Emory Decatur Hospital

Atlanta, 2701 N Decatur Rd, Decatur, GA 30033

Welcome and thank you for choosing Emory Decatur Hospital. Our physicians, nurses, and staff consider it an honor and a privilege to care for you, our neighbors, friends, and family members. We consider ourselves more than a hospital, we consider ourselves vital members of our community.

Founded in 1961 as DeKalb General and later known as DeKalb Medical, the hospital joined Emory Healthcare in 2018 and is now part of Georgia's most comprehensive academic health system. For our patients, this means even stronger, more accessible, high-quality care. Our goal is to be a true health and wellness partner to the members of our community. Our physicians and staff are committed to walking with each patient throughout their health care journey. Whether it’s a serious medical procedure, ongoing treatment, or the pursuit of wellness, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality health care.

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

A family member has had numerous test visits at the Glenn Family Breast Center over the last couple of years. I take my family member to the appointments each time and interact with the staff. I am always impressed with the caring and kind demeanor of the staff. It starts with the valet parking female who is always friendly and upbeat and caring. She does a great job.

On October 9 I did a major surgery. Everything went well my stay I was treated real good . I was in room 3460 and few names I can remember Martin ,Claudette, Audrey, Lali, and Sam You guys were awesome you made my stay stress free. these nurses and text they were on points they walk in with a positive attitude and they left your room with a smile on your face. Let you know that everything is going to be OK and that meant a lot to me. Thank you guys.

I feel as if I am not in the same hospital as many of the experiences I read about here. Every situation is different, so maybe I just happen to be that perfect patient who has all the right symptoms, responds well to medicine, surgery, and reccommendations, and feel blessed to be cared for by such an attentive staff. One week in for a gangrenous gallbladder removal, not all nurses have been perfectly attentive, not all meals have been 5-star, and I feel as if I have to wait more than I would like to get information, but I am grateful every time they stop to check my signs, help me change my gown, or show me how to take care of myself with the device I am going home with. I hope to never spend another minute in a hospital for any reason, but if I need medical care, Emory Decatur is my immediate ER visit.

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Reviews about Emory Decatur Hospital

13.12.2023 19:45
Only come here for minor things. If you truly need to be seen or cared for RUN ELSE WHERE. There is no urgency in this emergency room for anybody , even if it’s only 1 person sitting here they will still make you wait 6+hrs
13.12.2023 19:44
This has to be the worst place to be seen for any sickness. I spent 6 hours here and nothing. They may as well be murders. You come out worst than you went in!

Get a better system in place.
12.11.2023 17:59
If you have a real medical emergency that’s life threatening I advise you not to come to this ER!! Unless you begging for a death wish. I came in with shortness of breath and chest pains and them “KNOWINGLY “ I just had a major surgery that morning at this hospital and they did NOTHING! I waited in the waiting room for over 3 hours in excruciating pain from surgery and not being able to breathe while these people sit around laughing and talking with a full waiting room of sick people. I ended up leaving going to Emory main campus where I was admitted due to having a pulmonary embolism. One blood clot in my lung and one in my leg. Once I heal properly I will be looking into legal advice and filing a complaint against this Emergency room. If you value your life do not come here, the nurses, the people at the front desk are a joke. They are laughing and playing around with people lives. If you do not like your profession EMORY DEKALB ER STAFF THEN GET ANOTHER ONE because all of you are a disgrace!
12.11.2023 17:58
My husband was admitted to the hospital following a major surgery. The team of Nurses, Techs and Charge Nurses assigned to our room during this time 10/11-10/16 fin he 3400 Nurses Station was absolutely amazing. They were professional, tentative to both our needs, they were compassionate and caring. Machaela, Cynthia, Anilla, Maureen, Roz, and Cecilia had great bedside mannerisms. These ladies ROCK!!! Thank you all for making sure we were comfortable and THANK YOU THANK YOU for giving my husband the best care possible. You all are Amazing!!!
12.11.2023 17:50
I went to see the Colo-rectal surgery department. Everyone was very helpful and very friendly. The doctor and his entire team of nurses are the best. Great experience today.
12.11.2023 17:50
Just don’t! And if you must, just make sure you have someone with you over nights so you don’t be mistreated.
12.11.2023 17:39
I am writing to share my recent experience at Emory Decatur Hospital on 10/25/2023. My disappointment arises from the quality of care I received in the recovery room. Both the nursing and medical staff left me feeling unsupported, and to make matters worse, there was no follow-up from the hospital after my discharge on 10/26/2023.

