Thai Lotus Cuisine

Sacramento, 425 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814

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I order spicy thai fried rice with this milk tea! For take away

The food is delicious, large portion! They even provide me few others spice & chilli oil to spice it up a bit! Out of my expectations, no wonder why my coworker told me they are good! Highly recommend, wish I could find this out earlier!

We ordered the shrimp appetizer, sweet and sour pork and chicken chow mein. We were not disappointed! Great service, amazing appetizers and main courses. Little hard to find, it's in the courtyard, behind the big buildings, but really worth your time to look. Truly a diamond in the rough.

Right after my daughter's graduation, we were quite hungry. My daughter had originally proposed a restaurant close to Golden 1 before we opted on Thai food, but then noticed Lotus Thai, which is located directly across from the theater. We ordered a few appetizers, including fresh and fried spring rolls, calamari, papaya salad, and wonton soup. Judging from the pictures we ordered quite a few fried rice items, however several of us had dietary restrictions or allergies. Everything we ordered was delivered quickly, fresh, and delectably. Our server was excellent and very kind. Without a doubt, we'll return and sample more of the menu. We discovered a gem! The overall experience was excellent!

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Reviews about Thai Lotus Cuisine

22.12.2023 17:10
Salad offered for lunch was absolutely inedible. Basil Stir Fry was above average.
22.12.2023 17:09
Great food at reasonable prices. Fast, pleasant service.
22.12.2023 17:09
Perfectly cooked fried rice wow
22.12.2023 17:09
I don’t know why anyone would rate this under 5 stars. I’m a flight attendant & specifically overnight here just to eat at Lotus. Lol! I love their chicken ginger stir-fry here as pictured with strips of ginger in it. So good. Everything is so delicious and the staff is so great. Such a hidden gem in the USA. I won’t lie, almost worth moving here for this place. Lol.
22.12.2023 17:09
22.12.2023 17:08
Good place to eat Thai cousins


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