AWS Animal Hospital - Animal Welfare Society of South Florida

Miami, 2601 SW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33133

Animal Welfare Society offers a comprehensive, compassionate approach to veterinary medicine and surgery. Our veterinary services and facilities are designed to assist in routine preventive care for young, healthy pets; early detection and treatment of disease as your pet ages; and complete medical and surgical care as necessary during his or her lifetime.

General services include routine preventative care and well care for puppies/kittens, adults, and seniors, as well as radiology, spay and neutering, dermatology dentistry, ultrasound, full laboratory services, ECG, respiratory and blood pressure monitors, orthopedic surgery, soft tissue surgery, and intensive care facilities.

Routine physical examination and vaccinations
Outpatient care for sick and injured pets
Hospital  facilities for those requiring more comprehensive care, surgery or diagnostics
Complete in-house laboratory
Low-cost spay and neutering
Soft tissue surgery
Orthopedic surgery
Ultrasound (by special appointment)
Inhalation and critical care
Dermatology and allergy treatment
Geriatric care programs

Animal Welfare Society of South Florida is a not-for-profit 501-C-3 full service, low-cost animal hospital that provides quality conventional veterinary care for pets.  For over 40 years we have helped those who cannot speak for themselves and the need for low cost veterinary care is greater now than ever.

Animal Welfare is often the last chance for people with sick or injured animals who cannot afford private veterinary care. We believe a person should never have to surrender their pet based on their inability to pay for care, nor should a pet suffer because of their owner’s financial situation.

Animal Welfare Society ofrece una medicina veterinaria integral y compasiva. Nuestros servicios veterinarios están diseñados para enseñar y proveer el cuidado preventivo de las mascotas, la detección precoz y el tratamiento de la enfermedades que surgen cuando sus mascotas envejecen.

Los servicios generales incluyen el cuidado preventivo y de rutina para los cachorros, gatitos y animales adultos, entre los que tenemos:

Examen físico de rutina y vacunacion
Atención de pacientes ambulatorios enfermos y lesionados
Hospitalización para aquellos que lo requieran y lesionados
Diagnóstico y laboratorio completo en nuestro hospital
Esterilización y castración a bajo costo
Cirugía de tejidos blandos
Cirugía Ortopédica
Ultrasonido (Con cita)
Terapia Laser
Cuidados Intensivos
Tratamiento de Dermatología y Alergia
Programas de atención geriátrica
Atención de emergencia para los animales enfermos y heridos

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Reviews about AWS Animal Hospital - Animal Welfare Society of South Florida

01.06.2024 22:44
Tuve que esperar muchísimo porque no tenía cita, pero valió la pena. No fue caro pero además la atención a mi perrita fue excelente. El doctor súper cariñoso y profesional. Las enfermeras igual atentas y amables y el precio súper accesible. Excelente lugar para las mascotas, eso sí, haz una cita o ve con tiempo.
01.06.2024 22:42
First time here and will definitely come back with my little one! They were amazing and so kind. Brought Dali in for an emergency visit and felt they truly cared and did not overcharge me. Dali is better and I am happy. Totally recommend!!!!
01.06.2024 22:42
Great experience!!!! I took my dog for a possible cherry eye situation and I couldn’t be happier with the service we received. Turns out it wasn’t cherry eye but a wart and no surgery needed. The vet and nurse were very nice and caring! Explained everything clearly. Definitely recommend 100%.
01.06.2024 22:42
Horribble, Place, If you love your Pet, stay Awayyyy from this place, Unprofessional, human people, from the receptionists, to the socal Veteranian…I called up to get a consultation price they told me it was $55.00, and then after I saw the Vet, medications and whatever the diagnosis would be my cost..No, problem said.. Went in there with my 8yeqr old Labrador, Bleeding from an infected tooth, when I go the receptionist, there was 3 ladies sitting there, eating, which no intention of helping me, till one of them ask me can I help you, Isaid yes would like to see the vet, for my pet, bleeding out of his mouth..She took my info typed it in the computer..and said have a seat..Exactly what did, keep in mind my Dog was bleeding from his tooth, I got a rag on his mouth to try and stop the Bleeding..One of the assistance comes out, with the Nasty, most unprofessional, so cal Vet and starts asking me questions.when she should be examining him, Dint bother to touch him and see the wound..with a very undisreable, attitude and energy…and sends me to a room.. But, wait it gets better. Sat in the room for one hour and a half, till I realize Oh, my God, how long, before I realize it’s been that long..till I got up and and left…Furtheremore, to let you know this place was empty, no one else in this place only one lady with a small 25 pound chiwawa. This whole time from the time I got there till I Left…But, Be advise when I left, and walked past the receptionist, all 3 ladies were still there, congregating and Eating, still. ..I All I can say is this was an emergency, and was going to pay no matter what it cost me for my Boy….to be treated.. no matter what the cost$…I just want to say, in my 40 years of owning a pet and visiting Vetenarians, This was the most Horrible experience I this place.. This So cal Vetenrian should be investigated and removed from this place..immidiately, if you ever visited this Place and by any chance, your pet came out worse, look into it…I will be seeking a legal complaint against her..Horrible, Horrible place from the receptionist to the So cal Vetenarian……For your info went to another Vetenarian and received


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