This experience has raised concerns about the dedication of the medical staff to patient care. I believe healthcare professionals should prioritize patients’ well-being and comfort.

I also want to highlight a troubling interaction with an elderly white nurse during my stay. Her behavior was not only rude but unhelpful. She denied restroom access and, when allowed, made me feel uncomfortable and even shouted at me to stay awake. She suggested that I might need a bedpan, which left me feeling humiliated.

Furthermore, the doctor on staff mentioned that she had more pressing patients to attend to, overlooking my concerns.

I hope my concerns can be addressed to improve the quality of care at your facility, ensuring other patients don’t endure such an experience.
12.11.2023 17:39
With me being a new residence of GA have a lot to say but I will elaborate to the correct party. My voice will be heard since no one documented my stay nor the disrespect that I endured the first 20 minutes of sitting in a filthy ER waiting extra it was witness and was told to the security as your only social worker stated that she did not do it… first story I was in and out and was feeling a little vomit coming on. Saw this light skin heavy set women who I heard say she was the only social worker for whole hospital. I say miss lady she says yes I said can I get a vomit bag she gets now I’m soiling My clothing and chair and my body is jerking I drop my purse 2nd lady (patient) says I’m sorry and starts to reach for this lady. Her exact words I weak can you pick her purse up your employee same social worked proceeds to say I didn’t do it … that now begins to make me upset and the lady that said she was weak. Your security running out asking what going on and I proceed to talk but that weak sick patient says no let me tell you what happened they listened never filed a report… I asked for a report to be filed (I got the feeling I was not important 10/31/2023 I cried for hours… first story alone in Atlanta transported by ambulance…more to come
12.11.2023 17:38
I give birth in this hospital in December 2020 which is in the middle of a pandemic and I have a horrible experience in my life that I did not wish to anyone, they give me about 9 glucose, epidural and c-section at the end also they know I don’t have covid but they put me in isolation room also we did not get food until next morning after 13hr from giving birth they don’t let us go outside to get food until the other test results are coming also they don’t give bath to my baby until next day even they put as the room no one around the nurses are very rode until we meet nurse Ashly one of the best nurses over there. she is the only one who provided care for my baby and me. I even asked them to Sue them for what they did but since I have my baby on my hands I don’t want to go through that I even wrote this comment after I celebrated my daughter's 1st birthday. So please people stay away from this hospital unless you want to die.
12.11.2023 17:38
I dislike there is a zero star option. Had a phone from Candy from sleep study department. I was confused from the phone call because I utilize Kaiser and didn't know they were affiliated. While trying to get information from me she had the nastiest attitude because I was confused about the call. Tried to clarify any questions she had and was given all kinds of attitude from not having a my chart account to updating my email address. Why call and have an attitude with a patient?! I had to cancel my appointment I've been waiting the whole year for from her unpleasantness over the phone. If she doesn't like her job find another one! She needs to be coached on customer service because I too am apart of the medical field and that's not how you talk to people!
12.11.2023 17:38
A family member has had numerous test visits at the Glenn Family Breast Center over the last couple of years. I take my family member to the appointments each time and interact with the staff. I am always impressed with the caring and kind demeanor of the staff. It starts with the valet parking female who is always friendly and upbeat and caring. She does a great job.
12.11.2023 17:38
The only reason I even gave 1 star is it's needed to write the review. This is the most unpleasant and unprofessional hospital I have ever been at. My daughter was in a lot of pain, she came in at 9pm and still didn't get seen and it was already about 2am. She said when she asked what was going on, the nurse act like she had an attitude and rolled her eyes. If
the patients don't come then they won't have jobs. I wish they closed this site instead of Atlanta medical.


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