Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Sunnyvale

Dallas, 231 S Collins Rd, Sunnyvale, TX 75182

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Sunnyvale is a 70-bed hospital, proudly serving residents since 2009. We offer an array of services and specialties including urology, cardiac catheterization lab, imaging and surgical services including orthopedics and spine.

We are honored to care for you and your family. We take pride in the fact that nearly half of our employees live in the area which we serve. We are honored to care for our neighbors at Baylor Scott & White – Sunnyvale. Our care remains constant, as we are a proud part of Baylor Scott &​ White Health and in-network with a number of health plans.

We offer a comprehensive range of health services and medical programs designed to meet your healthcare needs. Our services help bring advanced care closer to home. We invite you to call 877.452.7226 for more information about Baylor Scott &​​ White – Sunnyvale.


Anesthesiologists are trained in the safe delivery and management of medications that put you to sleep temporarily and help manage your discomfort during recovery. Anesthesiology specialists are skilled in the delivery and management of medications to ensure you are properly sedated during your operation and are comfortable afterwards.

Anesthesiology is used for:

Minimally invasive procedures Traditional procedures Some dental procedures Pain management

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TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

Rebecca is the first person who greeted us when we walked in the door and when I say she changed our mood- I do not lie! She was amazing! Friendly, informative, kept me abreast of timing and how my mom was doing during her procedure. This woman made our entire experience enjoyable- and should be protected at all cost! Thank you Rebecca for being an angel in what could have been a horrible day. THANK YOU!

I had the best experience here from the beginning to the end. Dr. Calvin Rushing did my ruptured Achilles tendon repair. And this staff was so very supportive and love and took great care of me thank you all

I don’t understand why the reviews for this hospital are so low. This facility is awesome! The workers on all levels are great and care about the patients. My family and I have all been taken care of multiple times and we were always treated with respect and urgency. I love UT Southwestern however I have found a new home with Baylor Scott and and White Sunnyvale!!! Give them a chance they are more than worth it.

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Reviews about Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Sunnyvale

13.12.2023 19:07
Sitting in emergency room since 2:18am and haven't been seen it is now 4:50am just for tooth pain I'm very upset that I have to sit here in pain for this long and the restroom in ER is nasty full of dirt everywhere
13.12.2023 19:07
The nurses(mostly) have absolutely no clue how to do their job. I have been stuck 4 times and I had to request a different nurse to do my IV. I waited over an hour waiting on a nurse I watched joking around just to get medication. Don't come here.
13.12.2023 19:06
Front desk people and Tech were great.
I brought my family member here and the night Nurses lack empathy and compassion. They don’t even tell you the purpose of the medications being administered. It appeared to be a slow night at this level III facility yet still waited over 4 hours .
19.11.2023 20:56
I came here for chest, leg and back pain. I been having pressure on my chest and back to be told everything is fine after I been here for 6 hours and was told to follow up with my primary doctor. I was released with pain medicine that's not what I came here for. I need to know what's wrong with me. My legs swallowed up and I'm always cold on top of my other problems..I would not recommend no one to come to this hospital..
19.11.2023 20:56
Terrible except the receptionist. Called 4 times and no one couldn’t help me, so I had to drive 36 mins to get my daughter prescription. I went to the hospital 8:10am got out at 10:22am to just find out the doctor forgot trying to blame computer upgrade. I drive 36 mins for that stupid excuse but at the end I got my daughter prescription. PARENTS PLEASE IF YOU CARE FOR YOUR BABIES DONT TAKE THEM HERE HO SOMEWHERE ELSE WHO REALLY CARES FOR YOUR LOVE ONES AND WHO LOVE THEIR JOB.
19.11.2023 20:56
This was my first time ever at this hospital and my last. I was told that it would be about an hour wait, however after hour 3, I went up to check how long would it be until I would be seen and was told that I was deemed a level 4 on the emergency scale and had 3 others ahead of you. Mind you, I watched everyone who was their prior to me be seen which is fine, however, I was concerned because I knew that I should have been next. I sat in pain as I went in in pain, but no consideration from staff. Hospital ER not the cleanest nor the friendliest staff. I definitely would not recommend to go here if you have an emergency.
19.11.2023 20:55
There's not negative starts to pick. Its sad this place is called a hospital smh !
Everything about it sucks. Took my sick child and didn't even get seened after hours of waiting we had to just leave because they "didn't have time". There was no one but like 4 people in the waiting area and they still didn't have time. My baby was feeling really sick and uncomfortable from all that waiting for nothing!!!
19.11.2023 20:55
My son was went to emergency room xlast night around 9:00. He was to be admitted and still in emergency room at 9:00 this morning. He was told there were no beds. They didn't know that last night??!! They gerneys are horrible so uncomfortable
19.11.2023 20:55
Very disappointed with the billing department I had pay everything months ago and 5 months I am getting no response , I had called several times and I did what I was told by mail and email and nothing
19.11.2023 20:55
I was in the waiting room for 6 hours in the ER
When I was finally got to a room I was discharged at 10:21 but the nurse forgit that I was there still with needles in me still and I had to finally call them saying if I was going to be let go, and 5 min later they finally came to take everything off, it was 12:42
I was forgotten for 2hours
No wonder they “don’t have any rooms” they forgot me. So how many patients do they forget
19.11.2023 20:54
My mother came here for surgery. They treated her well and I was able to sit in a more comfy room too. Cafe and Starbucks inside was also nice while I waited.
19.11.2023 20:54
Currently sitting here I. The ER since 9pm and it is now 12:20am. I went to ask what was the hold up and all they could tell me was that I was second on the list and they didn’t know how much longer it would take. Then I could over hear the front desk ladies talking about how she got perfume in her eye and said I would immediately take myself to the Rowlett location. The staff doesn’t even trust the service here!!! Horrible! Sitting in pain for this long is not fun, especially when all you hear is gossip and laughter coming from the intake ppl.
19.11.2023 20:54
Most horrible experience. Diedre was the only positive and helpful person. The ER room was filthy, blood spatters on table, chairs and floor. Dust hanging from ceiling. Bathroom was so disgusting I couldn't use it. Health Department needs to be called immediately.
19.11.2023 20:53
I came here in pain the pain was a 9 so once I made it to the back my nurse was rude like she had a attitude,the janitor came in my room joking talking about give me that cover you're not cold so I told him man get out my room with all that, im in to much pai to be playing with you which it was real cold . I mean come on what hospital not cold. From that point the night staff kept coming by my room which was room 7 at 8:20pm looking in the window with a sirk on their faces like it's funny im in pain. The RESTROOM WAS SO NASTY WHICH I HAVE PICTURES IN MY PHONE it smell so bad in this hospital I thank God I have a mask on the bed im lying on smell the place is horrible Now the people in the front was ok but the back of the er room not professional at all. PLEASE BELIEVE THE REVIEWS
19.11.2023 20:53
My wife was scheduled for a procedure 11/16 and we had both made arrangements months ago for not only the procedure but for recovery. Dr. Hammond refused to do the anesthesia due to lab results that were known two days prior, but no one communicated to us that the procedure could not be done due to the lab numbers. We were told “they don’t do that” that the surgeon should have communicated to us that the procedure would not happen. I am so upset and disappointed with the “passing the buck ” and not taking responsibility for mistakes. I don’t even have the words to describe how we feel.


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