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Welcome to Washington, DC! GW Hospital provides primary, specialty, and emergency care right in your neighborhood. Schedule an appointment by calling (888) 417-2474 or search for a doctor online.

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When it comes to choosing a hospital, one thing is clear: quality counts. And a century-long tradition of providing medical care in a comfortable and convenient environment means peace of mind for the thousands of patients who are cared for by the doctors and nurses at The George Washington University Hospital each year.

Just minutes from Washington, DC's tourist sites and government headquarters, The George Washington University Hospital serves a diverse group of patients, from area residents to visiting dignitaries and heads of state.

Since the current George Washington University Hospital building opened in 2002, physicians and nurses have been treating patients in a technologically advanced hospital. GW Hospital is a 395-bed tertiary care, academic medical center located in downtown Washington, DC. Featuring a Level I Trauma Center and a Level III NICU, GW Hospital offers clinical expertise in a variety of areas including cardiac, cancer, neurosciences, women’s health, and advanced surgery including robotic and minimally invasive surgery. GW Hospital is operated by Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS), a King of Prussia, PA-based company that is one of the nation's largest and most respected providers of hospital and healthcare services.

From the First Steps and Beyond

GW Hospital’s mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare, advanced technology and world class service to our patients in an academic medical center dedicated to education and research.

Clinical Expertise

As a multidisciplinary, tertiary care hospital, The George Washington University Hospital offers many diverse services all in one central location. Physicians at GW Hospital are known for their clinical expertise in:

Breast care services Cancer care Cardiovascular care Cardiac surgery Emergency medicine Minimally invasive surgery Neurology and neurosurgery Obstetrics/gynecology Orthopedics Robotic surgery Women's Center

Primary care and specialty outpatient care are available through the Medical Faculty Associates, a multi-specialty physician practice group of more than 750 physicians covering 51 specialty and subspecialty areas. The Medical Faculty Associates' doctors have offices in the Ambulatory Care Center, an outpatient clinic building located one block from the hospital.

Contacting GW Hospital

For physician referrals and appointment information, call 1-(888) 417-2474.

For patient information including participating insurance plans, patient accommodations, directions and maps, please visit Patient Information.


The mission of The George Washington University Hospital is to provide the highest quality healthcare, advanced technology and world class service to our patients in an academic medical center dedicated to education and research.


Together, we will pursue our passion for healing, discovering medical breakthroughs and improving lives. While developing tomorrow's leaders, we will earn our community's trust and recognition as the first choice for complex medical care.


We realize this vision through our commitment to the following principles:

Service excellence Quality improvement Employee development Ethical and fair treatment Teamwork, compassion and innovation Location

900 23rd Street, NW,
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: 202-539-1225

FEATURED SERVICES: Virtual Health   Behavioral Health   Breast Care Center   Cancer Center   Center for Trauma and Critical Care   Colon and Rectal Surgery   Ear, Nose and Throat   Emergency Services   Endocrinology   GW Heart (Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery)   GW Immediate and Primary Care   Gastroenterology and GI Surgery   Kidney   LGBTQ Services   Liver and Pancreas   Neurology and Neurosurgery   Orthopedics   Radiology   Rehabilitation   Rheumatology   Spine and Pain Center   Stroke Center   Surgery   Transplant   Urology   Weight-Loss Surgery   Women's Services   Wound Healing

TOP important and interesting reviews from patients

My procedure occurred exactly on time. The registration was quick and easy. I had a very short wait of about 5 minutes before my nurse came to get me to bring me to the prep room. Doctors and nurses came to see me to talk about the procedure. Everyone was so friendly and took time to explain things and get me ready. I was wheeled into the OR exactly at the scheduled time. An amazing feat considering all the complexities of any kind of procedure. I was treated like a human being, with respect and friendliness.

I recently had a surgical procedure at GWU Hospital and the whole experience was great. Check-in was easy. All of the check-in staff from the initial greeters to the ones collecting the insurance info were professional, helpful and kind so the process was quick and seamless. The surgical nursing team that cared for me is incredible. Asish (spelling) and the team that prepped me for the procedure were kind, professional and caring. Molly and the recovery team also knocked it out of the park. Five star experience from start to finish. Thank you for taking such good care of me! Much appreciated.

Very positive staff, never any problems with my doctors or desk staff. Been at GW since age 16 and now 71 and been satisfied with the service, each operation and boy have I had plenty. My hospitalizations were great. Everyone with great bedside manners. I lost a lot of doctors I got so attached to along the way but life goods on and never had any bad replacement doctors; I love them all and the hospital itself.

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Reviews about George Washington University Hospital

08.11.2023 21:02
I have had excellent treatment from all of 9 Doctors in different specialties. Also their nurses, assistants and staff have also been outstanding and very professional. I recommend GW wholeheartedly as they treat me like a family member and it does not get any better than that.

