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Target Chicago Lincoln Park North

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, 2650 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614

- I don't shop at target too often but check-out staff members are very helpful
- Easy to get to, easy to do business with, friendly staff, I checked myself out which was quick and easy. Incredble choices for a store with lower price points
- Can you please add TABATHA BROWN food and home goods products to...
The LEGO® Store Chicago

Chicago, Иллинойс

Chicago, 835 N Michigan Ave #3000, Chicago, IL 60611

- I like coming here never had to wait to enter everything I've wanted has been there and staff friendly. Alex got me good with his membership joke it's a place recommend to shop or stop by to see the sets
- Really helpful staff, Jon and Rose helped me pick out what to get when I couldn’t decide between se...