+MEDRITE Spring Valley Urgent Care - New York

New York City, 175 NY-59, Spring Valley, NY 10977

MedRite Urgent Care is a walk-in medical care that gives you the alternative to the impersonal and often expensive visits to the Hospital Emergency room, and the long waits to see your doctor. You don’t need a referral or an appointment , and we accept most medical plans.

MedRite opens early every morning, and is open till late. When you can’t wait for a doctor’s appointment, or need to schedule around work we’re ready to give you the treatment you need.

Our staff of experienced doctors and medical professionals treat a wide range of injuries and medical conditions. We treat small injuries and more severe problems like: cold and flu, sinusitis, pink eye, wart removal, urinary tract infection, abdominal pain, cuts, Bruises, fractures, sprains,and many more….

We have a lab and x-ray department on site. If you are sick, and need immediate treatment we are here for you.




Physical Exams

Flu Shots

X-Ray and On-Site Lab

STD Testing Pediatric Care


Virtual Urgent Care


Orthopedic Care


Occupational Health

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Reviews about , услуга +MEDRITE Spring Valley Urgent Care - New York

14.11.2023 21:57
had an excellent experience at MedRite Urgent Care! The staff was incredibly friendly and professional, and I was impressed by how efficiently they handled my urgent medical needs. The waiting time was minimal, and the care I received was thorough and attentive. It's clear that the team at MedRigh is dedicated to providing top-notch medical services. I left the clinic feeling well taken care of and satisfied with the level of care I received. I highly recommend MedRigh Urgent Care for anyone seeking prompt and reliable medical attention.
14.11.2023 21:56
Muy buen servicio, higiene , y sin muchas espera
14.11.2023 21:56
Called to make sure I can do the clearance for my job. They said 8pm is the cutoff. I literally have proof of me calling at 451pm. How I wish I got the name of who I spoke to. Lesson learned. I walk in and they say the cut off is 7pm. I said no I specifically called and was told 8pm (I arrived at 7p) and drove 45 minutes for this. They managed to “squeeze” me in. It’s been over an hour, no one in the waiting room, and I’m still waiting to be seen. An hour and a half later the secretary comes out and tells me to come tomorrow. Can you believe this? Then the MA comes out and says you have to come tomorrow because I have patients to see and I’m the only MA here and there is someone still completing clearance. WAY TO VIOLATE HIPAA. Mind you she’s been staring at me each time she comes out to take a patient as if she knows what’s about to go down; whispering to the front desk secretary. Am I not a patient? Have I not been waiting an hour and a half?? Not only that but the MA has the MOST attitude. And continues to take people before me. Then she tells me the manager is going to come talk to me. Then a GENTLEMAN comes out and calls me in; his name is Jomaury. He was very apologetic and sympathized with how distasteful my treatment was in front of what is now a full waiting room. I was embarrassed and angry because this MA went back and forth with me in a public waiting room. Her name is Angie and I am shocked at how she is an MA interacting with patients with her demeanor and unprofessionalism. Thank goodness I don’t ever have to come back here. Again, Jomaury was AMAZING and would make a great nurse one day.
14.11.2023 21:56
Had hands down the best experience I’ve ever had at an urgent care. The facility is immaculate, and the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and kind. PA Chana answered all of my questions and concerns about my diagnosis and went above and beyond in order to make me feel comfortable. 10/10 recommend. This is the only urgent care I will ever go to.
14.11.2023 21:56
This is one of the best urgent care centers I have ever been to. From the moment I walked in, it was clean and quiet. The receptionist (Yesenia) was very helpful and polite. The doctor was amazing as well. I didn't wait long and didn't feel rushed. I received a call today from there with test results. I love the promptness. I will be coming back and definitely telling my friends and family to come here. Thank you Medrite Urgent care.
14.11.2023 21:56
I was really scared about my breathing and chest pain. Despite their approaching closing time, I was a priority and they stayed late to make sure I was okay and clear on what I needed to do. That's a medical team that cares and that I can get behind. I'm so appreciative to them and I recommend everyone to go there when they need urgent care!
14.11.2023 21:55
Lovely staff, very friendly and very helpful. Take good care of you and if you leave work at night it’s so much convenient.


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