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The quality healthcare you know and trust, now with an even brighter future.

For more than 70 years, Montebello and the surrounding communities have turned to Beverly Hospital for the healthcare services they need. Now, by joining the Adventist Health family, we are building upon this legacy and expanding our ability to care for our community for decades to come.

Our new name is Adventist Health White Memorial Montebello. We have the expertise and resources of a large healthcare system to support us as we grow to offer more healthcare choices for you, our families, friends and neighbors. Together, we’re investing in a healthy, hope-filled future for each person who calls our neighborhood home.

Our Mission

Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope.

Our Values

Be love: Love matters. Treat yourself with love and care so that you are free to love and care for others. Be trustworthy, forgive freely and find common ground.
Be a force for good: Be courageous. Take action. Whether it is through your position or your passion, work to impact your community for the better.
Be a mission owner: Own your role, find your talent and know that your contribution is mission critical. Ask yourself, “How do I inspire health, wholeness and hope?”
Be welcoming: Recognize all people are created equal and embrace them in hospitality as you would a cherished friend.
Be curious: Seek to understand how things work and why. Innovate and be open to new ideas and approaches. Own your mistakes and learn from them.
Be brilliant: Leverage your best talents and skills to shine. Make promises and keep them. Always expect the same from others.

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Reviews about Adventist Health White Memorial Montebello

13.12.2023 18:51
The worst care I have ever received. My daughter went in with a fever she had, was told she needed to do urine sample. Took a while to get seen after vitals were taken. We were then told to sit on a chair and wait. We waited hours with her urine because they didn’t print a sticker for her urine to test. Made her do an xray and wait even longer. Keep in mind no one has still taken her urine for testing. We sat on this chair for hours, never offered a bed meanwhile she was fevering. Eventually hours later someone came and let us go to a bed and gave her fever reducer. I still have her urine. I swear 5 hours into being there they barely collect her urine. I wait again for the results another hour or more. Finally someone returns stating she has a urine infection. You’re telling me this could have been solved from the beginning?! I even would over hear them talking to patients making them wait or acting like their issues should be resolved by a PCP. DO NOT VISIT THIS LOCATION.
30.10.2023 15:40
Surgery canceled due to the merging of Beverly and Adventist. Because they dont have medication? How ridiculous does that sound. What does this have to do with the standard of care for the patients. Now my mother has to suffer more pain and is at risk of symptoms getting worse. They didn't even provide 24 hrs notice. Did not offer to reschedule or have the procedure done at their other hospital. This is a non clinical reason and negligence. This is very stressful emotional and frustrating.
30.10.2023 15:39
I had an outrageous experience of discrimination and racism here by one of the staff. On September 21st at 11:38 p.m. I drove myself to the emergency room because I was having a severe stabbing pain in the lower left side of my back and dizziness. Once inside a person, of white European descent, approached me. His name was Sean Miller. I told him what my problem was. I then went into the inner Lounge to wait. A little later a male nurse came to speak with me and told me that Mr. Miller prescribed nausea medication and also a painkiller that I could not tolerate. I told the male nurse if he could ask Sean Miller if he can prescribe morphine because I had that injected before at the hospital for a similar back pain problem and that I couldn't tolerate the painkiller he prescribed. Mr. Miller refused. I had no pain medication the whole time I was there. Later I saw Sean Miller and I asked him why he refused to prescribe me morphine. He said that when someone request a specific drug that sets up red flags. I took it as an insult . I told him "oh I see just because I'm a Latino you think that I'm a drug user." I told him that I had been prescribed morphine several times before at the hospital for the same condition. He amped up his attitude and stood there arguing with me. He was talking down to me and refusing to let me speak as if I had no value.. That's when I was convinced that this guy was a racist. No doctor would ever speak to a patient like that. I told him that he was being a racist and basing his decision on his own preconceived stereotypes. He went on and on and on bragging about himself that he has a lot of experience about people that lie about their condition just to get drugs in a bizarre attempt to justify his racist comment. I told him that he proved my point by his own behavior. He didn't stop. Last words he told me was "you're not going to get your way. You're just wasting your time. If there's nothing on the test results you're not going to get what you want. You're going to be asked to leave" He was still convinced that I was after morphine. I had to walk around for over an hour to slow the pain. He caused a lot of drama. Even more outrageous I was asked to leave by the security because I spoke my mind. They didn't like what I said. They retaliated. Even one of the male nurses was throwing me dirty looks because I spoke my mind.( I am including the photo of Sean Miller and the male nurse behind him that was throwing me dirty looks.) I never got my test results. This was all because that Sean Miller guy needed to protect his over inflated sense of self worth and racial superiority. I was really hoping that Dr Lopez was there. He is a very kind and understanding doctor. But my luck that I had to deal with someone racially unhinged, unprofessional and combative like this guy named Sean Miller. It wouldn't surprise me if the hospital is going to protect him by trying to place blame on me by inferring I was the one who was being disrespectful or justify why i wasnt prescribed morphine. That's not the point. His reasoning was racist. Has a patient I have every right to speak my mind in regards to my medical treatment. There are no excuses. Something is very seriously wrong with that guy. I might file a claim with the California medical board.
30.10.2023 15:39
Waiting in er for 3 days !!!!!!!!! Only 1 floor open in the entire hospital so I was uncomfortable on a bed for er and nurse were short staff they did there best but I'd never even take my dog here let alone me again will not go here lacks to be ckean to dirty everything room restrooms etc use caution they are desperate for money and admit you and leav you for dead basically and the staff was so loud at nurse station u can't sleep
30.10.2023 15:35
Este hospital me ha cuidado en mis emergencias con esmero y compasión, yo me siento muy agradecida con todo el equipo médico, además de la rapidez al atenderte cuando lo necesitas, es invaluable.
30.10.2023 15:34
Horrible experience I had pancreatitis with diabetic ketoacidosis, I had so much pain I went there in an ambulance. They said they didnt have a bed for me so the ambulance guy put me in the waiting room and I never got help, not even a ct scan I spent there 6 hrs dying of this pain. I came to another hospital Garfield Im glad.


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