I do hope GW reconsiders and does not close their fantastic Allergy department however.
08.11.2023 21:02
I recently had a surgical procedure at GWU Hospital and the whole experience was great. Check-in was easy. All of the check-in staff from the initial greeters to the ones collecting the insurance info were professional, helpful and kind so the process was quick and seamless. The surgical nursing team that cared for me is incredible. Asish (spelling) and the team that prepped me for the procedure were kind, professional and caring. Molly and the recovery team also knocked it out of the park. Five star experience from start to finish. Thank you for taking such good care of me! Much appreciated.
08.11.2023 21:01
I arrived 10 minutes prior to my scheduled appointment. I registered and paid the required copay ahead of the appointment. The time spent at this location for my appointment was about 1 1/2 hours total. Great considering all patients have to complete forms and sign giving consent for the service and billing.
08.11.2023 21:01
Hospital is pretty knowledgeable but the staff in the emergency room are some of the most disrespectful and unnecessarily rude for no apparent reason. They talk to u like u are from a 3rd world country while you’re in there trying not to die. Service is 1-10. You want to be treated like a piece of u kno what? This is the place for u.
08.11.2023 21:00
I have seen some of 1 star reviews that criticize emergency room management and staff behavior. Those reviews are valid…but I understand the challenges in our medical system that have led to these intolerable conditions. I left the emergency room after 11 hours because it appeared I had 5 or 6 hours ahead of me with patients streaming in at 11 pm. Happily, I had a backup appointment with a doctor the next day—most people in the waiting room did not have that luxury. The staff behavior suggesting their indifference is understandable given the impossible mission to provide quality health care without appearing jovial and uncaring. You have put your people in an impossible position and their attitudes and behavior reflects your indifference to their challenge. I understand your challenges—you did not create this health care mess. I know you are doing your best, but until you are willing to dramatically change your approach to ER management or the health system is reformed in this country, I would stop asking for reviews. You know how bad the ER is—you only look stupid asking for people to confirm how bad it is. I suspect you are looking for public out cry to force change in health care, or worse you have stopped trying to change the system and are just trying to survive. My advice, take dramatic action on a local level or start pushing for the change we need.
08.11.2023 21:00
I had an appointment for a bone density scan on the morning of Wednesday, October 25, 2023. All proceeded almost uneventfully except for the 30-35 minute wait to undergo the scan. I arrived about 10-12 minutes early for the appointment and I still needed to wait. I would have allocated a score of 5 stars had the wait not occurred. - The intake team and Ms. Jeannie, the technician who conducted the scan performed flawlessly and with an incomparable degree of superior quality patient care.
08.11.2023 20:55
I got to my 1:45 appointment about 1 hour early and spoke with the secretary. She asked for my ID and insurance, and said that I would not be seen before the time of my appointment so I said I would go get lunch and return. I return around 1:15 pm and told the same woman I had returned and gave her my name. She said OK and nothing else so I sat down. By 1:45 they called someone else and I got up to remind her that my appointment was at 1:45, but then she lied and said that I was wrong because my was really at 2:00. I said no but she insisted, then looked at the schedule and realized that she was wrong tried to rush my information, gave me a bracelet to wait to be called.
This was very unprofessional behavior.
08.11.2023 20:54
The technician who administered the DexaScan was both friendly and professional, and efficient but patient and willing to take the time to be sure things were done right and that I did not have any questions or concerns. She was great.
08.11.2023 20:45
OMG.... I waited literally 7hours on a Sunday in emergency to be seen.. This place was ABSOLUTELY FILTHY, I MEAN I was mortified to lay on the sheets. The floors in the ER had blood residual from the room to the bathrooms. I mean I already knew hospital are litered with bacteria but this place literally reiterated the fear of bacteria. However I'm not from this area and have never witnessed any hospital with this level of filth. This was on a whole other level.

The service providers were relatively personable especially the fillapina charge nurse. Can't remember her name but she was sweet and was relatively attentive. Although their were 3 Dr's assisting me neither of them successfully addressed my issue. Which is typically why the ER is the absolute last option for me typically

However in this case I waited a long time to finally be seen and I felt like I was being held hostage as they found nothing and still kept me waiting to be discharged even though they charge you along the way, not like back in the day where at the end the charge nurse then tallies your visit. I was told by the residency Dr they'd write a prescription for pain and I'm done. I waited another 2 hours until I finally couldn't take it and the charge nurse took the lead to release me as I refused the ridiculously excessive pain prescription they offered to prescribe.

As they didn't even know what was really wrong buy yet offered me drug addict level pain killers. I don't know I saw 3 women Dr's. 2 in which I can tell had years of experience but seemed disconnected in their care. I am glad that they ruled out what I initially thought it was with testing which gave me more peace. Though I have to still troubleshoot my own issue so for that I give 3 stars.

