Emory University Hospital

Atlanta, 1364 Clifton Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30322

Staffed exclusively by Emory University School of Medicine faculty who also are members of the Emory Clinic, Emory University Hospital is one of the nation's leading hospitals in cardiology and heart surgery, cancer, neurology, and more.

In 2014, Emory University Hospital achieved Magnet® recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) as a reflection of its nursing professionalism, teamwork, and superiority in patient care. The hospital received its second Magnet designation in 2018. In July 2023, Emory University Hospital earned its third Magnet designation.

Our History

Emory University Hospital's tradition of healing dates back almost a century. In March 1904, our predecessor, Wesley Memorial Hospital, was chartered with 50 beds. The hospital was housed in a downtown Atlanta mansion that had been spared from destruction by General Sherman's army during the Civil War.

By November 1922, the hospital had grown too large for its quarters and moved to its current DeKalb County site on the Emory University campus. The new 275-bed facility was a gift of Asa G. Candler, philanthropist, and founder of The Coca-Cola Company.

In the mid-1930s, our name was changed to Emory University Hospital. The university and the hospital bear the name of Bishop John Emory, who presided at a meeting of the Georgia Methodist Conference in 1834 when delegates decided to establish a Methodist college in Georgia.

Emory University Hospital is continuously expanding. With the arrival of the Hospital Tower on the Clifton Campus, Emory expands services and expert care, while creating an integrated, welcoming, and spacious environment for patients and their families. The 450,000-square-foot facility will join Emory University Hospital via a two-story bridge crossing Clifton Road.

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I was transported to Emory's ER from another hospital - from the minute I was wheeled through the doors of the ER, i was greeted with a very capable team which was extremely professional, friendly and took great care with ensuring I was comfortable and treated - top notch! I had to be seen in several different sections of the hospital and each person in those sections was very friendly and ensured I received the best possible testing and treatment - a true culture of patient first at all levels!

I've been a patient of Emory Healthcare System for 22 yrs, as a heart failure patient. I can say that the doctors, nurses, researchers and staff have provided excellent health-care and service.

The past 5+ yrs has been with the Transplant-LVAD TEAM. It has been an exceptional experience. I'm thankful for my amazng team and this journey for life!

I had to go to the radiology department here. And is just inside the door from where the valet parking section is it was a very easy to see it's the first thing on that same floor. Easy to check in very nice waiting room. Seems like it's laid out in the very easy way to maneuver. Easy access for anyone who's disabled or in a wheelchair. The elevators are very close to the main entrance. And Clifton Cafe it's a delicious restaurant on the second floor.

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Reviews about Emory University Hospital

13.12.2023 19:45
Emory University Hospital is synonymous with top-tier medical care and groundbreaking research. Revered for its innovative treatments and commitment to patient well-being
12.11.2023 16:59
This is the best hospital there is!!! Good medical teams, staff, etc. Overall the best in the country. Thank you Emory for taking good care of my mother.
12.11.2023 16:59
My husband was transferred to this visual from another for something that that called for surgery, as soon as possible.. Got here in the AM, a little while later the resident visited my husband and told him that he was going to talk his case over with the surgeon. We heard no more from the doctors, until mid day the nurse came and took Info from my husband because the doctors ordered him to have aMRI. Heard no more concerning that. The doctors did not send any orders for pain meds nor diet, or anything else. My husband did not receive any food or pain meds because the doctor did not serve orders. The nurse called and left a message, still nothing! The nursing staff was beautiful people! We could have been at home and came in another day when doctors were really working. Here a whole day accomplishing absolutely nothing! Not even the least, as to getting a meal! Hopefully, tomorrow we will get some definitive answers! The stars given were for the Nursing Team that tended to my husband, only! I would post 5 Stars for them, I don’t want any other entity to get kuddos!
12.11.2023 16:59
I was transported to Emory's ER from another hospital - from the minute I was wheeled through the doors of the ER, i was greeted with a very capable team which was extremely professional, friendly and took great care with ensuring I was comfortable and treated - top notch! I had to be seen in several different sections of the hospital and each person in those sections was very friendly and ensured I received the best possible testing and treatment - a true culture of patient first at all levels!
12.11.2023 16:59
My breast cancer surgery was performed by a 3rd year surgical resident, Caitlin A. Fitzgerald, M.D illegality instead of a senior surgeon, William Barber, MD. of Atlanta Breast Care. When I complained to Emory Healthcare, Winship Institute regarding this illegal act, Emory released me in the middle of my cancer treatment. They hurt people via their chief residents for medical practice and Dr. William Barber and Emory lawyer, Anna Fretwell, threatened me and falsified my medical notes.Don’t educate criminals! Your ads are shameful!! Criminal doctors! Caitlin Fitzgerald with her dad John Fitzgerald of Magyar Bank NJ
Dr. Fitzgerald is the most untalented doctor. It’s questionable how she got her medical degree!! Ask Dr. Barber to write your ground rounds for you!
12.11.2023 16:58
Let me just start off by saying I normally wouldn’t leave a review however, I don’t want this to be overlooked. EVS environmental service/cleaning team is not doing a good job in keeping the pts room/bathroom clean. My family member have been in the hospital for two night three day and this is my second time addressing the complaint to the RN’s and nothing have been done it’s now 11am. Keep in mind my family member is bed ridden and unable to use the bathroom but the family has access to her bathroom. When I used the patient bathroom It appeared the shower drain had mold inside of it. No…the shower is full of hair. The RNs witness the glob of hair in the drain and also thought it is disgusting and questioned how clean the pt room really is. EVS just arrived it’s now 1115am and cleaned the bathroom which I needed to remind her of the glob of hair that she removed from the shower. THE HOSPITAL IS NOT AS CLEAN AS PEOPLE THINK IT IS. I guess They’re here to save lives not cleanliness. Hair removed before picture was taken.
2:15pm I left the hospital and returned to the room to find out that there is still strains of hair in the shower and smells like urine. Thank goodness my family member doesn’t use that bathroom . You be the judge.
12.11.2023 16:57
Very dirty , the moment I walked in I was surprised at how dirty it was . Looked like I’d catch something from walking inside . Every staff member I spoke to were mean, rude and nasty . Not just towards me but towards each other and other patients. I literally walked out with a life threatening injury to drive 1 1/2 away to another hospital because I was scared that I would not get the best care . They need to do something with this place .start all the way over
12.11.2023 16:57
Debra Krajnak, who works in the lobby at the Guest Services desk, is very disrespectful to visitors and has no business working for Emory. I just encountered her a few minutes ago because I was dropping off food for a patient in T298. I was told to leave it with the receptionist at the front desk. I told Debra the same when I walked up and immediately she literally yelled at me “No No No! You are not gonna leave that up here! Take it to valet!

