Tesla Minneapolis-Eden Prairie

Store 952-944-1373 Service (952) 944-1373 Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752
Minneapolis, 6801 Washington Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55439

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Neck snapping speed and we were looking at the base 3! So fun to drive. Great staff, super helpful and friendly. Showroom is small but these guys are changing the industry so kudos! Def go here if you want to learn more about these cars!

After the folks here serviced my Tesla it’s finally brought back that smile of accomplishment that I once had while driving my Tesla.

Service Desk front desk is always helpful and knowledgeable with what is done; I forget her name but the lady that checked me in and out is always communicative and professional. The mechanic or mechanics that serviced my car last did a wonderful job and it’s brought back my faith in Tesla’s quality. I almost decided to switch back to Toyotas but I think I’ll be getting an M3 in the future now.

Great Experience to just ride along for the test drive. The employees were all happy to answer questions



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Reviews about Tesla Minneapolis-Eden Prairie

13.12.2023 17:47
Matt was very helpful and patient. He helped me figure out which car would suit my lifestyle best with our dogs. Him and the rest of the staff there are all super kind and I definitely recommend stopping by if you have any questions
13.12.2023 17:47
Got our 3 serviced here and it was a great experience! We live 3.5 hours away and tried to get a noise troubleshooted by two local service centers that couldn’t figure it out. Tesla took the time to figure it out and fix it. They had to keep our car for a week and gave us a loaner which was a necessity for me so I was incredibly grateful. Hopefully we will get a service center closer to home in the future but for now I would happily return here.
13.12.2023 17:46
Extremely unprofessional, and highly surprising actually that Tesla provides such poor quality care to their customers.

Recently purchase was made for a Tesla in Eden Prairie, Minnesota on Wednesday Nov 23 Third, and an appointed surrogate was supposed to pick up the Tesla in Arizona.
All the necessary paperwork was completed on the day of purchase.

The purchase was made on a Wednesday and the plan was to pick up the Tesla on the following Sunday Nov 27.

However, the paperwork was not received by the Tesla location in Scottsdale, Arizona, and hence the delivery was postponed without any further notifications. They said that until the paperwork was received, they could not release the Tesla to the appointed surrogate. The only reason provided was that the paperwork was not yet available And no further clarification was provided, and nor any attempts to explain, as to what would happen resolved this issue.

On Nov 27, contacted the Eden Prairie Tesla, and we were told that the Tesla could be picked up at the Scottsdale Arizona dealership On Monday Nov 27 at 2 PM (the next day).

Upon reaching the Scottsdale, Arizona Tesla dealership, They stated that there was another delay, and the paperwork was still not received, and hence the Tesla could not be released.

Again, there was no attempts to explain as to why there were such a delay in receiving paperwork between the Eden, Prairie Tesla location in Minnesota and the Scottsdale Arizona location.

An attempt was to contact the representative in Eden Prairie on Wednesday Nov 29 to check what was the reason for the delay and there was no response. After several hours was able to finally receive an update, and found that the paperwork was being sent in the mail, it had yet to ship.

This has been extremely frustrating experience, and highly unprofessional with no value or respect for their customers. I am honestly appalled as to how such poor customer service could be provided by Tesla, let alone any other company.

The latest update today Was that the delivery is now pushed to this Sunday and again without any direct communication to verify if this is even inconvenient time or not.
Also, who knows if Sunday the delivery will still occur or if the car is still available.

Honestly, I would not recommend Tesla to any family or friend. There are plenty of other electric vehicles available nowadays and being treated, so poorly is definitely not worth the sort of investment that the Tesla provides.

The Tesla is not being given for free, it is a purchase and money is being given in exchange for the car. There should be some respect for the customer and for their time and communication should be made as well. They should not be lying about paperwork being sent between Tesla dealerships if it has not been sent, and they should not be arranging for deliveries if they cannot release the vehicle.

I have had much better customer service from even McDonald’s.

Worst customer experience with any company and the last several years. Again, highly shocking that this happened with Tesla


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Tesla Minneapolis-Eden Prairie

Minneapolis, 6801 Washington Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55439

Store 952-944-1373 Service (952) 944-1373 Roadside Assistance (877) 798-3752

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