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Milwaukee, 945 N 12th St, Milwaukee, WI 53233

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ACL Lab - Patient Service Center
Aurora Academic Specialists in Obstetrics & Gynecology
Aurora Anticoagulation Clinic
Aurora Bariatric & Weight Management Clinic
Aurora Comprehensive Breast Care Center
Aurora Emergency Department
Aurora Family Care Center
Aurora Gastroenterology
Aurora Heart Scan
Aurora Integrative Medicine
Aurora Internal Medicine
Aurora Mammography
Aurora Nephrology
Aurora Orthopedics
Aurora Pharmacy
Aurora Physical Therapy
Aurora Plastic Surgery
Aurora Sports Health
Aurora Wound Care

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

I had total hip replacement at Sinai Medical Center on June 21. I was nervous about having it done at Sinai based on location alone. I have to tell you I had the best care I could possibly have wanted or expected at any hospital. Every nurse, every CNA, every PT were positive, quick to respond, and professional. The post surgical unit was well staffed and there was very little wait time for anything. There was a new surgical nurse on the unit named Johnny V and he made my 3 day hospital stay so much less stressful than it could have been. I even had to have a special walker available post surgery and it was waiting for me and brought up by PT after surgery. If you have any doubts about Sinai for surgery, no need to worry, they provided me exceptional care.

I was brought here when I had premature rupture of membranes at 25 weeks pregnant. Everybody here was amazing the entire time. My son spent 89 days in the NICU. Every doctor and nurse I came into contact with was accommodating, kind, and just made the entire scary situation a good experience. My son was born 26 weeks and received amazing care, and I was taken care of very well, also. I am very grateful

Overall Aurora hospital is good .I want to thank to Dr.Heather M paar and home nurse Mrs Judy L.They did great job for me .Thank you so much

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Reviews about Aurora Sinai Medical Center

13.12.2023 19:01
Since my unexpected sickness, I went to sinai I must say they treated me real real good they listen to my concerns when I had a complaint they got right on it and fix the issues they make me feel like I’m at home I will always come back.
13.12.2023 19:00
Don’t recommend coming here I been waiting for 4 hours straight and they just call everybody who’s not here
25.11.2023 15:43
Delivered my 4th child here via C-Section...all staff including nurses are punctual and very caring. Exceptional care and facility.
25.11.2023 15:43
Their hiring process for security is embarrassing. They had me come in for a interview . Then set up a shadowing the next week. Only for me to get ghosted with no email or phone call about my application status.
25.11.2023 15:43
"Daphne" in the ambulatory surgery Department of Aurora Sinai Medical Center 945 N 12th St, Milwaukee, WI 53233 Knows her job and does it well her care and compassion is exceptional. She made sure I understood everything before and after my surgery. She even waited with me for my ride to arrive after she was clocked out for the day. "Daphne Great Job!"
25.11.2023 15:43
The service that I received at Aurora Sinai today was exceptional. The attitudes, preparation and professionalism are noteworthy. Thank You to everyone that provided extraordinary service to me.
25.11.2023 15:42
Dr Ubiscus is very rude, sarcastic and dismissive. I would like to switch Doctors. She cut me off after asking about me the EMERGENCY that I called for. I will NOT allow her in ANY of my appointments EVER again as a result of her very unprofessional unpleasant behavior. Please ma'am DO NOT call patients back if you are not going to listen to them. Carry on...
25.11.2023 15:42
Since my unexpected sickness, I went to sinai I must say they treated me real real good they listen to my concerns when I had a complaint they got right on it and fix the issues they make me feel like I’m at home I will always come back.


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