Cottage Health

Santa Barbara, 400 W Pueblo St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Cottage Health (CH) has been providing state-of-the-art medical care to patients throughout California for more than 125 years. Today, our nationally recognized services provide families with the patient-centered care they deserve.

In 1888, a group of 50 Santa Barbara women recognized that the time had come for the growing community to have a hospital, a non-profit institution dedicated to the welfare and health of all residents, regardless of ability to pay.

Our medical staff of more than 600 physicians includes specialists in all major clinical areas

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Reviews about Cottage Health

13.12.2023 19:26
Business practices no bueno.they a non profit hospital that had a revenue of a billion dollars ..yet still charge
working people Like we are oprah
29.10.2023 21:38
Avoid Cottage Physical Therapy in Goleta. Extremely overpriced. Got charged $944 for a simple consultation of less than half hour. Neither you or the physical therapist will know how much you are getting charged during the consultation, there is no way to know. My PT was awesome but Cottage is clearly taking advantage of the situation. It’s a robbery!

Update: Responding to Cottage Health’s comment below. I only resorted to going on social media after already having called you and emailed you several times, and being told there is nothing your billing specialists can do. Why don’t you DM me instead, you already have all my contact info.
29.10.2023 21:37
Refusing to give epidurals to patients who denying a Cesarean sounds about as 1 star as it gets. BTW, banning VBACs just shows how incapable your providers are, that’s all. It doesn’t speak to the actual risks because women do this every single day successfully. If you don’t employ providers that are knowledgeable and skillful, just say so. This ban just speaks to your ignorance and being unwillingly to advocate for women giving birth. Hospitals such as this one are why more and more women are choosing to give birth in the comfort of their own homes where they feel more safe and actually listened to with midwives and doulas. You’re the poster child for hospitals and childbirth in the United States, and it’s not a good look. I would give birth in the middle of the woods before I give birth in a facility that is inhumane, abusive, coercive, greedy, excuse for a hospital.
29.10.2023 21:37
Business practices no bueno.they a non profit hospital that had a revenue of a billion dollars ..yet still charge
working people Like we are oprah


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