they are still asking all visitors to wear masks. They have a fully stocked cafeteria, as well as vending machines for any late night snacking needs. This hospital is apparently known for doing very complicated heart surgeries using the Newest technology and valve replacement procedures.

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone on the cardiac floor at Mercy Gen! You were amazing! The entire staff, including doctors, nurses, procedure techs and aid staff, treated me with such kindness and compassion. I will always be grateful for the care that I received at this hospital!

 - I came in for 1 surgery and due to a complication, ended up having 2 at the same time. My surgeon Dr. Pane was amazing. The 4 th floor nurses and staff were kind, attentive and really great. ( there was 1 that adjusted my room temp to oven temp and left me in terrible gas pain for hours, but I will not let this 1 nurse negate the otherwise excellent care I received, still worth a mention) I was nervous and scared to have surgery and I am very glad I chose this surgeon and hospital to have my surgery. I was treated with respect and understanding and attentiveness. Thank you all that helped in my care ❤️

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Reviews about Mercy General Hospital

30.10.2023 13:36
Had a colonoscopy. Was told I had polyps removed and quickly ushered out after procedure without seeing doctor. Waited for three weeks for an email update as to lab test on the polyps and never received any. Called to inquire about the status of lab tests and was assured my inquiry would be passed on to the medical team. Here it is now a month later and I still haven’t heard any word from anyone. Thank you for providing me the medical procedure but it sure would be nice to have some follow up.
30.10.2023 13:36
Patient had heart surgery, emergency heart surgery mind you, here and they kicked him out the next day with no meds, care, pain control. This is what the Mercy system, what a joke that name is, treats its patients.

Btw, google now removes reviews for these companies so their 4 star rating is not legit. Check patient satisfaction scores and research complaints against the hospital.

Most importantly, DO NOT COME HERE
30.10.2023 13:36
The nurses went above and beyond for me and taking care of me thank you too the nursing team that took care of me in the ASU building room 4105 bless u all
30.10.2023 13:34
I was pleasantly surprised by the expertise and care that my sister received in the CIU north and south! She came in with a heart attack and was expertly cared for by the staff and Dr. Singh! Thank you for being there. You all deserve a raise and are doing such important work! Thank you! I hope you win the pumpkin carving contest! You're the best!


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