Tesla Columbus

Store 614-934-6869 Service (614) 336-2042 Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752
Columbus, 4099 Easton Loop West Columbus, OH 43219

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Staff (Nigel) is very friendly and showed good respect towards customers. Test ride process is simple and able to view additional models at the dealer.

Easy, no pressure test drive. Set up the appointment online went to the Tesla dealer and was greeted and enjoyed the drive. Loved the Tesla and loved being able to actually drive it with the pressure of a sales person in the car. Plus no pressure about buying the car we test drove— Very encouraging. We’ll be seriously considering an order. Thanks, Tesla Columbus!

Picked up my wife's Model Y here this past weekend. Great experience and was in/out in 5 minutes Dakota and Henry were super helpful. Highly recommend this dealership!



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Reviews about Tesla Columbus

13.12.2023 18:29
Great team, knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend
13.12.2023 18:29
Walked in the service area, 3 people sitting at the desk 1 on phone, other 2 talking to each other. Stood to the side and waited for someone to acknowledge that I existed for at least 5 minutes. The person on the phone hung up, I waited another minute still no response. I started to walk away and the guy on the phone finally said may I help you? I explained to him that I hit a deer laying in the middle of the expressway going 70 mph at 330 in the morning.
My car is making a noise that I felt was a safety hazard. He said they couldn't look at it and I'd have to make an appointment.
So I have to drive my car 3 more weeks because that's when the first available appointment is???
They were going to charge me over $200 just to basically look at it.
I ended up taking to my local Goodyear store that put it on a lift and showed me that the front skid plate was damaged and that half of it was missing. I ordered the part (that was metal) on Amazon for $105 got it in 4 days and took it back to the Goodyear store and they installed it for $38.
To say that I was disappointed is a grave understatement, in the lack of caring and in the lack of quality of the original skid plate which honestly looked like it was made out of one half inch pressed hard cardboard.
13.12.2023 18:28
Prompt service with a smile the moment I entered the showroom. I enjoyed my test drive in the Model X, and appreciate the patience of the employees.
13.12.2023 18:28
New staff this past year working at the service desk are horrific. They’re the ones replying to service requests through the tesla app. I’ve never had a dealership or any business entity cancel an appointment without my approval because they “couldn’t identify the issue” without even looking at the car 2 days before my appointment. Then no reply for a week and had to schedule another appointment 3 weeks out. They were trying to cancel my appointment ONCE AGAIN stating there is nothing wrong with my car and I refused. Once I got there the guy at the counter tries to tell me there’s probably nothing wrong with it once again. As If i’m clueless about how teslas operate. (issue with seat weight sensor car kept stopping without seatbelt on every time I was driving under 5mph) they identified the issue after seeing it in person. No apologies no owning up to what they did. Now I ordered a part went to go pick it up (nov 27) and they couldn’t find anything about it. So we left and asked through the app about it. Same guy tells us through the app same hour that we missed our apt to pick it up (nov 24 day after thanksgiving) they never told us we had an appointment slot or that it was necessary to pick up a part that day! We go back and forth and then he tells me I can pick it up M-F 8am-4PM. If the part is available, why couldn’t we just get it the first time around!? Horrific communication, don’t know how to run a business, rude staff, no apologies, no awareness, full of pride and ego. They’re working at service desk thinking they’re the designers of the vehicles, Don’t go here. Will be filing with HQ till they are taught how to deal with customers or terminated.
13.12.2023 18:28
I had a good experience picking up my Model Y . It was very quick and efficient. One of the managers Shawn gave me some great tips on aftermarket items like a frunk seal, thanks !!


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Store 614-934-6869 Service (614) 336-2042 Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752

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