City Market

Seattle, 1722 Bellevue Ave, Seattle, WA 98122


Worlds have been moved.

City market is forever. Great place to shop for snacks while tripping balls.

Love The Workers My Dog CocoBean & I Generally Go Here Late Night At Least A Few Nights A Week. It's A Short Walk From My Apartment & We R Almost Always Greeted By The Cashiers & They Are OK With My Dog Coming In & Routinely Greet Him By Name & Give Him A Treat. Prices Could Be Better But They Are The Only Store Open That Late Near My Apartment & Even If There Were Another Store City Mart Has Gained A Loyal Customer In Me & CocoBean!!!

So expensive, at least they're open late

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Reviews about City Market

15.10.2023 18:31
City market has been here since the dawn of time. They are truly a contingent entity that goes on and on. Hurray!!!
15.10.2023 18:31
Absolutely horrible place if you have dogs. They refuse to not give them a treat when they’re behind the counter, teaching the dog to jump up on every counter when I ask them politely not to do this, they kept on anyway, and then acted like I was the one with the problem. Classic passive aggressive no integrity, Seattle
15.10.2023 18:30
The chicken is kicken, great for a quick dinner two piece w/jo Jo's is to die for. Top convenience store.
15.10.2023 18:29
Friendly and super accommodating. Besides their prices. Smokes were outrageous but omg I love this store and the workers. And the food is delicious as well. The prices for the food they make there, they ain't bad. But smokes were like $15
06.04.2023 18:02
They have all the essentials like American Spirits, Pepperidge Farm cookies, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and a selection of blue cream sodas. That's good enough for me, so they're A-Okay in my book.


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