65 Broadway Dental

New York City, 65 Broadway #408, New York, NY 10006

65 Broadway Dental has been providing comprehensive dental and cosmetic dental care to patients in New York City for over 15 years. Located in the city's financial district, our team of board-certified dentists and experienced dental hygienists, led by practice founder Dr. Alexander Kheifitz, offer general dentistry services

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Great place. Very polite and knowledgeable staff. Made me feel very comfortable. All my questions were answered as to the different procedures. Dr.Shuster was exceptional took me step by step as to what to expect. Very happy!!!

65 Broadway Dental have been taking care of my teeth for over 7 years now. I can’t thank this studio enough for the quality of service they provide. It is the best place for your dental needs. They have professionals for any dental procedure you can think of. Fillings, restorations , extractions, whitening, straightening, root canals , crowns and many more - all in one place for the reasonable price (I’d even say cheap for the quality that you get). I’ve done my treatment and Invisalign here and absolutely thrilled with results. Highly recommend this studio for any dental needs , excellent work

I had my teeth cleaned at this clinic. They do it quickly and carefully. Responsive staff. Highly recommended.

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Reviews about 65 Broadway Dental

19.11.2023 21:20
65 Broadway Dental: The Leading Facilitator Of Healthy Teeth And Gums.

PS. I personally recommend Dental Hygienist Mona! Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Informative!
19.11.2023 21:20
First time patient. I came in for a checkup and cleaning, they told me to come at 12pm since that was the time the hygienist was available. I waited for 45 minutes until they checked me in just to seat me in the chair to tell me that the system was down so no X-rays could be done and there was no staff available to do my cleaning. They made me wait 30 more minutes just to tell me nothing could me done today. I’d have appreciated for them to call me before to cancel the appt.
19.11.2023 21:20
I have had good experiences with 65 dental. They are very detail oriented, strong dentistry skills, a clean environment and not a huge wait time. They get you in the chair right away!
19.11.2023 21:20
Jury is still out. I had a very good deep cleaning here and I initially really liked the dentist. He talked to me about some cosmetic options that would cost about.$13k. That is a lot, but I was definitely willing to consider for what he explained would happen. When I went back and met with the financial person who showed me something that would cost $43k! I understand small differences from the first conversation to a more in-depth look, but that seems a little crazy. For now, I will probably go back for any basic work, but it definitely shook my trust.
19.11.2023 21:19
I put my review on yelp I would never go back to 65 Broadway dental except for a cleaning. Zoyda is the best. I try to get implants from three of your dentist. The first one kept me waiting over an hour while he was laughing it up in another room. The second guy wouldn’t give me the three implants unless he was able to give me $25,000 worth of crowns to correct my bite before he even would look at the implants and the third guy wanted to take out all my teeth lol so no I do not recommend 65 dental except for the cleaning
19.11.2023 21:19
UPDATE: Their response was a lie to look good. I called and they told me the hundreds of dollars I paid was for non-refundable treatment plan. Despite me not getting all the treatment. They said they won't be refunding. ORIGINAL: Fraudulent billing. They are only good for cleaning and 6-month check-up because they can't frauduently bill for that without getting caught. That is why I gave it 2 stars. However, any additional work? Do not get done. They billed me for things that my insurance says is fully covered. They also submit claims wrong, possibly on purpose, so the insurance won't cover and they can make you pay and then claim the insurance didn't cover it. I paid the cost of my treatment plan upfront because they wouldn't schedule the treatment without it.

When I went for fillings, the dentist tried to upsell me on different fillings which raised alarm bells. I contacted my insurance and lo and behold, the fillings were covered and the deep cleaning they told me I needed was also covered. They never should have billed me in the first place. I never even got the fillings I already paid for and now I am trying to get my money back.
19.11.2023 21:18
Dentist office lied about accepting Delta Dental USA plan. The cleaning and X-rays were covered but when I was told I needed work done they would not accept by insurance copay and insisted I pay more. While the dentist himself was pleasant, Kevin (the office manager) was extremely rude, arrogant, and unwilling to communicate. I have since sought care elsewhere where I am much more satisfied.

To the comment below: there is no confusion about my coverage as I contacted my provider with all the documents you provided and they confirmed my copay. You still refused to honor it as a Delta Dental USA accepted provider. I have submitted a grievance against you with my carrier.

This is an honest review and to ask me to take it down or revise based on my experience is not right.
19.11.2023 21:18
They saw me same day for an emergency. Dr. Shuster was so kind caring and gentle.
The office is clean, staff is nice and accommodating especially since it was a last minute emergency walk in.
I could not recommend 65 Broadway more and will be back soon for regular check ups.


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