Family Hospital at Lake Travis

(512) 851-1011
Austin, 5012 Ranch Rd 620 N. Austin, TX 78732

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I am a retired local cardiologist. Health care has become very difficult since Covid . My family has signed up to be Cage Free members for several years. Sadly I think they are losing money on us as we have had to use them urgently several times. The hospital ERs are overflowing. This facility has a CT scan labs etc and can provide a comprehensive assessment. Recently we saw Tyler (med tech) , Laura (nurse) and Dr Singh. We were given expert but also kind and compassionate care. We are very grateful that this facility is nearby. We are all fortunate living in Austin as it is still considered a great place to live. The competition for physicians to get employment here is still robust so by and large I am convinced that the quality of care is very good throughout the city . It is accessing the care that is challenging. The Family Hospital provides accessible high quality care. I would highly recommend.

The kindness and attentiveness was exemplary. I have a fear of needles and IVs. However they spoke with me during the process and distracted me and before I knew it it was done. The nurses were amazing and you could tell they cared. The doctor was very calming and asked critical questions. They checked for everything and never made me feel like a nuisance. The facility was very clean.

I came in severe pain from a kidney stone, they were on go mode from the start, got my info, got my vitals, got me on some pain medication, got me through some CT scans, then gave me a super informative breakdown of what happened and how we were going to address the problem and we’re super caring and helpful in me getting my head on straight, and get this, they accidentally found a hernia I was suspected to have after years of going to specialist, and they were so thorough that they found it while looking for my kidney stone, AMAZING staff, second to none! So thankful to have made it there to such an amazing staff, day shift and night shift we’re amazing, thank you guys so much!!!

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Reviews about Family Hospital at Lake Travis

13.12.2023 19:46
This place should be shut down ASAP!!! They REFUSE to see me unless I pay out of pocket even though I have the best blue cross blue shield insurance you can get!!! They are scamming people!!!!
19.11.2023 19:03
It's a great ER. Hardly any wait time, and doctors know what they are doing. The primary care side of the business needs some work on the admin and provider side, but they are great to work with.

I have had some issues getting prescription filled from the nurse practitioner, as my health insurance declined filling them from an ER instead of a doctor's practice. After a little bit of back and forth between nurse practitioner, pharmacy, and insurance company that was resolved. However, it remained an issue throughout.

Availability of a nurse practitioner and response time was challenging at times. So, I switched over to a family doctor across the street.

That said, state-of the art ER equipment and ease of care are second to none. Just make sure that you are adequately covered or that you sign up for membership BEFORE you get care. Can be done online.

While they state that you can sign up when walking in with an emergency, that has not worked for me and created quite some issues with billing that took two years to resolve. In all fairness, the billing team were polite, helpful, and resourceful throughout.


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