At that point it took a lot out of me to keep my composure. I’m like who do you think that you are talking to visitors like that! She then tries to deflect and says “Well I’m just upset with what’s going on up here.” I’m like well that has nothing to do with me. A nurse who she knows walks up and is watching the situation unfold.

I told her that I would be filing a complaint against her and with the CEO if I have to. She then points to her name on the desk and gestures her hand like whatever. So that is what prompted me to take this photo of her. Her facial expression and body language said a lot. Apparently she feels that Emory will allow this type of behavior towards guests.
12.11.2023 16:57
Malpractice: 10/21/2023 4+ hours of waiting for a 1. potential blood clot + 2.prior TIA (6 days before) Provider Smith and PA student both ignored the potential blood clot I spoke to and did NOT order an ultrasound and did NOT even refer me to a cardiologist. Only did a neurological test (passed as TIA was 6+ days ago and I was not there for an active stroke) and referral to neurologist due to TIA sent me out WITHOUT addressing, imaging or requesting anticoagulant test (due to this being covid induced) for the potential blood-clot. The did not address the main issue of the potential blood clot I went there for.
12.11.2023 16:57
Emory, your nursing stuff are horrible and disrespectful to patients on E1006. My niece was in your care and they are awful! I flew in from Miami to help my sister if I ever got sick in Atlanta your hospital wouldn't be a place I would want to visit. Don't get me wrong. All of your stuff is not unprofessional but there are some stuff in there. You should not have around your patients.
Jacqueline Milton-Herring They'r.unprofessional and they're just straight up, rude and disrespectful to people and should not be in the profession of nursing at all
12.11.2023 16:56
Very disappointed with Emory. Had heard a lot of good things guess they went downhill. Basically most of their staff quit low pay poor treatment. They were desperate for travelers. I worked every weekend and holidays for 4 months no
Dinner break. One charge night nurse black from the islands was a demeaning, know it all treated everyone poorly, a bully probably still there because they can’t get anyone to work. Another was a night LPN Ashley same birthday as me she was a witch, condescending, demeaning the usual I had to tell her off. Do yourself a favor do t work there or go there. If staff can’t support each other how can they care for you. Was given a lot of attitude by some charge nurses one from the islands on night shift very nasty, needs to go back where she came from. Not mentioning names she knows who she is. Another racist against whites black one on night shift she also knows who she is I’m sure. Staff Np’s and Pa’s, especially, one that thought it was ok for an IV in a woman’s breast to run propofol for like 3 days and got angry when I confronted her. These are the things people need to know. When I got sick with Covid then long Covid no compassion at all from the head of neuro icu. In fact they lied about why they weren’t taking me back since nothing was in my record we had to threaten them.
Travelers are there to help and put into situations that they aren’t accustomed to and expected to learn fast to be accommodating. I was put in neuro with no neuro experience. Until you travel you have no idea what it’s about. If you can’t treat your staff with respect and dignity how can you expect your patients to be treated properly. Avoid going there as a patient or working there if you can as staff or traveler, they are just resting on their laurels. Maybe good for new grads.
In fact don’t be a nurse at all the field has gone way way down hill and Emory is a good example. When we have no nurses the hospitals will learn how to treat them better I look forward to that day. The CEOs making millions off the nurses backs. And don’t work in the south at all they have no idea how to treat their workers. It’s a right to work state and no union. AMN handles their travelers exclusively and they are the worst agency to work for when it comes to protecting their nurses they don’t want to lose their big accounts. They don’t care about us why should we care about them or their patients !!!!! If you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of anybody. And don’t go as a traveler AMN has the exclusive stay away from them they are a toxic company. I tell you this because it’s the truth and nursing has gone downhill probably the lowest it can go but who knows.
12.11.2023 16:55
Nurses at Emory are nasty! Make me sick to my stomach how they treat you if you have an accent!
Most of them Have a nasty attitude. they need additional training or should I say they are in the wrong profession

As soon as they hear you talking with a foreign accent you can see and feel their nasty demeanor.

Treating someone with respect and dignity should be genuine, impossible to get those skills with training!
Those nasty ones need a job that matches their nasty attitude!!’


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