However if I could Also give 1 star for the amount of time wasting or timme inefficiency I would as they knew for hours they had zero diagnosis for me. It seems they would have released me instead of allowing me to take a bed from others they could have been helping..

According to Google its the best they have in DC, and that's unfortunate Because unfortunately businesses tend to take advantage of being the best option but simply being better than the worst. It's a dishonorable mentality but unfortunately it's far to common.

They have alot of improvements to make my goodness.
08.11.2023 20:45
I really felt well cared for. Dr. Rosner did the surgery and he was outstanding. There were many many other dr’s and staff that helped me or checked up on me each step of the way. It was really eye opening. There is such a difference between GW and other Hospitals! Thank you!
08.11.2023 20:39
Senor Salazar, a staff of George Washington University Hospital is a Board Certified Clinical - Orthopaedic Physical Therapist that is knowledgeable about his profession as are Veterans Affairs Physical Therapist at Washington, DC Medical Center.

I was permitted to explain my understanding of my injury and the desired help that I expected from rehabilitation through GW University Hospital.

I was corrected respectfully and educated about my injury and provided a detailed description of the physical rehabilitation that I would receive according to my injury and symptoms.


Senor Gardner Bradley
08.11.2023 20:25
My therapist is engaging,kind,pushes you to make the most of your sessions.Brian’s warm welcome always makes me want to give 150% effort and it’s inspiring.He is the best.
08.11.2023 20:24
My experience at GWUH was amazing. Staff was exceptional, professional and knowledgeable. I had a total right hip replacement. GWUH staff made my transition easy. Thanks so much!!!

PT Brian Salazar is a very knowledgeable professional...I'm glad he is working with me to restore my agility after having a total hip replacement.
08.11.2023 20:17
I had a major back surgery in September I was never treated so bad in all my life I was denied medicine because the computer had kicked my medicine out I could not eat my dinner because I was denied my heartburn medicine my bed was not changed nor was I washed up in 7 Days time the day of my release I was told they needed the room I had to go they were going to sit me down in the lobby until I put a stop to it by calling the supervisor explaining the room was paid for the whole day until I leave I was not going to be sitting in no Lobby that I had family coming to collect my things for me. Then I was sent a bill because they did not Bill my secondary insurance trying to charge me a large amount of money. The nurses came in my room wearing so much perfume and cologne I had to complain and ask for new staff because I was so sick I could not breathe it was making me very sick! I had to call the supervisor to complain about it and ask for new staff only to end up with the nurse ftom hell wjo didn't like me they definitely have a problem with skin color however there were a few good nurses so I can't say it about everyone .This place is horrible I would not allow my dog to stay overnight in this place never again will I go there! several others have had problems with the care there of their loved ones so I know it's just not me terrible place to be if you have family or friends there you had better check on them to ensure they get to care that they deserve
08.11.2023 20:17
This ED is the face of today's healthcare system -- broken, uncomfortable, and unfortunately all that some people have in the face of medical crisis. Clearly there are talented nurses and other healthcare staff here who are well trained, yet they appear indifferent and overwhelmed in the care delivery system that GWU chooses to offer to the public. I had them remove my line and I left the ED after 12+ hours. I never saw a physician during that whole time and still had many questions about my condition. And it was a weeknight, not even a weekend night. Other individuals who were still there had been there longer than me (up to 6+ hours longer, that I know of), and also still never saw a physician. There was no food or water available this whole time (overnight), which is not a safe nor patient-centric environment if you are alone. Every person's situation is unique, so it's impossible to say "go somewhere else" to a person as blanket advice -- yet it's something you may want to think about and consider as you assess your need for acute medical care.
08.11.2023 20:17
I was treated like royalty recently at GW before, during and after a surgical procedure! Thank you to all of nurses and drs who were on my surgical team who helped take care of me. I really thank the entire bariatric staff who were always patient with me during my constant questions. God bless Dr. Vaziri for his excellent service! Anna Battle
08.11.2023 20:15
I attended GW Hospital’s L&D unit for an unexpected couple-night stay. There are no amount of words to express the unlimited abundance of care, support, and professionalism I experienced during this time. GW will continue to be the place I receive OBGYN care through, and I could not speak more highly of them. Thank you!
08.11.2023 20:13
I had cataract surgert on one eye at 2120 L Street. The entire staff (including check-in, prep, and discharge) was delightful and the entire experience could not have been better. Dr. Bitar and her assistants did a wonderful job.
08.11.2023 20:13
The ER team took great care of me when I came in with chest pain, they made sure to take all necessary tests and ask questions about my pain to treat me before I was discharged, I feel great today, no complications!


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