Bush Market

San Francisco, 820 Bush St, San Francisco, CA 94108


I discovered this little shop on the last day of my trip and found some sweets that were not available outside! Successfully bought all the souvenirs in one shop!

I live in the neigborhood and this is my favorite grocery store for everything. First the owners and staff are friendly, kind-hearted and sweet. Their produce, meats, eggs, cheese are lovely. Plus they carry my favorite triple distilled ice and they have any drink you need for your friends and family. I also like their specials for "special bottles." And finally...shop local, do it now!

Organic but expensive

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Reviews about Bush Market

14.10.2023 20:12
My local market. Great selection of food and drinks. The staff is really friendly!
14.10.2023 20:12
You will not find a better grocery store in that area.
14.10.2023 20:09
Lots of options and produce, but overly expensive. We bought 2 eggplants, 1 jar of marinara sauce, and a small cup of cheese and it was $22.


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