B & T Tire Repair Inc

Miami, 5600 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127

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Super affordable, fast, and great customer service. They found the most affordable and reasonable way to fix my tires instead of charging me an arm and a leg. Overall a respectable and reliable mom n pop. Support Little Haiti businesses!

I normally take care of any tire problems at my business since there is some crossover but my girlfriends car got a nail in the tire and this was close. Pulled in and they jumped on it right away asked if we wanted a plug or patch since we had some time I asked for the patch. They did all the work proper: unmounted the tire, took the nail out, pulled the tire off the rim, scored the inside of the tire, put the glue, placed the patch, put the tire on the rim, and put the tire in a soap water bath to make sure no leaks. Then they remounted the tire and only asked for $20. One of the few times you get the whole trifecta of Good, Fast, Cheap. I was always told you can only get two of the three for whatever the service.

I went here because they were the only place near me who sold used tires. they were so fast and efficient. I would come here again. Took maybe 10 minutes.

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Reviews about B & T Tire Repair Inc

14.12.2023 20:24
Rapidos y atentos, pagar en efectivo porque no tienen otro medio,
14.12.2023 20:24
Great service with a smile.
They work efficiently and real fast.
When I got over there I was received in a very gentle way and immediately started to fix the tire problem I had. It was well done in no time.
Even though we didn't speak the same language, Monsieur Benji solved the situation properly, fast and with a smile. Place is humble but service is pretty effective and efficient as well.
I definitely am coming back when I had another issue with tires.
Wishing you success in your business.
Thank you guys.


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